Tomoya Nagase to star in remake of South Korean drama “Sorry, I Love You”

It has been announced that TOKIO lead singer Tomoya Nagase will be starring in a new TBS Summer drama titled “Gomen, Aishiteru”, a remake of the 2004 South Korean drama “Sorry, I Love You”. Starring  So Ji-Sub and Lim Soo-Jung, “Sorry, I Love You” was a huge critical and commercial success.

The plot of “Gomen, Aishiteru” follows Ritsu Okazaki (Tomoya Nagase) who was abandoned by his mother Reiko (Shinobu Otake).  One day Ritsu gets involved in an incident that causes him to suffer from a life threatening injury, the injury is so severe that his life expectancy comes into question. With Ritsu insure if he will be able to live a much longer life he decides to make amends with his mother and be good to her before his death. Unfortunately he sees how good she is to her son Satoru (Kentaro Sakaguchi), a very successful idol pianist. Satoru has been able to provide his mother with a very happy and lavish lifestyle, meanwhile Ritsu has been struggling to make ends meet.

Thinking that she abandoned him solely due to poverty, Ritsu vows to get revenge on his mother. He eventually runs into a woman called Rinka (Riho Yoshioka ) during a chance meeting,  and he eventually falls for her. Unfortunately, Rinka has her eyes on Ritsu’s half-brother Satoru who is also her childhood friend.

This is the very first time Tomoya has had the lead in a Sunday TBS drama. “Gomen, Aishiteru” will begin filming in May.

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    • oh

      nagase is an interesting choice

      but i refuse to entertain the notion nagase and sakaguchi kentaro could even be related lol

      • Dalooshe

        Haha but I will for the reason that just the idea of those two on screen in one show is destabilizing my heartbeat in a good way so something should be heading our way this summer!

      • rshina

        hahaha, I can relate with you

        but really looking forward to this XD

      • Lia

        they’re actually just half-brother so there’s no need for them to resemble each other or something tho lol

        • Oh hi Mark!

          They were not even half-brothers in the original. The other guy was actually adopted.

          • Lia

            Yeah, that’s what I meant by ‘half-brother’ actually XD

            • Oh hi Mark!

              Then, you should’ve used “step-brother” or “adoptive brother”…

    • 1996liner

      Whats up with so many remakes and live actions lately? Ugh is japan running out of ideas or something?

    • Dalooshe

      Jeezaz these magnets togetherrrr!!! Me melting away this summer is confirmed along this news too so thanks for sharing😍😍

    • eplizo

      I will be watching this, even if only out of initial curiosity

    • mika

      I want them to use Yuki No Hana but it’s summer and a Johnny’s leading the show :(

      This is the Korean/Japanese version sang by the lead actor of the original drama.

      Will Nagase do a cover?

    • shoujo heroine

      isn’t he too old for this? i’ve loved the drama but it belongs to early 00s

      • Oh hi Mark!

        Exactly how is he too old for this?

    • bailey darbii

      I’m here for the cast. this better be subbed a day after airing, i’m not here for subs 1 yr later!

    • luna326

      The mother still pisses me off to this day just thinking about it. I was hoping someone would tell her that he was her son, but she probably wouldn’t care either way. This is way too melo, idk if it’s going to do well now.

      • I think you missed the message the writer trying to tell about the mother. At the end, Moohyuk didnt tell her he is her real son after he have that talk with Yoon about Yoon being adopted instead of the mother’s real son (wow, I still remember their names!! lol) — Yoon being adopted is the twist in the end.

        If the mother can be so attached and love someone who is not even related to her (as Yoon is adopted), so Moohyuk can imagine her agony if she learned the truth about him and his retarded sister. That is why he didnt tell the mother his identity since he doesn’t want to make her lose her mind of losing another child when he die.

    • Hma22

      So glad that Riho’s first heroine lead(?) is with Nagase, LOL

      • Lia

        why? they got a huge age gap tho, 15 YEARS! 😂😂😂

        • Hma22

          Sorry for really late response >.<

          Actually it's because I like their acting, so it's more about personal preference.

          But seriously, I thought their age gape is at least 20 years, not 15 years ._.

          • Oh hi Mark!

            It’s not even 15, it’s 14.

            • Lia

              Well, people tends to compare only their born year (Nagase 1978, Riho 1993) sooo XD

              • Oh hi Mark!

                Such people would be idiots.

          • Lia

            Yeah, me too! I always love Nagase Tomoya from the start but I tried watching Riho’s acting in “Yutori desu ga, Nani ka”, and I must say she’s a promising young actress :)

            And lol at that 20 years age gap hahaha XD come on, Nagase doesn’t look that old right XD

            • Hma22

              Actually I didn’t notice she was Etsuko-Sensei in Yutori. Need to rewatch it after the sub is finished (hopefully somebody will continues it.)

              Don’t know why I always thought he’s already in early 40s like SMAP members, probably because a lot of Japanese are looked younger than their actual age. And my guess in Nagase was so wrong, LOL

        • Oh hi Mark!

          What has that got to do with anything, what matters is the skill. And it’s 14 years, 2 months, 8 days. Not 15 years.

          • Lia

            In the original version, the gap between male lead and female lead is only 2 years. That’s why it’s kinda surprising that in this Japan remake, they have such a huge gap comparing to the original one XD

            And of course what matters most is their awesome acting skill :)

            • Oh hi Mark!

              Like I said, gap is irrelevant when it comes to actors’ age. What matters is what age is their character supposed to be and with what skill they portray them! In the original, actor of younger brother was portrayed as older than the girl in the story but was played by a younger actor.

    • GIN SAN

      SORRY I LOVE YOU it’s a sad love story i dont know if nagase can make this roll i just see him as a comedian actor 😕😕😕 i hope this drama will come up good .

    • beefbaby

      I’ve just watched the first few episodes of the original ver. (I’m Sorry I Love You) for the sake of knowing the story before I watch Gomen Aishiteru. And I already got soooo many questions on how Nagase will reenact scenes in that drama 😂