New CM Asks “What Is Kawaii?”

Kawaii: a term that anyone who has any knowledge of Japan has mostly like heard before. It’s synonymous with the country. But what is it exactly? It’s generally defined as “cute”, but what is “cute” really? A new commercial asks what “kawaii” is exactly. What is kawaii to one person, may not be kawaii to another, leading to different types of kawaii. Another question is what this commercial is for exactly? Find out for yourself by watching the English-subbed commercial after the jump!

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    • Krys

      Love how all that drama was just to advertise some soup.

    • Cool.

    • james

      What is Kakkoii?

      • Christina

        I think it means cool !

    • Jo

      OMG didn’t expect such well done visual graphic was for the soup. Love it.

    • hyeri’s forehead

      that was actually really cool but i cant believe it was for some fucking miso soup

    • ChaiChai

      Hah! It’s a soup! I can’t even… xD

    • I guessed that it’s gonna be Cool Japan cm and halfway thru I was like “wow, finally something really great from CJ!”
      And it turns out to be a soup advert. How typical.

      • They even mentioned Cool Japan in the ad!

        • Do-tell

          Oh gawd…

    • What

      Harajuku flavored soup? what..?

    • pinkranger7777

      If you want us to try your soup then just say so.

      It’s so funny how companies will go to such lengths to seem like they’re product is the secret of the universe.

    • pinkranger7777

      The outfits were cute though. ^^

    • AkiraShock

      Hmm… must be some Neon Genesis Evangelion kind of soup

    • yukata74

      sailormoon?? lol

    • Do-tell

      Cute! The McGee cheerleader’s nose looks like Anna Tsuchiya’s.