YUKI, Suiyoubi no Campanella, Daichi Miura, and More Perform on Music Station for February 3

This week’s guests were Little Glee Monster, A.B.C-Z, Suiyoubi no Campanella, Daichi Miura, Sukima Switch, and YUKI.

Little Glee Monster – Joyful Special Medley(Joyful, Joyful / Jupiter / Kouya no Hate ni / Ai Uta / Hop Step Jump!)

A.B.C-Z – Reboot!!!

Suiyoubi no Campanella – Ikkyu-san

Daichi Miura – EXCITE

Sukima Switch – Kanade

YUKI – Sayonara Bystander


Next week:

[Alexandros] – SNOW SOUND

Leo Ieiri – Kimi ga Kureta Natsu / Sabrina

AKB48 – Special Medley



Perfume – TOKYO GIRL

Hoshino Gen – Kudaranai no Naka ni / Koi

  • Comments

    • annie

      that seats for the guests seem so empty when it’s still the same amount of guests they usually have lmao
      the large amount of group members for akb and ldh groups clearly made an impact on me

    • mr.z

      i watched this video just want to see miura daichi’s performance …

    • Kiki

      So nice to hear good vocalists like Little Glee Monster on MSte