Winners of The 2015 Arama! Japan Awards

Here is what you’ve all been waiting for, the winners of The 2015 Arama! Japan Awards, selected by you, the readers of Arama! Japan! We had a great turnout for our first awards show, and the winners can be seen after the jump!


Act Of The Year

Arashi: 46.7%

Sandaime J Soul Brothers: 16.8%

Namie Amuro: 14%

Gesu no Kiwami Otome: 12.9%

NEWS: 9.6%

Album Of The Year

Arashi – Japonism: 44.5%

Namie Amuro – _genic: 16.9%

SEKAI NO OWARI – Tree: 16%

Sandaime J Soul Brothers – PLANET SEVEN: 13.3%

NEWS – White: 9.2%

Song Of The Year

Arashi – Sakura: 38.7%

KAT-TUN – Dead or Alive: 28%

Gesu no Kiwami Otome. – Watashi Igai Watashi Janai no: 14.6%

Jin Akanishi – Let Me Talk To U: 9.9%

Sakanaction – Shin Takarajima: 8.8%

Music Video Of The Year

Arashi – Ai no Sakebe: 32.4%

KAT-TUN – Dead or Alive: 28%

Namie Amuro – Golden Touch: 21.5%

Sakanaction – Shin Takarajima: 9.8%

Gesu no Kiwami Otome. – Watashi Igai Watashi Janai no: 8.2%

Best Breakthrough Act

back number: 26.7%

Gesu no Kiwami Otome.: 25.5%

Ohara Sakurako: 19.4%

Hoshino Gen: 15.7%

Suiyoubi no Campanella: 12.7%

Best Male

MIYAVI: 35.3%

Daichi Miura: 22.6%

Hoshino Gen: 15.9%

Nissy: 14.3%

Hata Motohiro: 12%

Best Female

Nishino Kana & Namie Amuro: 28.4%

Leo Ieiri: 16.5%

Superfly: 14.2%

Shiina Ringo: 12.5%

Best Band / Group

Arashi: 33.3%

KAT-TUN: 24.6%

ONE OK ROCK: 22.8%

Sandaime J Soul Brothers: 10%

Gesu no Kiwami Otome.: 9.3%

Best Best Album

V6 – SUPER Very best: 27.1%


Nishino Kana – Secret Collection ~RED~ & Secret Collection ~GREEN~: 23.1%


Sakanaction – Natsukashii Tsuki wa Atarashii Tsuki ~Coupling & Remix works~: 12.1%

Best Cover Album

Various Artists – Utada Hikaru no Uta: 46.1%

May J. – May J. Sings Disney: 27.8%

JUJU – Request II: 13.3%

Kou Shibasaki – Kou Utau: 9.7%


Best Album Art

Arashi – Japonism: 32.8%

KAT-TUN – Dead or Alive: 28.6%

Namie Amuro – _genic: 16.6%

Superfly – WHITE: 12.9%

Sakanaction – Shin Takarajima: 9.1%

Best Pop Act

Perfume: 31.2%

Nishino Kana: 18.6%

Sandaime J Soul Brothers: 17.4%

AAA: 17.2%

Namie Amuro: 15.8%

Best Pop Album

Namie Amuro – _genic: 25.6%

Flower – Hanadokei: 20.4%

Sandaime J Soul Brothers – PLANET SEVEN: 20.1%

Superfly – WHITE: 17%

Ayumi Hamasaki – sixxxxxx: 16.9%

Best Pop Song

Perfume – Pick Me Up: 34.2%

Nishino Kana – Torisetsu: 19.3%

Leo Ieiri – Kimi ga Kureta Natsu: 18.7%

Sandaime J Soul Brothers – Summer Madness: 17.5%

Hoshino Gen – SUN: 10.3%

Best Idol Act

Arashi: 32.2%

KAT-TUN: 24.2%

Nogizaka46: 22.2%

Hey! Say! JUMP: 14.5%

Kanjani8: 6.8%

Best Idol Album

Arashi – Japonism: 35.8%

Nogizaka46 – Tomei na Iro: 24.3%

Jin Akanishi: 17.9%

Hey! Say! JUMP – JUMPing CAR: 13.9%

NEWS – White: 8.2%

Best Idol Song

AKB48 – Bokutachi wa Tatakawani: 31.8%

Arashi – Sakura: 26.8%

KAT-TUN – Dead or Alive: 22.7%

Hey! Say! JUMP – Kimi Attraction 10.6%

NEWS -Kaguya: 8.1%

Best Rock Act

ONE OK ROCK: 45.5%

MIYAVI: 22.6%

Gesu no Kiwami Otome.: 13.9%

[Alexandros]: 9.4%

back number: 8.6%

Best Rock Album

ONE OK ROCK – 35xxxv: 51.7%

MIYAVI – The Others: 25.1%


[Alexandros] – ALXD: 9.7%

tricot – A N D: 3.3%

Best Rock Song

ONE OK ROCK: The Way Back: 53.3%

Gesu no Kiwami Otome. – Watashi Igai Watashi Janai no: 15.8%

Shiina Ringo – Kamisama, Hotokesama: 12.7%

[Alexandros] – Girl A: 9.9%

Sakanaction – Shin Takarajima: 8.3%

Best Urban Act

Crystal Kay: 48.7%

Daichi Miura: 32.9%


KOHH: 6.1%

cero: 3.7%

Best Urban Album

Thelma Aoyama – Gray Smoke 37.3%


lecca – Maemuki: 14.7%

KOHH – DIRT: 12%

cero – Obscure Ride: 9.4%

Best Urban Song 

Crystal Kay – Nando Demo: 54.6%


AISHA – Ai ni Iku yo: 12.2%

KOHH – Living Legend: 9.2%

cero – Orphans: 7.9%

Best Electronic Act

CAPSULE: 33.8%

tofubeats: 25.6%

Suiyoubi no Campanella: 25.5%

TeddyLoid: 12.6%

banvox: 2.6%

Best Electronic Album


tofubeats – POSITIVE: 28.6%

Suiyoubi no Campanella – Zipang: 24.1%


LLLL – Faithful: 7.2%

Best Electronic Song

tofubeats – STAKEHOLDER: 33.3%

Suiyoubi no Campanella – Ra: 30.3%


LLLL – Blue: 12.9%

banovx – Summer: 7.6%

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  • Comments

    • And thanks to everyone who listened to my congested ass on TinyChat! The post-show was the most fun part personally.

    • Guilherme Teruya

      Lol, poor Ayu she flopped on the flop category.

      But well, this was so predictable wasn’t even fun lol

      • Flopping in that category is good! The less votes you get, the less tragic you are!

        • Guilherme Teruya

          Yea, I just thought it was ironic lol
          She’s so irrelevant right now she can’t even flop right.

          (I love Ayu to death but well…)

    • Taima-kun

      Japonism winning the Best Album Art? LOL
      DIGITALIAN was loads better

      people are too salty for voting on AKB as the flop act of the year

      • Midna

        The Vegetarian <3

    • elegiac

      lol it seems like doesn’t matter if it’s in Japan or international and when it is an award voted by fans, idols still dominate the awards.

      ps I’m alright with the music section, but Kubota lost to Kame and Ikuta? And Nikaido lost to Maeda?? errr…

    • Charlie

      Best Album Art

      Arashi – Japonism: 32.8%


      • Charlie

        Okay, after actually comparing it with the others, Arashi’s one isn’t too bad. I would rank them 1. Superfly – WHITE 2. Sakanaction – Shin Takarajima (the one with Takeshi Obata’s drawing) 3. Arashi – Japonism 4. Namie Amuro – _genic, and 5. KAT-TUN – Dead or Alive

        Superfly should’ve won for that category.

    • MS

      phwoar… did only like one other person vote for the Tricot album? haha. Surprised ONE OK ROCK dominated album, song, and group so much… I didn’t like 35xxxv as much as their other works TBH. Not surprised electronic was close though, nor by Team Perfume’s success!

      Thanks for the effort to those involved in doing this BTW.

      • ONE OK ROCK has a large international fandom, hence the domination. And several dozen people voted for tricot. I was actually surprised. Pretty much everything that was low ranked got several dozen votes at least.

        • MS

          Ah fair enough – I knew they were relatively famous in Japan but wasn’t sure about overseas.

          I was joking about it just being 2 people :) but that is pretty cool, I supppose that’s why they made the list in the first place

      • T

        i voted for them, they’re one of my favorite bands. seeing them live in germany too!

        • MS

          You’ll enjoy it, though I guess you know that! I saw them live when I was staying in Osaka in 2014, they were great, had so much energy :D I’m so jealous! Especially because you’ll get to see songs from A N D live

      • nothingsover

        I voted for Tricot! I was supposed to see them live in the fall but couldn’t :(

      • Jo

        35xxxv was shit but they are at their peak with international fandom so yeah no surprise.

    • Afnan Acchan

      Bananaman beat Downtown. Always thought Downtown very famous among international fan especially their Gaki no Tsukai.

      • minion

        Bananaman is more lovable.

        • Taima-kun

          especially Himura

    • Afnan Acchan

      One punch Man also lose after breakthorught his year.

    • T

      best album art is arashi?

      god their stans are delusional

      • T

        and kame as best actor and yamada in second place…………

        nvm all JE stans are

      • circe154

        The comments are always complaining about idols but then they dominate our own polls. lol

      • Midna

        I’m an Arashi fan and even I’m in utter disbelief that they won best album art. WTF

    • nothingsover

      LOL Arashi stans (I’m a fan but… ^^;;)

      Gray Smoke was soooo good!!

      AAA – Ashita no Hikari <3

    • FrozenLand

      I don’t even know what to say for this result. Basically dominated by idols huh. Needless to say I don’t agree with many of them.

      I can’t believe Tenno no Ryoriban is last in the list. Kubota Masataka still need some work sometimes but he’s definitely the strongest actor in the list. Arashi’s SAKURA didn’t suit Ouroboros at all. In fact it distracted me from the drama whenever it started playing.

    • minion

      Ryusei as the best reader? lol. ok.

    • Kiang Sheryl

      2 results i hated:

      1) Scandal of the Year
      2) Flop of the Year.

      Firstly come on how is that a scandal. And people who chose that, did you click into that Harada Mayu article. It’s revolting.

      Secondly, Attack on Titan should really take the 1st spot. I don’t fancy AKB48 but Attack on Titan came out looking worse than a low budget film.


    • Ryusei

      I couldnt join it was a bit too early for me. No surprise at all tue arashi wins, really happy gray smoke won in its category and also: did i just win something? Daaam thank you to reileen for picking me haha

      • Mayura Kamiki

        congats!! ^o^/

      • Reileen

        Congrats! Haha! ^^

    • yacchaitai

      shit results, johnny’s fans ruin everything like always.

      • jesse

        Its a popularity contest, what do you expect?. Its not like people were voting for whitetrashTrump or biebs or kylie jenner. Arashi legit released a solid song & ok album.

        • yacchaitai

          what does trump and kylie jenner have to do with arama japan awards? if the album is only ok it shouldn’t win “album of the year”.

          • kaleidostar

            Fans would vote for their faves obviously. And it’s clear that Arama is still full of Arashi fans just like before.

          • jesse

            because they aren’t a bunch of losers which popularity is based on obnoxious qualities. The album was actually good and Sakura IS the best pop song nominated. Technical & composition wise i’d go for shin takarajima or igai but bias wise, i’d chose Sakura any day. Its a popularity vote and i refuse to be objective.

            • yacchaitai

              still don’t see how trump and arashi can be compared. 2 days ago you said it was an “ok” album, now it’s suddenly “actually good”, you’re confusing me more and more.

              • Hatori Sachiyo

                You’re acting just like a spoilt kid when he find mistakes/irregularities in each words whenever their parents scold them just to keep their eyes/ears closed.

                • yacchaitai


    • Mayura Kamiki

      arama, in the end.. this site ended like soompi, idol took over everything, yay!!^^

    • Reileen

      Wait Ronald, is KAT-TUN really included for Best Album Art? I cant remember seeing them there and DoA isn’t an album?
      Congrats to all the winners lmao

      • It was for albums and singles.

        • Reileen

          oh, either way that cover is so dull to even be nominated lol

    • the groupie who


    • Grooby

      I found out about Sakanaction from this poll and I was pleasantly surprised by their song Shin Takara Jima, I’m gonna be blasting that song for years to come lol

      • kukuruyukkk

        Try their previous singles too like Rookies, Music and Bach no Senritsu o Yoru ni Kiita Sei Desu, their music is GREAT!!

        • Grooby

          Thank you for the recommendations, gonna check them out right away :)

    • light

      Arashi fans went all out XDD

    • saiko

      yay OOR!
      AAA won something too^^

      Tenno no Ryoriban is seriously underrated. that was a gem of drama!

    • surfboardt

      I’m seriously questioning how Maro didn’t win flop tbh.

    • Yama92

      Well this is disappointing….

    • Aya Tsukiko Sora

      I’m laughing and crying at the same time

    • Arron Hayre

      Wow international fans are just a clueless as Japanese fans -_-

      • kry

        some acts are just more popular than others this voting wasn’t really about quality but just about popularity like most online polls nothing wrong with that

    • Jo

      It’s either the voting was done by mere JE/Arashi stans or they don’t have much knowledge of the current Jpop scene and only vote for the familiar names. The nomination was not so bad but the result was disappointing. Bet more than half of the voters didn’t even play FF Type 0. And what film/drama Maeda was in to deserve that first place?

      • jessabele

        A lot of us know & respects Gesuotome, Sakanaaction, Shiina Ringo, LDH acts, etc ok. Arashi fans just win in volume. People have their biases. I’d be surprised if they weren’t dominating.
        Its optional to vote on every category. I didn’t bother with the anime/manga & games segment myself.

        • Jo

          I’m a fan of certain artists but I didn’t vote for them and vote for who I think really deserve the first place. Guess not everyone thinks the same.

      • Zakiyya Amajida

        Maeda fans maybe doing the same thing with JE fans.

        • Jo

          The delusion is real.

          • Zakiyya Amajida


    • Guest

      lmao people complaining about idols dominating… this was obviously going to end up a popularity contest from the start, I really don’t know what you all expected.

      Also not surprising that Arashi/JE crushed everyone else, considering how much click and wank bait Arama has been pulling out for them over the last year. Particularly the whole “Arashi vs. SJB” wank Ronald has been pushing.You piss off the fans for a popular group, it’s only natural they’re gonna want to show you wrong when you give them a popularity contest to vote in.

      If y’all want a more sincere tally, Arama’s gonna have to ease off on the opinion pieces (especially ones that are blatant bait, I’m looking at you “SJB wins the boyband battle for no reason but that I said so”) and stick to actual news.

      • Umm, the stories that we post are based off of analysis of the market from Japanese sources… It’s not as if stuff is being made up. And this attitude you’re displaying is god awfully childish. Are you really throwing a fit because someone said something you didn’t agree with about a boyband that you like? Sorry, but this isn’t an Arashi fansite. Everyone is open to criticism here.

    • SNO

      Make me want to root for Arashi more. . Arashi fans are massive, its just they they’re not as vocal as the bitter ones here lol😇

    • Midna

      I want to cry. I can’t believe Japonism won Best Album art. Like, really?????

    • shinju

      Okada lost to kamenashi and yamada !!
      Are you joking !?

      • Tahara Sakura

        i’m shock too! How could awesome Okada lost???

        • Jo

          He’s not young. He doesn’t belong to a group that popular with younger audience. Properly many new JE fans don’t even know about his existence.

        • Jo

          He’s not young. He doesn’t belong to a group that is popular with younger audience. Probably many new JE fans don’t even know about his existence.

    • kamemin23

      yatta for kamenashi kazuya & kat-tun! i’m glad kame won as best actor in a drama, second love won also. other results are just fine with me. IDOL POWER!

    • Too bad I missed the live stream. But here I am crying and laughing at the results! I think I’ve said it before, I am an Arashi fan…but Best Album Art? Really ya’ll?! You could have just googled the other album covers and decided for real. I chose Superfly’s album. And flop of the year? It was either that movie or Uchiyama, how could AKB have gotten that? Ya’ll are so salty. smh.

      • Midna

        Superfly was what I chose too <3

      • Reileen

        Yes Superfly!

    • Twinkle Kilara

      Haaaaah~ Boring. This just shows the power of Arashi as usual. Them, their fans, and their hype. Ridiculous.
      But yay! One Ok Rock and Kame!!!

      • Matsumiyalover

        And Kame?

        • Twinkle Kilara

          I was probably congratulating Kame on being voted best actor. I don’t remember why or what he did though lol it’s been a while

    • aqua88

      I have a suggestion that will deal with all the opinions here.
      Arama can do 2 awards:
      1. Poll based on reader’s opinions – Voters’ Choice
      2. Arama’s staff opinions – Editor’s Choice.

      • We tried to do that somewhat with the Staff Special Awards at the end.

    • Ztf

      Johnnys pretty much carry this community so I don’t see the big deal.

    • tk

      I am a kat-tun & Arashi fan too, but dang Arashi took the whole freakin cookie. what the fudgesickle.

      • tk


    • disqus1122

      I can’t take this result seriously, please do new one but hide it from johnny fans XD

      • Jo

        Or can we have a staffs nomination instead of fan choice awards?

    • SpankGangsta

      johnny stans are eating up the poll

    • ミカ♡( ๑॔˃̶◡ ˂̶๑॓)✧

      Hell I love Arashi and even I can say that they should definitely not have won best album art. Shit was hideous.

    • Midna

      TBH I’m surprised Arashi is this popular internationally…

      • zee

        Here’s a portion of Arashi’s english speaking community on tumblr.

        • Midna

          Like I knew they had fans but I didn’t know how much. Too bad a lot of them use Twitter :( I don’t use Twitter.

    • Zakiyya Amajida

      flop of the year: AKB48.
      I’m was fan of them, but AKB these past years (after so many original members graduate) become really different and I can’t not agree with this.
      their golden era is over, and I think they can’t keep pretending that they are doing fine.

    • Tahara Sakura

      Best actor in a movie…How could Okada Junichi lost? He is the best..Kame and Yamada also good..but Junichi’s acting too good..Really really good..

    • Ntouch

      Arashi swept competition haha

    • Hatori Sachiyo

      It’s obvious Arashi would win a lot. They are famous internationally even though they didn’t promote themselves overseas. There is a lot of hidden Arashi fans across the world.

    • bitchy

      Woah. 2 types of annoying comments in here: The usual “Arashi fans are delusional blah blah blah” and the sort of usual “I’m an Arashi but blah blah blah”

      It’s common sense that this is popularity based poll. Duh! It’s given that fans would vote for their faves.

    • annie

      maybe you don’t have to put any JE idols there………

      or have a special JE awards with JE idols inside…

      you know this thing will happen…..

      • Midna

        Idols are still part of the Japanese music industry, where you like hem or not. Even if I’m not a fan of the idol industry overall, I still think they should be included in these types of things.

    • eplizo

      Yikes. I only agree with a few of these.

    • I’m an arashi fan, but there’s way too much arashi here. :D

    • vivi

      I only saw Arashi, I thought of this possibility, still it hurt,
      seriously best on almost everything is Arashi?