Winners of The 2017 Arama! Japan Awards

Here is what you’ve all been waiting for, the winners of The 2017 Arama! Japan Awards, selected by you, the readers of Arama! Japan! We had a great turnout for our third awards show, and the winners can be seen after the jump!


Act Of The Year

Arashi: 37.9%

Namie Amuro: 34.6%

Utada Hikaru: 11.1%

DAOKO: 8.5%

Kanjani8: 7.9%


Act Of The Year

Arashi – “untitled”: 55.5%

Keyakizaka46 – Masshiro na Mono wa Yogoshitaku Naru: 15.8%

MONDO GROSSO – Nandodemo Atarashiku Umareru: 12%

Ai Otsuka – LOVE HONEY: 9.6%

Suchmos – THE KIDS: 7.1%


Song Of The Year

Kame to Yamapi – Senaka Goshi no Chance: 31%

Arashi – Tsunagu: 27.9%

DAOKO x Yonezu Kenshi – Uchiage Hanabi: 16.5%

Namie Amuro – Just You and I: 16.5%

Nogizaka46 – Influencer: 8.1%


Music Video Of The Year

Arashi – Tsunagu: 35.5%

Namie Amuro – Finally: 22.6%

Hoshino Gen – Family Song: 17.5%

Keyakizaka46 – Eccentric: 13.2%

MONDO GROSSO – Labyrinth: 11.2%


Live DVD / Blu-Ray Of The Year

Arashi – Arashi Live Tour 2016-2017 Are You Happy?: 40.8%

Namie Amuro – namie amuro LIVE STYLE 2016-2017: 26.2%

Hey! Say! JUMP – Hey! Say! JUMP LIVE TOUR 2016 DEAR.: 13.8%


Suiyoubi no Campanella – Suiyoubi no Campanella Nippon Budokan Koen ~Hakkaku Uchu~: 9.3%


Best Breakthrough Act

Suda Masaki: 45.3%

DAOKO: 34.1%

Beverly: 10.9%

CHAI: 5.6%

Polkadot Stingray: 4.2%


Best Male

Hoshino Gen: 33.7%

Daichi Miura: 27.1%


Ken Hirai: 14.2%

Mukai Taichi: 5.4%


Best Female

Namie Amuro: 44.5%

Utada Hikaru: 23.8%

Nishino Kana: 12.3%

Shiina Ringo: 10%

DAOKO: 9.3%


Best Band / Group

Arashi: 52.3%

Hey! Say! JUMP: 16.6%

Suchmos: 13.8%

Kanjani8: 12.1%

NEWS: 5.3%


Best Collaboration

Kame to Yamapi – Senaka Goshi no Chance: 56.1%

DAOKO x Yonezu Kenshi – Uchiage Hanabi: 15%

MIYAVI vs Daichi Miura – Dancing With My Fingers: 14.5%

MONDO GROSSO x Mitsushima Hikari – Labyrinth: 10.7%

AKLO x JAY’ED – Different Man: 3.6%


Best Best Album

Namie Amuro – Finally: 43.9%

Hey! Say! JUMP – Hey! Say! JUMP 2007-2017 I/O: 22.5%

SMAP – SMAP 25 YEARS: 19.2%

Aimer – BEST SELECTION “blanc” & “noir”: 8.2%

Sandaime J Soul Brothers – THE JSB WORLD: 6.3%


Best Cover Album

Various Artists – Thank You Disney: 37.2%

FEMM – 80s/90s J-POP REVIVAL: 24.3%

Seiko Matsuda – SEIKO JAZZ: 16.3%


Various Artists – AKG TRIBUTE: 8.4%


Best Album Art

Kame to Yamapi – Senaka Goshi no Chance: 31.8%

Arashi – “untitled”: 29.2%

Namie Amuro – Finally: 21.4%

Nogizaka46 – Umarete Kara Hajimete Mita Yume: 9.4%

Yonezu Kenshi – BOOTLEG: 8.1%


Best Pop Act

Perfume: 34.1%

Namie Amuro: 31.6%

Utada Hikaru: 15.2%

E-girls: 12%

DAOKO: 7.1%


Best Pop Album

Ai Otsuka – LOVE HONEY: 32.3%

GENERATIONS – Namida wo Nagasenai Pierrot wa Taiyou mo Tsuki mo Nai Sora wo Miageta: 28.7%

Yonezu Kenshi – BOOTLEG: 18.1%

YUKI – Mabataki: 12.6%

Chara – Symphony: 8.3%


Best Pop Song

Perfume – If you wanna: 23.1%

Hoshino Gen – Family Song: 20.7%

Namie Amuro – Just You and I: 20.5%

Utada Hikaru – Forevermore: 18%

DAOKO x Yonezu Kenshi – Uchiage Hanabi: 17.7%


Best Idol Act

Arashi: 34.7%

Kame to Yamapi: 29%

Keyakizaka46: 15.8%

Hey! Say! JUMP: 12.1%

Kanjani8: 8.3%


Best Idol Album

Arashi – “untitled”: 51.3%

Keyakizaka46 – Masshiro na Mono wa Yogoshitaku Naru: 18.1%

Kanjani – JAM: 13.4%


Nogizaka46 – Umarete Kara Hajimete Mita Yume: 6.8%


Best Idol Song

Arashi – Tsunagu: 37.3%

Kame to Yamapi – Senaka Goshi no Chance: 31.7%

Keyakizaka46 – Fukyouwaon: 16.7%

Kanjani – Oto Seyo: 7.5%

Nogizaka46 – Influencer: 6.8%


Best Rock Act

ONE OK ROCK: 47.7%

back number: 20.3%

UVERworld: 12.6%

FLOW: 11.7%

indigo la End: 8.1%


Best Rock Album

ONE OK ROCK – Ambitions: 58.8%

UVERworld – TYCOON: 18.8%

Gesu no Kiwami Otome. – Daruma Ringo: 8.8%

Negoto – ETERNALBEAT: 8.1%

Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas – SHINE: 5.5%


Best Rock Song

ONE OK ROCK – We Are: 48.5%

BUMP OF CHICKEN – Kinen Satsuei: 18.6%

MAN WITH A MISSION – Dead End in Tokyo: 15.6%

UVERworld – Itteki no Eikyou: 12.2%

BAND-AID – Choose Me: 5.1%


Best Urban Act

Daichi Miura: 48.1%

AI: 23.7%

Suchmos: 12.2%

Mukai Taichi: 7.1%

SALU: 5.3%


Best Urban Album

Daichi Miura – HIT: 46.1%

AI – Wa to Yo: 27.3%

Suchmos – THE KIDS: 12.3%

Mukai Taichi – BLUE: 8.4%



Best Urban Album

Daichi Miura – EXCITE: 42.8%

AI – Kira Kira feat. Kanna: 29.6%

AKLO x JAY’ED -Different Man: 10.4%

Suchmos – A.G.I.T.: 9.7%

Mukai Taichi – FLY: 7.5%


Best Electronic Act

Suiyoubi no Campanella: 30.8%


tofubeats: 20.6%

Yasutaka Nakata: 10.9%

Aira Mitsuki: 8.7%


Best Electronic Album

Suiyoubi no Campanella – SUPERMAN: 31.3%

MONDO GROSSO – Nandodemo Atarashiku Umareru: 29.3%

tofubeats – FANTASY CLUB: 23.3%

Aira Mitsuki – Pyramidal: 9.8%

Satellite Young – Satellite Young: 6.4%


Best Electronic Song

MONDO GROSSO – Labyrinth: 30%

Suiyoubi no Campanella – Melos: 27.5%

Yasutaka Nakata – Crazy Crazy feat. Charli XCX & Kyary Pamyu Pamyu: 19.9%

tofubeats – WHAT YOU GOT: 15.1%

Aira Mitsuki -Future in Loop: 9.4%

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    • b23

      it should be “Tsunagu” not Tsunaga..

    • Anthony Kelly

      Oh, drama hasn’t started yet. Be back in a few hours.

      • monica_monami

        pssst the drama is on another post XD the new one lol

    • AoZora

      As expected Arashi everywhere :p
      Happy to see Kame to Yamapi winning some awards… I am happy with the winners for flop of the year, cancel of the year and future Phoenix of the year… :)

    • AkaneHaga

      come to congrat arashi fans

    • Carmela Africa

      cancel of the year is…? lol

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    • SsunShine

      Again, it’s Arashi’s party. Well they got fans, seeing them winning is not uncommon. I love untitled, so I’m glad that wins. But Thank god untitled doesn’t win Album Art. I’mma flip hard if I see that winning, even if I’m their trash.

    • monica_monami

      congrats arashi! and all the winners! it’s a fan voted award anyway so i dont think everyone is surprised by arashi dominating

    • Dalooshe

      So this was fun!

    • Ash

      What exactly made AKB flop of the year? I mean. The exact criteria.

      • circe154

        I think everyone’s just bored with them and idols in general.

        • Ash

          Doesn’t make them a flop though. Didn’t their sales surpass Hamasaki just last year?

          Or was it just Arashi fans voting against them?

          • Ash

            A more serious contender for flop of the year would have been Kyary Pamyu Pamyu IMO. Easta was wretched and everything she does now barely makes a blip on the radar.

            • yaccha “JoinAramaDiscord” itai

              she flopped so hard people forgot to even nominate her

              • AoZora


              • Jessica

                lmaoo the true flop of the year

    • neko

      Don’t know but arashi didnt win in doramas or movies. And not in cover of the year eather so why people is complaining?

    • yaccha “JoinAramaDiscord” itai
    • anon
    • Kameneko223

      Ureshii for Kame to Yamapi winning!

    • Welp. That’s that. 🤷

    • Keny

      color me surprised.
      but lbr, actually we did well this year not voting arashi first for all categories they were nominated in

    • MrM

      “Best Actress In A Movie

      Ishihara Satomi (Shinobi no Kuni): 40.4%”

      Is it true?

      • People probably vote for her because they like her not because she deserve it. She probably only appear like 10 minutes in the film lol

        • MrM

          Ishihara is just “baby face / big lips / sexy & shy” kind of girl. Nothing more.
          Hirose Suzu will be the next Haruka Ayase.
          Mitsushima Hikari IS an actress. No, she is an awesome actress.

          • Misb4h

            Haruka Ayase has an ideal body, not with Hirose Suzu

    • Step Rivera

      Manga Of The Year:

      Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card: 29.9%

      Best Character In A Manga:

      Kinomoto Sakura (Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card): 30.6%

      I’m so happy that Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card won!! The anime and manga are both amazing!! Seeing a part of my childhood being brought back and winning on the 2017 AramaJapan Awards show how well loved Cardcaptor Sakura is.

    • gus

      Rola hasn’t been tarento since like 2015

    • Sorry, but I don’t understand what ‘Phoenix of the year’ (someone who comebacks to the showbusiness ?) and the ‘Cancel of the year’ are ?

      • Ash

        Honestly no-one knows.

    • Enes Eryigit

      What the actual fuck. I can accept everything but how the fuck does the legendary comedian and japans most funny guy akashiya sanma get only 7.2 procent. I get that he is old so im not saying he should be nr 1 since watanabe naomi is quite popular on sns but how does that one trick blouson chiemi get 3 times more votes? How does chidori get so low compared to chiemi?

    • An_dromeda

      Kame to YamaP winning so many awards.. and YamaP for Code Blue… Me likeyyyyyy

    • Misb4h

      Wow, only Kame to Yamapi can beat domination arashi in music and dorama category.

    • eplizo

      Shouwa Genroku not even getting a nom is a crime. Nice to see Arashi out tho. Wonder who will win next year.

    • dev_null0

      What did BTS and Twice cancel to earn that particular nomination?

      • light

        They are the ones voters don’t want to see anymore.

    • Mary

      I am so happy Kame to yamapi managed to beat arashi and won many awards (I am proud of my boys, Please do that again soon)
      Yay for best actor, best anime song and Phoenix of the year ❤❤

      I don’t get why is Sakurai in the scandal thing, someone tell me what he did?

    • lolcat

      More like the Arashi awards… :-/

    • lolcat

      It would be funny if Arashi was FOTY next year

      but we all know that won’t happen