V6, Sandaime J Soul Brothers, Kato Miliyah, and More Perform on Music Station for March 17

This week’s guests were Nogizaka46, Yabiku Tomona, Kato Miliyah, V6, Kimura Yoshino, flumpool, Anly, Sukima Switch, Sandaime J Soul Brothers, Ozaki Hiroya, and Piko-Taro.

Nogizaka46 – Influencer

Yabiku Tomona x Kato Miliyah – Dokomademo ~How Far I’ll Go~

V6 – Can’t Get Enough

Kimura Yoshino – Kimi wo Yobu Basho

flumpool – Last Call

Anly+Sukima Switch= – Kono Yami wo Terasu Hikari no Mukou ni

Sandaime J Soul Brothers – HAPPY

Ozaki Hiroya – Someday Smile

Piko-Taro – I love you ~Africa no Kaze ni Nosete~ / PPAP 2017 ~Haru~ Ver.


The next show is 3/31 and it is a three hour special:



Elephant Kashimashi

Ozaki Hiroya





Golden Bomber

Sakamichi AKB

Sandaime J Soul Brothers

Ayumi Hamasaki

Fujimaki Ryota

Daichi Miura


  • Comments

    • Mr.Taxi™

      When was the last time Miliyah was on music station?

    • * I loved “Can’t Get Enough” 😍
      * Anly and Kimura Yoshino sooo beautiful~
      * My JSB boys so cool~
      * Piko-Taro masks 😂
      * I need subtitle or i need to learn Japanese 😟

    • Aquacorde

      The other half of JSB still can’t hit notes like he does before. I heard he just had a surgery removing nodules from his vocal chords? Maybe, this is why they won’t dare doing ballads recently.

      • aoivsc

        I wonder how he got through the recent Metropoliz Tour though, with his voice like that. They definitely had to sing their old ballads

    • MJBeatle

      Pikotaro needs to stop squeezing out the same thing over and over again….

      I liked Kimura Yoshino’s song and V6 the most lol.

      • They need to let Piko-Taro go.

    • hello

      Loved V6 performance and Kimura Yoshino.

    • ij

      -Nogi looking good. I like the styling

      -Moana movie version by Tomona sounds far superior than Kato Miliyah’s.

      -V6 Can’t Get Enough is definitely the best song and performance of the night. That song and V6 deserves more recognition.

      -Kimura Yoshino was very pretty and charming.
      -That Flumpool chorus reminded me of an OOR song. And the singing so awkward.
      -Anly & Sukima Switch is another good song.
      -3JSB was forgettable. Unfortunate vocals.
      -Ozaki Hiroya gets invited quite often. Is it because of his father or Japan is fond of his songs.. but don’t really mind since his songs are ok.