V6, JUJU, AKB48, and Dream Ami Perform on Music Fair for March 18

This week’s guests were JUJU, Dream Ami, V6, and AKB48.

JUJU x Dream Ami – Hello, Again ~Mukashi Kara Aru Basho~

V6 – over

AKB48 – Shoot Sign

JUJU – Because of You

Dream Ami – Hayaku Aitai

V6 – Can’t Get Enough


Next week:

Elephant Kashimashi

Saito Kazuyoshi



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    • am

      It’s been a while since V6 performed over , one of my favorite V6 singles!.

      • that-s exactly what I thought. I always have this song with me on my phone, is one of their best ballads ever.

      • One of my favorite V6 singles too ~

      • U

        Tonisen wrote that for Kamisen when they were in their teens. Seeing them sing it now makes me emotional.

        • am

          Kamisen’s drama Pupupu