Nominees for The 2016 Arama! Japan Awards + Voting Form

A few days ago, we announced The 2016 Arama! Japan Awards. You, the readers, selected who would be nominated for our awards show. The voting for the preliminary round was closed earlier this week and we now have the final nominees. There are some expected nominees, but also some surprises. There’s something for everyone here!

Voting will open now and runs until January 7. A few days later, the winners will be announced. There are more details on that to come.

The voting form is located after the jump! Voting in every category is not mandatory. If you don’t want to vote in certain category, feel free to skip it.

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    • yacchaitai

      johnnys garbage will win 80%

      • yacchaitai

        also top 5 ugliest covers in the best album art wtf guys

        • Jo

          None of the covers there worths mentioning. Shouldn’t even be nominated. People probably don’t even bother looking at the album covers before nominating booooo

        • surfboardt

          When I saw the final nominations, I was like “… Might as well put in Tomochin’s Get Ready as an option because that’s how sad the choices are”.

        • Evan Misha

          Voted for Cosmic Explorer and I feel no shame

          • Midna

            SAME LMAO

    • RudeAgustD

      Done Voted! that was a long ride.
      Lol @ kento’s cancel of the year, you guys are mean but I understand lol XD

    • Kim Kardashian

      Kana Nishino better win

    • MS

      Typo in “Social Media Star Of The Year”, listed as Utaa Hikaru

      Surprised by some things that made it through. I tried to like the new Scandal album but thought it was meh. Also, Nakata? I’m a massive Capsule/Perfume fanboy but I’m… yeah, surprised, I guess.

      Some pleasant surprises too though :)

    • demasta

      so much Johnnys

      • Midna

        hellloooooo :D

        • demasta

          hi :P

    • None

      Definitely the most disappointing category was the best album art, like really?

    • Dayse

      Scandal of the year was a tough choice, but between the infidelity and rape (the worst scandals), I chose the rape scandal, that trashman!

      For album of the year, although RADWIMPS and my beloved Arashi had very good albums, my heart was snatched away by Hikaru´s Fantome, it was such a ride.

      As for flop of the year, I voted in Ayu with a saddened heart, but it´s true, the woman released an album this year and yet still had almost no relevance :( (and I agree the album was not really good, I could kinda like 2 or 3 songs at most, I hope 2017 can be a better year for her, so my vote for ´Future phoenix of the year´ is definitely hers. <3 I miss her good music and it´s been years).

      I don´t understand why AKB48 would be listed under flop of the year (???), the had massive sales right?(althought we all know the methods LOL but still, sales are sales…)

      • surfboardt

        People tend to hate AKB48 on Arama, and the 48G franchise (If you ignore the Sony rival groups) is on the decline, so it kind of makes sense why they’re nominated for flop of the year while simultaneously not making sense from a sales/financial PoV. That said, early votes are showing Enon winning flop of the year, so I’m guessing that the new “Cancel of the Year” is helping some people more accurately convey how they feel about AKB48 (aka “go away”) rather than voting flop of the year (Which AKB48 won by a landslide last year iirc).

        • AHHH, you weren’t supposed to see! I think I fixed it.

          • surfboardt

            … Should I edit my post to not spoil anything? :x

            Edit: I decided to remove the potential spoilers anyway.
            Also, I can’t open the Google doc results anymore, so I’m fairly certain it should be fine now.

            • There was a box I had to uncheck. Thanks!

        • Dayse

          I see! well, Enon totally deserves the tittle tho LOL

      • Kanjo Maru

        Not a big AKB fan but they clearly did better than last year, with most of 365’s success occurring in this year and moderately increased sales. I mean, they’re below peak but it seems to be at least a plateau at this point.

    • Kaido

      so happy Utada Hikaru got a lot of nomination this year, hope she’ll win some too!

    • Ahmad Ridwan

      I hope gen win everything. I like that guy’s works so much.
      also TK from ling toshite shigure too

      • kepochi

        Koi for song of the year! Best male act! Breakthrough actor! KOI DANCE

    • Historia Lenz

      I’m so glad BUCK-TICK and Sakamoto of Sakamoto Desu Ga made it on the nominations. I hope they win!
      Utada and Arashi slaying the nominations! That Album Art nomination though….

    • Mio

      Best male…

      Akanishi Jin?


      • circe154

        We haven’t properly run it into the ground yet. J-entertainment is all about running things into the ground.

    • buta_neko

      Anime character of the year! I’ll stick to my buta neko ;3

    • Risa

      Sorry for the newbie question but Is it supposed to let me vote again once it’s done or is that the whole point…whoever has the most time to vote over and over wins? When I finished it didn’t lock me out 😕

      • Only sad acts try to stuff voting boxes.

        • kepochi

          i will stuff ur voting boxes with taichi mukai idc

        • Risa

          Thank you for clearing that up for me, Ronald! That helps me understand it better.

    • eplizo

      So damn long lol. Anyway, looking at the results I’m not surprised to see the heavy bias in some lmao.

    • Midna

      Are You Happy <3333

      some of the nominees though lmao

    • marsa

      Only thing wrong with this poll is that when the category is something like “best actor/actress in movies/drama” I think there should be movie/drama with the name for what role they are nominated for. Because otherwise this would seem like “just pick your favorite actor no matter what they did this year”.

      But there really is one that made me laugh: One Piece in Best Anime. Like.. that series has been airing so many years and will air in year 2259. If you want to include anime that has been airing manymanymany years, should you just compare this years arc/arcs to other animes that are on the list. Don’t get me wrong, I do like One Piece very much and I’m 250% sure Yuri!!! will win that category. I just wanted to point this weird choice in that category.

      And Pikachu in best video game character??? I know there were new Pokemon games released this year but is PIkachu really necessary. Most ot people answering this poll might not be gamers but everybody knows Pikachu and might just because of that pick it. And it won’t give any chance to other video game character. And take’s all the fun out of it.

      • Evan Misha

        With regard to Best Anime, I imagine the overwhelming majority of votes went to Yuri!!! on Ice, so weird outliers like One Piece managed to squeeze in

      • Sou
      • PigeonPop

        Why shouldn’t Pikachu be in? Pokemon (as usual) completely dominated this year. Sun/Moon is by far the best-selling video game of 2016 on home turf with an advantage of almost 2 million copies over 2nd place. It’s doing brilliantly WW too with over 7 million copies confirmed (which will make it 2nd place yearly WW right after FIFA 17). And then there’s this thing called Pokemon GO. As the iconic mascot of the franchise Pikachu absolutely deserves its nomination and should win by default.

        To be quite frank the rest of the nominations are irrelevant small fries in comparison, including FFXV where Square-Enix pulled off the cheap “5 million sold on day 1” BS. Pokemon is essentially peak Utada/Ayumi ca. 1999~2004. Youkai Watch, like Mai Kuraki, is a gimmicky creature who drew comparisons to the greater artist (game series) and tried to challenge it for 1~2 years only to quickly decline and fall off the top group. People can’t pull the critical acclaim card here either since Pokemon Sun/Moon has a respectable 86 which is higher than all of the other nominations except Persona 5 which still hasn’t been released in the West and thus not open for review.

    • Jo

      JA fangirls ruin the nomination.
      How did they make up most nominations for best actor in drama if they haven’t stand out with their acting? Do they even watch Jdrama at all? How is Kame still a thing? Fans make it as if other actors are MIA or what?

      Is Arashi gonna win best album cover again with their Word Doc quality artwork?

      The rock nominations are lacking. I’m glad Buck-tick and The yellow monkey appear on the nomination but Radwimps song is boring as fuck, even Sparkle comes as a better song. And get over OOR please…

      And seriously, 2016 and people still nominate Detective Conan is it supposed to be trolling?

      • REMISU

        I thought most of the nominations were satisfactory besides Ohno (well.. because that drama wasn’t great in my opinion) & Yamada (but that’s also because script).

        I thought Kame did fine in Yamaneko. Matsujun was great in 99.9 & Suda Masaki is a fantastic actor.

        I mean they wouldn’t be my top picks for best actors, but I think these choices are understandable.

        I’m just surprised (& kind of happy) that Yamaken didn’t get nominated.

        Also in terms of kame. I’m more surprised by his nomination as a host. What does he host?

        • Reileen

          Going! Sports show

          • REMISU

            Oh okay! That makes sense! Thanks!

        • Jo

          Urgh the drama/ movie nominations are random af and filtered by heavily by fangirls.

          Sekai Ichi Muzukashii Koi and Yamaneko are really average. It’s super tiring watching the leads in Sekai Ichi Muzukashii Koi, Ohno’s acting is super mediocre, his face is so limited in expressing the character’s emotions.
          Yamaneko started fun and all but Kame was just doing fine, nothing outstanding, if you switch him with Narimiya Hiroki, Narimiya would probably fulfil the role of Yamaneko too; my point is that, nothing special about his acting as Yamaneko that makes it worth nominated.
          99.9 is actually enjoyable to watch. But of course, it’s nominated because of Matsumoto Jun.

          Movie of the year category is an embarrassment. Nobunaga Concerto? Really? Chihayafuru? Seriously? The first part was boring af and I watched the second part just for Matsuoka Mayu. Gosh, the whole thing was soooooo damnnnn bloooodyyy boring it’s unbearable. Hirose Suzu acting was so cringeworthy with that annoying wild eye look; Mackenyu did great on Arata, a super tedious character; and Nomura Shuhei was actually acceptable.
          And please, Assassination Classroom? It’s a bloody kid show. Story is predictable, acting was above average for some and below average for many others.
          Where are The Long Excuse? What A Wonderful Family? A Bride for Rip Van Winkle? Even Hime Anole, Sanada 10 Braves, Destrustion Babies or Six-Four are way better than those. Pink and Gray was good and Haha to Kuraseba was really touching too.

          And then we have Best actor in drama…
          Kamenashi Kazuya, Ohno Satoshi, Yamada Ryosuke and Matsumoto Jun
          4 of the nominations are typical JE actors who are just doing an average job. Actually Matsumoto Jun wasn’t all boring, it could be the script but his all smiling acting got boring whenever it reached the climax of every episode. Personally I feel Sakaguchi Kentaro in Juhan Shuttai, Takenouchi Yutaka in Good Partner, Tamaki Hiroshi in Career, Nakajima Yuto in HOPE (he improved a whole lot and it’s an interesting breakthrough for a JE actor) were more exciting to watch. Although his drama wasn’t my favourite, Fujiwara Tatsuya did really well, his overacting paid off lol. And I know this is just my unpopular opinion but Endo Kenichi was reallyyyy gooood in HOPE, Chef and Nigeru Onna and almost everything else he’s in but certainly, noone cares about him because he’s not young and handsome and a JE. So yeah, just to name a few.

          Takahata Mitsuki and Kiritani Mirei are average on my list so it just made it easier for me to vote for Kuroki Haru.

          / Sorry for the super long post but I want to elaborate my criticism rather than trying to make myself sound like a JE hater.
          I’m also surprised that Yamaken wasn’t nominated. Even I dislike him, I find he did better job this year than Yamada Ryosuke.

          • REMISU

            I totally agree with you for most of what you said.
            I’m surprised Juhan Shuttai didn’t make it on the list (I guess even ratings wise in Japan, it wasn’t the best, but the script was incredible).

            I stopped watching Sekai Ichi after the first two episodes bc of script & acting. I didn’t watch Hope because it didn’t catch my attention.
            I dropped Career and Good Partner as well.

            Tbh the only dramas I watched and finished were 99.9, Yamaneko (although I dropped this one for a bit before restarting), Juhan Shuttai, and Jimi Ni Sugoi.

            I don’t think it’s fair to say that 99.9 was only nominated because of Matsujun bc the script was enjoyable & I liked the cast (minus Eikura Nana).

            I agree with your statement on the movie nominations though. That list took me by surprise. I didn’t really know what to vote for. I haven’t seen a lot of the more recent 2016 movies because they aren’t available yet where I live. I can feel your dislike for Chihayafuru though in that it wasn’t the best, but for a live-action movie I thought it was decent (a lot better than a lot of the other live-action movies out there). I liked the cast for it as well (although I’m not the biggest fan of Hirose Suzu).

            I agree completely about Takahata Mitsuki and Kiritani Mirei. Kuroki Haru is great.

            & it’s completely fine. I just wanted to also express my thoughts on the nominations as well.

            People are getting tired of Yamaken I guess.
            Yeah, I couldn’t even get myself to try watching Cain and Abel.

            • Jo

              Yeah I guess 99.9 was actually better than what I took it for. Nana’s part in it was just like an extra. I hated how they made her seem meek at work, as in, without the guy’s help, she couldn’t stand on her own. Her acting was nothing special either. I find Cold Case a lot better with the mystery, crime plots, but yeah 99.9 has that additional lawyer story that make it more exciting. We haven’t had that many lawyer and crime dramas recently.

              Juhan Shuttai was actually on the nomination.

              Chihayafuru was such a disappointment for me. I was hoping it would be good and I even waited to see it in cinema instead of streaming it. Talking about LA, even Erased was a lot better.

              I started liking Yamada Ryosuke a bit more recently and I brought myself to watch Cain and Abel and I finished it and I couldn’t wait to get it over. It’s definitely a waste of my time. I wish I dropped it from the trailer.

              • mamoswine1

                hahaha Cain and Abel is a waste of time.. it is like I would like to see Yamada’s acting skills then oh it is not bad but I would not waste my time anymore

          • Looking at the nominations, you would think that there are no real actors in Japan. It’s kinda how like people think idols are the only thing in Japan because they only look at Oricon.

            • kepochi

              Says the person who rarely seen them acting and have a default bias against Johnny’s or whatever girls like.

              • Yes, that’s why Miliyah and Ayu are my 2 most played artists… Because if girls like it, it must be shit, right?

                • kepochi

                  I should’ve been more specific *fangirls like.
                  Also typical of you to ignore my dig at your Johnny default mode or your abysmal knowledge/experience on Japanese acting scene. What jdramas have you watched this year Ronald-san?

                  • I don’t care about dramas. Everyone knows this. I barely watch American TV and I’m an American.

                    • kepochi

                      “who make their decisions based on who they think is cute” and there you go, the immediate assumption that these guys do have acting talents is out of the window just because fangirls thought them cute. typical ronald behavior.

                      With your abysmal acting know how and zero interest in acting, just zip it.

            • Jo

              I think next time we should try to have other JE only nominations, for example, best JE actor in movie, best JE actor in drama, best JE album of the year, best JE song of the year, etc.

              • How about no Johnnys at all? I mean, they don’t do awards show in Japan…

                • Jo

                  Nah just to be fair and unbiased. Some JEs are good too :)

          • kepochi

            I won’t vote for Ohno or Kame. They did better in other previous works but don’t deserve votes for this one. Didn’t watch Yamada’s drama so no comment. Matsujun was surprisingly awesome in 99.9 and I was his biggest acting critic and would throw him in a ditch if he sucked. So my vote goes to Matsujun because there’s no other better choice.

            • Matsumiyalover

              IKR? I love Jun but a lot of the time his acting was OTT so it could get boring really quickly. But in 99.9 case and probably HYD too, his characters had these certain personalities and quirks which his typical acting style fitted perfectly.

          • lol

            Jun was good at 99.9 and the cast and the story was solid..the rating was good too…
            so it isreasonable fans will nominate him

        • Kameneko223

          KAME has Going! Sports & News and Sports Zenryoku Oen Suki ni Naru.
          And he did really great in Kaito Yamaneko.

      • Reileen

        Kame’s Kaito Yamaneko drama is 2016

        • Jo

          And the rating was average? Just because he was in a drama in 2016 doesn’t mean he’s immediately on the list of best actor in drama category. I dropped the drama at ep 8, at least I can tell how average his acting was. Nothing beyond expectation nor nothing outstanding.

      • Kameneko223

        Sorry to disappoint you dear but KAME did great in KAITO YAMANEKO. He’s actually one of the few JEs who can act. I’ve watched all of his dramas and orher Japanese dramas as well but this is KAME’s masterpiece so far.

      • kamben is here

        I think it’s because Johnny’s fangirls are literally everywhere. There are so, so many of them so it can’t be helped that they make up most nominations.

        Like here in Arama, articles written about johnny’s talents usually (if not always) get many comments, non-johnny’s articles look so lonely. I don’t think that the readers of the non-johnny’s articles are the kind of people who don’t really like to write comments. I think it’s simply the fact that the majority of Arama readers is Johnny’s fans. I could be totally wrong but knowing how huge the Johnny’s fanbase is, I think this is the case.

        LOL @ your Detective Conan comment XD

        About acting, Yamada is a good choice but the rest…hmm. I personally love Kame’s acting but yeah, my favourite ‘actors’ are people like Kamiki Ryunosuke, Sato Takeru, and a few others who are about the same level as them.

        Rock, my Golden Bomber would only get bashed if they were ever nominated here I guess, so I’m glad that they’re not anywhere here XD Their music is so freaking good to my ears.

        • Kanjo Maru

          Are there any dedicated forums for talking about johnny’s? I go to other forums for discussing my idols and a lot of people read here but don’t comment because girl idols and fans usually just get bashed.

          • kamben is here

            There used to be forums like ‘Baka no Sekai’ (a forum created by a subbing team but there were general threads to discuss things too if I remember right) in the past…but I’m not sure if these kind of forums are still alive or not.

            There were some good Arashi-focused forums as well, but nowadays I think johnny’s fans mostly hang out at Tumblr, not sure where else you guys hang out at XD But since the fanbase is huge, it’s totally normal to see the fans at many places…

    • REMISU

      Tsuchiya tao as breakthrough artist 2016? Was Mare this year?

    • Evan Misha

      I figured my vote for Taichi Mukai was a long shot but DAMN, Arama is really feeling the love for this guy! He deserves it. 24 is an incredible album and you should all listen to it if you haven’t.

      • kepochi

        Like ♥*o*♥

        • kepochi

          who recommended me Fallin for my first taste of him kinda ruined it coz that’s the worst. i dropped him like a cheap kpop trash. now his bae and i’ll vote for him.

    • Wow, never thought Buck-Tick will make it to the list here…! Even if their new one is indeed one fckn amazing album. But I skipped about 90% of the other categories, because the choices were all meeeh… the best collab with Jintaka vs. High&Low was a hard choice though. :D And I was really, really surprised to see Jesse Ruins… never thought that they were well known enough to make it to the list.

    • mamoswine1

      If Assassination Classroom won it proves that garbage people dominate this site

    • mamoswine1

      Flop of the year should me HEllo Project acts trololololol

    • you

      Jin is nomination?he is very irrelevant now in japan lol

      • Dashiya

        his international stans still can’t accept and think he’s popular lol

        My vote go to Hoshino Gen <3

    • byebicycle

      yasssss aimer, her voice is 😍 wish her album had gotten nominated too, though… seriously, go listen to “daydream”.

      refrained from voting for arashi in every category, lol. love them and i genuinely adore “are you happy?”, but it doesn’t feel right voting for them when i’ve barely listened to anyone else this year. i know others will vote for me anyway, heh. “fukkatsu love” deserves everything tho

      is it ok for persona 5 to be in the list? it isn’t even out in the west, just japan. though pokemon will probably win regardless.

      voted for smap in the scandal category just bc of the impact it had, but honestly, takahata’s rape case was sooo much worse. fuck that guy. enon for flop of the year <3 kinda surprised to see all those established names in the phoenix category tbh? was expecting more new names, like actual rising stars.

      • Midna

        FL IS EVERYTHING I voted AYH for most of the categories cuz im biased bitch and i love the album sfm LOL

        • byebicycle

          LOL i’m glad you did tbh. i did vote for ayh in some categories (others, i didn’t vote at all) but some people here are so fucking sour about arashi/johnny’s, i was like FINE u whiny babies, i won’t be *too* biased, just this once smh!! 😂

          • Midna

            i tried not to be but i honestly loved this album so much LOL.

            • byebicycle

              i knooow, it’s so good, i legit adore it. god, i want that dvd already lol

              • Midna

                i got to watch the concert live. I WANT THE DVD TOO THOUGH

                • byebicycle

                  aaaaa i’m jelly!! omg wait, so you got to see matsumiya do their little flower exchange irl? *_*

                  • Midna

                    YESSSS I SAW EVERYTHING

                    • byebicycle

                      asfhj again I’M SO JEALOUS 😍😭

                      • Midna

                        I STILL CANT BELIEVE IT HAPPENED

      • That category is for people who are over to come back, not new people.

        • byebicycle

          oh, really? huh… guess i just misinterpreted (or completely misread) the description in the previous submission form.

    • gck_

      There should be a best indie/alternative category for albums, song, artist/bands and videos. Some of these nominees are hmmm…
      Also there should be one for unsigned artists/bands.
      I wish i spammed the nomination section for the Rock & electronic sections.
      Hope Cicada, METAFIVE & Perfume & Utada win those categories & that, Gesu no Kiwami Otome are the Future Phoenix & also Becky -i really hope that they both rise. Flaws and all 👍

      • All of indie / alternative / unsigned acts can fit into the genre categories.

    • hhhh

      wow, nothing but wall-to-wall garbage

      • lol

        says a 46/48 stan

        • hhhh

          you replied to the wrong comment, pal

    • Masana

      So many good choices and people keep putting Arashi as if they are good

      • kepochi

        This year their album was pretty good. I like it better than Fantome.

        • Masana

          I disagree

          • kepochi

            I think the production quality in AYH was superb and so was the flow of the whole album. Hikki’s voice was amazing but Fantome has some fillers I disliked :/

          • Midna

            I listened to both and AYH>>>>>>. Fantome.

    • Masana

      AKB48 flop? seriously?

      • mamoswine1

        insecure haters at its finest

    • Reileen

      lololol Arashi.
      I’d put Kisumai’s I SCREAM album over Are You Happy? tbh. Pity it did not make the cut it Idol album category

    • the groupie who

      LMAO at Arashi , HSJ and KATTUN nominations everywhere XD even in the acting categories /facepalm/

    • Guilherme Teruya

      Voted for Utada on everything, bye.

    • guest

      Future Phoenix Of The Year
      – Becky
      – Ayumi Hamasaki
      – Narimiya Hiroki
      – Gesu no Kiwami Otome.
      – KAT-TUN

      I see no Phoenixes there…

    • I’m an Arashi hoe for real but I couldn’t vote for them for everything cause there were some really great acts this year. Also, the scandal of the year was hard…..everything was just so terrible? I know, yes, the rape case, IS the worst one, but I wouldn’t say it’s a scandal. That was a crime. I don’t wanna give that guy no shine.

    • Brett

      The only reason Ms. Utada was nominated for Social Media Star Of The Year was because of me. Everyone knows it.

    • Thomas

      Ardyn may be good-looking but he was a really weird villain tbh… His actions don’t make a lot of sense lol. Noctis and Prompto are more reasonable choices imo!
      p.s. Vote Piko-Taro for cancel of the year to restore my faith in humanity pls

      • Sou

        I’ve just woken up from a 10-hour dream (or nightmare?) in which I had Piko-Taro’s debut album ranked 6th in my 2016 Top 10 Albums. I received so much criticisism I ended up writing a full op-ed about how important that album was and how it was going to shape the music in 2017. I swear to god I’m not making it up.

        • kamben is here

          LMAO I’m planning to buy that album =P

        • Thomas

          that’s a nightmare indeed :O

    • ztf

      We all know the popular ones will win this, what is people here expecting?
      Let’s face it Arashi and Smap were the most popular posts, I wouldn’t be surprise if they slay along with Hikki.

    • So Prompto’s whiny ass was nominated, but the pure badassery that is Gladio wasn’t? What is this, I don’t even…. lol

    • how the fuck do you want me to choose for best urban act or best urban album when i like all the nominees *cries*

    • Усаги Няшка

      Кто составлял вопросы? Почему столько хуйни? Спасибо я выговорилась.

      • guestos


    • Meryem Ben Brahim

      Arashi everywhere! well, when you wanna vote for JE, at least vote for the talented ones!! totally disappointed because there is no Bara to taiyou here to vote for! (totally voting for KAT-TUN coz I want them back)
      Radwimps are doing good, any nominations, yokatta, had a hard time choosing who to vote for!!! (one ok rock is there tooo)
      Utada too, good good
      the anime category was good!! expected too, Kimi no na wa will win I guess, Yuri on ice though, it was good, but really not the best! re zero should win the best anime according to me :p
      SMAP disbanding isn’t even a scandal :p

      • Risa

        Bara to Taiyou 💖 love it!

        • Meryem Ben Brahim

          same here, such a great song, and great PV

          • Risa

            Agree! I also agree with you on your other points, especially Utada and KAT-TUN. I do not think I am a Johnny’s wota but I do like and respect some groups. Unlock was one of my Top Five overall songs of the year. I hope KAT-TUN returns soon.

    • HyperMoot .

      btw, it seems the form can’t be used on various mobile devices

    • Gisele

      Thanks Arama, for finally mentioning BUCK-TICK here! I recommend their new album, simply amazing.

      • Historia Lenz

        I love BUCK-TICK! I hope they win! :)