Nogizaka46 Wins the Grand Prix at the 59th Japan Record Awards + Full Show

On December 30, the 59th Japan Record Awards were held. Nogizaka46 took home the top prize of the night for their song “Influencer”, beating off competition from the likes of Daichi Miura, Keyakizaka46, AI, Nishino Kana, AKB48, AAA, and SEKAI NO OWARI.

Tsubaki Factory took home the award for Best New Artist, besting Nakazawa Takuya, NOBU, and UNIONE.

The show featured performances from the acts named above as well as performances by others such as Seiko Matsuda, Leo Ieiri, Hideaki Tokunaga, and Yuzu. Check out the full show after the jump!

Part 1

Oginome Yoko x Tomioka Koko Dance Bu – Roppongi Junjouha

Hikawa Kiyoshi – Hakone Hachiri no Hanjirou

AKB48 – 365 Nichi no Kamihikouki

NOBU – Ima, Taiyou ni Mukatte Saku Hana

Tsubaki Factory – Shuukatsu Sensation

Nakazawa Takuya – Aoi Diamond

UNIONE – Londy

Tokunaga Hideaki – Baton

Mori Konomi – Nokonno Tsuki

Koyanagi Rumiko – Seto no Hanayome

The KanLeKeeZ – Chateauroux

Miura Yutaro – Sayonara no Mukougawa

Seiko Matsuda – The way we were

Yuzu – Natsuiro

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu – Harajuku Iyahoi


Part 2

Oginome Yoko x Tomioka Koko Dance Bu – Dancing Hero (Eat You Up)

Akiko Wada – Ano Kane wo Narasu no wa Anata

Leo Ieiri – Zutto, Futari de

Keyakizaka46 – Kaze ni Fukarete mo

Nishino Kana – Te wo Tsunagu Riyuu


Pink Lady – Pepper Keibu / Wanted / UFO

Nogizaka46 – Influencer

Hikawa Kiyoshi – Otoko no Zesshou

Daichi Miura – EXCITE

Yamazaki Ikusaburo & Kon Natsumi – Bijo to Yajuu

Miyama Hiroshi – Otoko no Ryuugi

AKB48 – Negaigoto no Mochigusare


AI x Naomi Watanabe – Kirakira feat. Kanna

Tendo Yoshimi – Yuzuki Okesa

Nogizaka46 – Influencer


Backup: Part 1 / Part 2

  • Comments

    • starkkid

      kaze ni fukaretemo is keyaki’s song not nogizaka’s

    • Diego

      Once again the leak on tabloids has become true and Nogizaka46 has won the award. These awards are clearly rigged and record labels definitely have to do with nominations. AAA has been nominated since 2010 without having released anything that can be considered as a hit… Avex’s magic?

      • MJBeatle

        AAA do well in digitals tho. Their songs mostly charted gold or above since like 2013.

      • CyDo

        AAA is bad example because in 2013-2015 they were selling relative well in digitals.. and they are pooular among public (in those years, that is)

      • AkaneHaga

        this person need to study more

    • U

      So rigged. Even UFA I mean TF winning is so rigged. Oh well. It’s good promo for TF, right? lol

    • Kanjo Maru

      It shouldn’t be seen as impossible for Nogizaka win the award naturally (i.e. without rigging). Bias, maybe, but they did have a phenomenal year by any standard. Infuencer was a pretty big song this year, whether or not that’s more thanks to Himuko than Nogizaka aside, it was a fairly recognisable CM song at least. And on top of that it didn’t have such strong competition that should’ve definitely won. Uchiage Hanabi was big but not quite Koi / Zenzenzense or Torisetsu.

      Also, if Nishino Kana winning last year is a sign that Sony is now rigging it how the hell were Keyakizaka not even nominated for best new act last year? (eventually went to iKON…shudders)

      • CyDo

        the rigging was (accurately) leaked by Bunshun, btw. Koi should have won last year. But Nishino Kana song was popular too, so no complain.

        The public barely knows abt Nogi songs thou 😂😂😂😂 (sell wells in digital =/= hit)

        • Kanjo Maru

          I’m aware. Bunshun said Nogi would win a month and a bit ago. So what? I’ve been saying they’re going to win since October. It being predictable doesn’t mean it’s rigged..

          Anecdotal, but almost everyone at my New Year’s party recognised Influencer when it came on on Kohaku. None of them were idol fans.

          • JunkRecordAward

            Didn’t know this award is for popularity song.

            • Kanjo Maru

              It’s not.

              • JunkRecordAwards

                So if it’s not than your line “it was a fairly recognisable CM song at least. And on top of that it didn’t have such strong competition that should’ve definitely won.” is void cause it’s not about how popular the song was.

                Also there’s plenty of good songs out there that aren’t nominated or they just don’t bother to enter this Junk Record Awards.

                • Kanjo Maru

                  I’m responding to common arguments.

                  • JunkRecordAwards

                    Still it doesn’t mean that the song is good enough for it to win without any strong competition.

                    I remember back than about H!P’s act winning in lesser category while they are one of the sponsors for the show and than there’s LDH’s scandal, and how many of their act disappear for a while after that.

                    This award goes to the highest bidder. Q is, when did it start?

          • Guest

            That’s why it’s not first time Bunshun is doing it. They did it with Nishino Kana as well, even though it’s her much less popular song. You should know very well that Bunshun is not known for revealing something just to show off that they are very good at prediction or something.

            • Kanjo Maru

              I’m not saying they said it to show off their prediction skills. But them “knowing” the result early doesn’t mean their claim is any more valid for it. It could’ve been easily guessed and even if the result was decided early that doesn’t mean it had to be rigged.

              • Guest

                So in the end the only thing you can say is “doesn’t mean”.

                Well that’s fine and all, but don’t try to stop anyone from believing that it is rigged, given the award’s history with LDH, given how political award shows are, and what kind of award decided on its winner before even presenting the list of nominees to the public?

                But still, whether Nogi really deserve this award is another topic, and no one here is really speaking on this topic. We just believe that it is rigged, and we have enough stances to do so.

                • Kanjo Maru

                  Don’t be silly. I’m not trying to dictate what anyone is allowed to believe.

                  I’m just pointing out the obvious holes in arguments that it was rigged. You’re welcome to believe whatever you like but don’t pretend you have a bullet proof argument.

                  • Guest

                    Don’t be silly.

                    I’m just pointing out the obvious holes in arguments that it was NOT rigged.
                    You’re welcome to believe whatever you like but don’t pretend you have a
                    bullet proof argument.

                    • Kanjo Maru

                      Or do be silly. Whatever you want.

                      Burden of proof is on you buddy. I can’t prove something doesn’t exist, no one can. All I need to do and all I ever intended to do was to show the “evidence” it’s rigged is extremely flaky.

                      • Guest

                        Where is the “evidence”? lol. The only thing that can be summed up from your statements is that Nogi deserve it more than others, so it being rigged is extremely flaky. You are so defensive on anything related to Nogi that you just always spring into action immediately on Arama, completely lost it and don’t even know what you are arguing about.

                      • Kanjo Maru

                        How many times do I have to spell it out to you? I’m it trying to make an argument that it was not rigged. It’s impossible to prove the inexistence of something. All I’m doing is showing that there’s no solid evidence it was.

                        And I’m not particularly defensive. I’m really calm despite getting so many over-the-top responses from you.
                        I had no intention of speaking this much on the topic, too. You just kept replying.

                      • Guest

                        And AGAIN, all your arguments ever consisted are Nogizaka this, and Influencer that. These are arguments to why JRA is legit(!). Yeap, that’s how ridiculous you sound. Come back and argue when your mindset is really about defending JRA, because right now your mindset is “omg, people hate JRA? Then Nogi missed the chance to look impressive taking this award. I must prevent this from happening by making JRA look legit”. This mindset just makes you blabber lots of craps.

                        If you think I’m wrong, well then make sure you show up again for JRA 2018 to defend it even if the winner is not Nogizaka. Say you are not defensive / calm all you want, but fact is you are a famous, desperate Nogi white knight.

                      • Kanjo Maru

                        You’d think after all these lengthy rants you’d get one thing right.

                        Nope, still nonsense from start to finish.

                        Thanks for the laughs though.

                      • Guest

                        Thanks for proving to people that you are here as a Nogi white knight (once again), rather than really defending about JRA.

                      • Kanjo Maru

                        “It shouldn’t be seen as impossible for Nogizaka win the award naturally”
                        I was always straightforward about my intentions.

                      • Guest

                        Now you are saying it’s never your intention to defend JRA. Well done white knight =D As said before, until your mindset change, your arguments are all over the place.

                      • Kanjo Maru

                        Yeah. I’ve been really straightforward this whole time.

                        My arguments only seem all over the place because you imagined up most of them.

                      • Guest

                        Look up the dictionary, cause hitting the nail on head = / = imagine ;)

                        Whether Nogi / Influencer really deserve it, as I said this is completely another matter, and it’s not why I reply to you in the 1st place. If you really love participating in such discussion, you have other people to reply to, including CyDo.

                        I’m only interested in serious debate about JRA, and the winner has nothing to do with this. Only if you are interested in this, then reply to me, with the right mindset. Because if all you got is as shown above, it’s pathetic, and you can’t see it because of your white knight mindset.

                      • awardforsale

                        They wouldn’t even get the nomination if this award are legit.

                      • Kanjo Maru


          • CyDo

            Everyone know that infamous dance by Gouriki. Does that mean it’s a hit which worth the awards?

      • Mohd Fazzrin Mohd Dani

        Too bad if it’s rigged (hope not) cause they looked genuinely happy to me, I enjoy & love nogi’s songs & members hoping the best for them.

      • yamakita

        Honestly, the entire year I thought the song title was about the flu. The Japanese and their katakana. It was a killer year for the flu, by the way. I’m just getting over it after 3 weeks.

    • MJBeatle

      Anyone tell me why the record awards was rigged this year? I thought it was pretty fair since Nogizaka’s Influencer did attain gold on digital and million on physical which I think was impressive. And overall, Nogi did well on digital/physical this year.

      • JunkRecordsAward

        This year? I though it’s every year?

    • atif

      so…what song should have won so it wont call “rigged”…Nogi deserve this award..the song is also a hit…not “rigged” like exile in 2013..

      • CyDo

        You must be delusional to say that Nogi song is a HIT lol 😅😅 more like SHIT (?)

        Lots of more popular songs : Kenshi Yonezu’s songs, Utada Hikaru’s songs. Even AI song was much more popular than Nogi’s song lol.

    • CyDo

      Do they even care about their reputation LOL

      • JunkRecordAwards

        If you are talking about the Junk Record Awards’ rep than they don’t give af as long as they got the $. If it’s about the ‘winner’ than there’s an article on here, I think, about how the mainstream media don’t pick up this issue and the masses are clueless about it.

        • CyDo

          That was an a rethorical qns, btw. Like a ‘duh’ situatiob