MIYAVI Is Interviewed by Kimura Takuya on SONGS for April 20

This week’s episode featured MIYAVI. In it, he was interviewed by former SMAP member Kimura Takuya. This episode marks both of their debuts on SONGS. MIYAVI’s new song “Live to Die Another Day-Sonzai Shomei-” is the theme song for Takuya’s new movie, “Mugen no Junin.” The show featured footage of MIYAVI on tour in the US. MIYAVI also performed two songs.

MIYAVI – What’s My Name? / Live to Die Another Day-Sonzai Shomei-


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    • Kokoro Ai

      Never imagine that I would see these two take photoshoot together and even interviewing each other. Miyavi looks so good. And I want to know what are they saying.