Kanjani8 Covers The Beatles on KanJam Kanzennen SHOW for December 25

This week, Kanjani8 covered The Beatles.

Kanjani8 – Day Tripper / Ticket To Ride / Help! (The Beatles covers)


The next show is 1/8.

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    • kimbailey

      i liked the performances

      but does subaru ever get tired from screaming????

      • the groupie who

        nope, just give up … Subaru is Subaru bcos of his goat screams

      • lamb

        Usually I would make fun of Babu’s goat wailing but he was only doing the harmonizing and his falsetto was on point.

    • That’s cool!

    • MINO-SSI

      i like it so much! ticket to ride is one of my fav song and they’re covering it >.<

    • the groupie who

      Bless Kanjam! Ryo was so happy yesterday , he even has a Yellow Submarine guitar strap … I’m sure he was one of the ones who insisted on this episode as the last of the year <3

      Maru's voice was perf :) Babu was the usual Subaru haha


    • lamb

      All my fave k8 members :D..minus babu but he’s not the main vocalist so I don’t mind him. Ryo and Maru sounded so good. I wish I could hear more of Tacchon beautiful voice but this will do. The guitar playing weren’t bad either.

    • King of the Kats

      Well done guys ~

    • camonegics

      is anyone subtitling this show? the discussion about Beatles’ samples in jpop songs was really interesting!

    • ztf

      I don’t want to see the whole show, where do I jump into the medley?

    • kashiyuka

      yyasss eito!

    • subaru ugh

      I love some eito songs, yet I can’t really stand Subaru’s voice. It’s all about the music itself. Of all members, for me Ohkura has the best singing and talking voice.