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    • angel223_

      Ohmgeee Kameeee…
      He really did miss performing, 💘

      he really did enjoy that very Johnny’s song.😂

    • Nadiaaa

      Omg, they look great. . More handsome than 12 years ago. The song so cute !

    • TruthSpeaker

      The song Senaka Goshi no Chance is good.. Enjoyed Kame and Pi ‘s performance…

    • Kameneko223

      Kame is so cute! Looking forward for more performance from him

    • Guest

      Yamapi looks very fresh and handsome lately.

    • kazumi

      They look so cute and handsome!! I miss this duo >,<

    • Karen Khoo

      Their image is so cutesy this time!
      I hope there will be a song like Seishun Amigo again in the future!