Hey! Say! JUMP, Nogizaka46, Tackey & Tsubasa, and More to Perform on FNS Uta no Natsu Matsuri ~Anniversary Special~

On August 2, this year’s edition of Fuji TV’s annual mid-year music special, FNS Uta no Natsu Matsuri, will air. The show will start at 7 PM JST and end at 11:18 PM JST. The show will be hosted by Love music’s hosts, Chisato Moritaka and Watabe Ken, and Kato Ayako.

This year’s FNS Uta no Natsu Matsuri will be different from years in the past. Instead of having a roster full of hitmakers of today and yesteryear, this year’s show will focus on acts who are currently celebrating a milestone anniversary, leading to this year’s show being titled “FNS Uta no Natsu Matsuri ~Anniversary Special~.”

Two sets of performers have been announced for FNS Uta no Natsu Matsuri ~Anniversary Special~ so far. The first set features a number of longtime industry veterans: Hagiwara Kenichi (50th anniversary), Moriyama Ryoko (50th anniversary), Tanimura Shinji (45th anniversary), and Kayama Yuzo (80th birthday). Also included in the first set of perfomers is Mike Maki, who will be performing with Moriyama. Tanimura will sing his signature song, “Subaru”, while Kayama will collaborate with a number of younger acts, which will be announced later.

The second set includes the likes of Hey! Say! JUMP, BREAKERZ, Nogizaka46, and Tackey & Tsubasa. Hey! Say! JUMP and BREAKERZ will both celebrate their 10th anniversaries by performing a medley on the show.

Find out who else is performing below!

First set

Kayama Yuzo (80th birthday)

Tanimura Shinji (45th anniversary)

Hagiwara Kenichi (50th anniversary)

Moriyama Ryoko (50th anniversary)

Mike Maki (collaboration artist)

Second set

A.B.C-Z (5th anniversary)

EXILE THE SECOND (5th anniversary)

GENERATIONS (5th anniversary)

Tackey & Tsubasa (15th anniversary)

Nogizaka46 (5th anniversary)

BREAKERZ (10th anniversary)

Hey! Say! JUMP (10th anniversary)

Moriyama Naotaro (15th anniversary)

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    • WD79

      Oh a themed music show special sounds interesting.

    • MGK Gaming

      They totally skipped morning musume’s 20th anni.

      • ProllyWild

        Not the same members anyways, but the original members will celebrate their 20th anniversary next year.

        • Kiroki

          source? and who exactly will be participating?

          • ProllyWild

            I have a feeling people doubt my credibility which is understandable. Even if I could say how I know it’d be a mess that no one would believe anyways, so I’ll just focus on the concept of why it’s next year.

            The general concept is that you celebrate the anniversary of your debut. While morning musume was formed in 97, their debut single is from 98. So next year they will likely celebrate their 20th anniversary but I have no way to say if they will do it together or separately. Many of them are now mothers, with a few members having children born over the last two years, so getting them together is not impossible, but I think some members may choose to celebrate their careers individually rather than gather the original members who are all living life at different pace right now.

            • MM Fan

              Morning Musume has never followed the “general concept”, they’ve always celebrated their formation in September 1997 and rarely their major debut. Their upcoming fall tour is literally titled “Morning Musume Formation 20th Anniversary”. Even for their 10th anniversary, they formed a special unit that was only active throughout 2007 and not the following year.

              Also, their major debut was a couple days after Hello! Project was formed in late January 1998, so they celebrate that instead.

              • ProllyWild

                And this is why there is descrepency. This theme for fns is based on the anniversary theme. The common theme being debut. It is quite possible morning musume 17′ may appear and promote the formation 20th year anniversary, but they’re not original members so there is very little appeal and draw for FNS. The 10th and 20th formation concepts are generally internally aimed at fans who appreciate the overall journey of the entire group but media end and average viewers do not care much about formation. The reason being general media aims at people beyond the morning musume fanbase and to the average person, morning musume did not exist before their major debut and none of the current members represent that age of their debut.

                Given the current status of morning musume, media would want the original members and this year in particular it’s unlikely they could gather them all and as far as I’ve heard, the core members aren’t thinking about it this year. If events like fsn, ongaku no hi and kouhaku and the others considered pulling in morning musume they would all likely focus on the original members at their 20 year debut anniversary. Any attempts now to push morning musume’s formation anniversary are just ways to appeal to core fans.

                Also regarding 2007 special unit, that was a promotional matter of timing. Current and recently graduated members were pulled together to mark an anniversary. That was likely the best timing given it would reaffirm the image that despite members graduating out, morning musume was still a solid brand.

                • MM Fan

                  I honestly don’t care if Morning Musume appears on FNS or not (if it’s the current line-up, they would be forced to perform one of the same old songs anyway), I was just making a point that they only celebrate their formation. If that’s just catering to fans, I’m not complaining. I’d want them to celebrate a milestone instead of ignoring it just because the public only cares about OG members who are long gone.

                  It would be nice for the group to gain attention from outside the fan base, but any attempt to get the general public to know or care about newer members is short-lived and a waste of effort due to their lack of presence on national TV to begin with.

                  • ProllyWild

                    its more likely the original members will celebrate their 20th career anniversaries as individuals rather than come back and suffer through the confusion of trying to make sense of 20 years of morning musume. I’m sure core fans are happy with the formation angle. Ultimately any media based reunion would probably be disappointing for everyone. some peoples Favorite members wouldn’t come back, and you’d be left with some stitched together patchwork of old and current members trying to talk about what happened in the beginning, and what happened since other idols dethroned Morning Musume.

            • H

              But current MM and UFA is celebrating the 20th anniversary

              • ProllyWild

                Right. Celebrating the brand of morning musume. That anniversary media doesn’t particularly care about because it’s hard to explain to audiences who are not die hard fans.

                UFA/MM can appeal to core fans by trying to give current morning musume 17 an extra “theme” for the year by celebrating the formation year like their special project in 2007. The first generation members, however are more likely to celebrate their 20 year career anniversary next year, most likely individually, but it’s not impossible that they might come together for some promotion as the original members.

                Again the complication lies in trying to make sense of the various career lengths of the members and gap between past and present generations, as well as gathering enough past and present members to make it appealing for tv. Otherwise you just end up with morning musume 17 covering early generation songs.

          • ProllyWild

            Best thing to clarify is morning musume 17 and and the original members of the first few generations are not the same. Hence why I said the original members will celebrate their 20th anniversaries likely next year. Not just as morning musume but as individuals celebrating their 20 year careers.

    • Owari Konoyono

      “MUSIC FAIR” 4-hour expanded version.
      There are no novelty situations to surprise

      • ProllyWild

        I would expect this year to be a bit messy. The usual band leader of music fair and FNS is currently on an intense tour with Matsutoya yumi this year. I think picking a legacy artist theme is likely easiest on staff because they can focus on more songs that they’ve probably done countless times before. Id imagine this year too will be recorded in studio rather than in front of an arena audience and wherever pre-recorder audio can be used for non-legacy/classic songs, they’ll take that shortcut.

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