First Round of Voting for The 2016 Arama! Japan Awards

Hello, Arama! Japan readers! We are excited to announce that we are having our second annual awards show! The 2016 Arama! Japan Awards will be honoring the best in music, movies, television, anime, manga, video games, and more this coming January! And the winners of these awards will be selected by you, the Arama! Japan readers!

The first step of this awards show is figuring out who will be nominated. That is where you guys come! Since you guys are picking the winners, you should also be picking who is in the running to win. We are asking that you fill out a survey, telling us your faves in various categories during the period of December 1, 2015 – November 30, 2016. Voting during this round will be open for a week starting now, with the final nominees to be announced a few days later. Voting for the final round will commence after the announcement of the final nominees. Voting in every category is not mandatory. If you don’t want to vote in a certain category, feel free to skip it.

We’ve also added 4 new categories this year: Live DVD / Blu-ray Of The Year, Best Collaboration, Cancel Of The Year, and Future Phoenix Of The Year.

The voting form is below!

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    • moro

      watch arashi and HSJ fans spam this 🙄

      • kamben is here

        LOL johnny’s fans are everywhere… *used to be a huge johnny’s fangirl herself*

        It sure makes me feel lonely trying to flail over non-johnny’s here ;)

      • Midna

        Arashi’s music was amazing this year though.

        • surfboardt

          I’m just saying, Japonism won best album art last year. I’m fairly certain Arashi can literally record bowel movements and have Ohno paint a prolapsed anus for the cover art and still win album of the year, best idol album of the year, best song of the year, and best album art of the year. No one is saying Arashi’s releases were shit, but they’re at a point where they’re clearly going to win any popular vote due to the size of the fanbase and not necessarily the quality of their release.

          • Midna

            Sis i know perfectly well. sadly, that’s how it is. I literally rolled my eyes when they took all the titles last year. However, this year, they deserve best album cuz i honestly LOVED it. Also best single. Japonism was :| 2015 was not a good year…musically for them…. except Sakura.

            • Gum

              Agree with you on the album. Although they deserve to win the Live dvd/bluray of the year for Japonism. That concert is ART imo. I’ve tested it on non-fans too and they were impressed.

              • Midna


                i hated the album but the concert was so visually gorgeous!! I really want to see the arena tour. I heard it was even better.

          • Gum

            You’re talking as though Arashi fans are oblivious of their huge collective mass lol. There’s nothing wrong to note their quality releases deserves the imminent win though.

      • yacchaitai

        some ugly johnnys ms paint art will win best album cover

    • Kyle

      ico- i mean yumi ito for FLOP

      ya i’m mad

    • MS


      Immediately regretting several decisions. Oh well! Surely scandal of the year is locked in?

      • Is it though? I mean, 3 big ones are on the top of my head right now.

    • Kuri

      Yamazaki Kento for Cancel of the Year. Next please!

    • T

      Hey Arama make an article on this, Perfume’s ‘Cosmic Explorer’ was mentioned on the Rolling Stones list of best Pop Albums of the year:

      bet nobody does…

    • surfboardt

      A part of me is tempted to vote for Maro for flop of the year even though the only news about him this year was his porn debut purely because he was ROBBED last year.

      Also, really debating whether I should put Hoshino Gen as breakthrough because it’s not like he actually made a big break as so much as extending his lead over his competitors by a wider margin.

      • He debuted on Kohaku last year so this wasn’t a breakthrough year for him.

        • surfboardt

          Yeah, it’s kind of a weird situation. The jump in success from SUN and Koi is huge in a way that reminds me of breakthroughs, but he was already at the top with SUN, so it’s like “… Breakthrough? He’s already on the top of the male soloist scene.”

    • This was actually sort of hard? I’ve been so busy this year, I haven’t had time to get into a lot of stuff. But I managed to put something for every one except Flop. And I didn’t put Arashi for every category cause that would have been easy to do, lol.

    • honey girl

      It actually took me longer than expected to finish this. Ronald, you should have added stuff pertaining to the site as well (ie Post of the year, Comment of the Year, Troll of the Year, Best Artist Suggestion of the Year (Would have easily went to DAOKO), Staff Member of the year, etc.) You are always fishing for feedback. This would have been a great chance to gather information. =/

      • lol

        butthurt much

      • We can do something on the side…

      • HyperMoot .

        ha ! “Troll of the Year” too many to choose from: lol, lmao and guest are obviously regulars, provided they’re distinct entities!? btw, how come there are so many grayed/no account users when one has to link an account with either Disqs, FB, Twitter or Google?

        • honey girl

          Brett would have easily won Troll of the year. The Troll Sis got the Queen of Music to acknowledge him, drag him to filth, and made him apologize to only then come to Arama to get the 2nd worst dragging on this site evah. Truly iconic!

          • Dayse

            LOL so true

          • Maybe Utada will get the social media award for that?

      • Sou

        Do readers really check who writes the posts? I guess Ronald and Ryan are the most recognisable names for their writing styles (and recently Ash haha); but do readers keep an eye on the writers? I’m asking because, being honest, before joining Arama I didn’t (omg this was unintentional haha) and I’m curious!

        • HyperMoot .

          writing styles is not all there is, sometimes you can guess who wrote what according to topic and contents but I do check names :)

        • Lol I personally check you, Ryan and Ryusenkai, y’all are sort of a M.V.P trinity to me, lmao.

    • Mahdyah Rosita

      I guess I can’t be too cruel to put down anyone as flop of the year and cancel of the year. 😅

    • Thomas

      Lol it shows that I’ve been away from the Japanese music scene, I left so many blanks but there was so much more memorable western music this year for me.

    • Otagei dansu

      I think Hoshino Gen will be on the list this year. :)