Domoto Koichi Performs with Kanjani8 on KanJam Kanzennen SHOW for February 26

This week’s guests were Domoto Koichi, Miyamoto Amon, Kanda Sayaka, Takahashi Shigeo (Savanna). Koichi also performed with Kanjani8.

Domoto Koichi x Kanjani8 – Slave Maker


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    • bonek abal abal

      I really love that Kanjam gives insight about how many things work in the entertainment industry. I hope this show will keep being supported by Japanese viewers.

      I loved the performance with Koichi <3 Though it felt rather empty. I kinda wished there was Yasu or Subaru to accompany Ryo's guitar. Or maybe other guitarist.

      The guest MC mentioned Uchi :'