Domoto Koichi Performs with Kanjani8 on KanJam Kanzennen SHOW for February 26

This week’s guests were Domoto Koichi, Miyamoto Amon,¬†Kanda Sayaka, Takahashi Shigeo (Savanna). Koichi also performed with Kanjani8.

Domoto Koichi x Kanjani8 РSlave Maker



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    • bonek abal abal

      I really love that Kanjam gives insight about how many things work in the entertainment industry. I hope this show will keep being supported by Japanese viewers.

      I loved the performance with Koichi <3 Though it felt rather empty. I kinda wished there was Yasu or Subaru to accompany Ryo's guitar. Or maybe other guitarist.

      The guest MC mentioned Uchi :'