Daichi Miura, MAIKO, and More Appear on KanJam Kanzennen SHOW for January 22

This week’s guest were Daichi Miura, Furitsuke Kagyo air:man, WARNER, MAIKO, Kurosawa Kazuko, and Kato Ryo. Kanjani8 also performed.

Kanjani8 – Black of night


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    • This is a very entertaining show for those who are interested in dance and choreography.

    • bonek abal abal

      Kanjani x Daichi Miura = my dream coming true.

    • geebee

      Black of Night is so good. Its sad Kanjani will never be able to release something as good as that as a single. Forever doomed to have all their best songs as B sides which others aside from fans rarely see or hear