Artists announced for NHK WORLD presents SONGS OF TOKYO

NHK WORLD will be broadcasting internationally a 2 – day special music program NHK WORLD presents SONGS OF TOKYO. Presenting Japanese music to the world before 2020’s Olympics, the program will air on NHK World on January 1 and 2. It will also be broadcast on NHK General TV on January 8. The event will be presented by Kanjani8’s Shingo Murakami and NHK announcer Yumiko Udo.

Check out the announced artists below! NHK World can also be streamed live from the website. More information via NHK’s site.

With the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics just around the corner, the eyes of the world are focusing on Japan. We wanted to use this opportunity to showcase Japanese culture too. The idea we came up with was “NHK WORLD presents SONGS OF TOKYO.” Over 2 nights, a number of globally-popular Japanese artists will gather to perform at NHK Hall in Shibuya, Tokyo. This performance will be broadcast internationally on NHK WORLD TV. Music representing modern-day Tokyo will resonate across the world. The program will be filmed before an audience during November 25–26 .


Joe Hisaishi
Kana Nishino
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu
Linked Horizon

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    • Okay, sounds cool to me.

    • hmm

      oh….. @ this lineup

    • PigeonPop

      A big fat no at Aquors making the lineup. If we’re going to cram seiyus into this, at least pick someone like Nana or Maaya or even Walküre.

    • Aimee

      “Globally popular Japanese artists”


    • AkaneHaga

      wondering what Linked Horizon sing
      i hope doesnt see him lipsync again

      • 砂蘭・花が咲かせ

        he didn’t lipsync on Kouhaku actually. that video’s audio is being edited.

    • WD79

      I saw Murakami and Kanjani8 and NHK and I remember the Kouhaku rumour lol.

    • Kanjo Maru

      “Globally popular” even I never heard of Cornelius before.

      • circe154

        I have friends that aren’t into Japanese music but they like Cornelius. He was part of the Shibuya scene. If the Olympic producers were smart they’d get Pizzacato Five back together for the ceremony, a lot of westerners love them and Shibuya-kei is uniquely Japanese.

    • HevRev

      My knowledge of Japanese music is limited but even I’m looking at that lineup thinking “…really?” Considering it’s meant as a showcase to the world, it’s not a very impressive list.

      • King Hide

        only cornellius and joe hisaishi are impressive

    • Azura Of Ylisse

      Joe Hisaishi!!
      A legend in his own right. I’m overjoyed he’s on the list. He’s most deserving of it.