Yamada Ryosuke and Nishida Toshiyuki co-star in Higashino Keigo’s new mystery-fantasy film

Before the “Fullmetal Alchemist” live action film hits the big screen in Winter December 2017, Yamada fans can look forward to another movie. Hey! Say! JUMP’s Yamada Ryosuke co-stars with Nishida Toshiyuki in the film adaptation of Higashino Keigo’s original novel “Namiya Zakkaten no Kiseki” (Miracles of the Namiya General Store). It tells the story of two people living in different eras (1980 and 2012) which will be connected by a letter, a story depicting human bonds and miracles.

The movie is set to be released in Autumn 2017. This is the first time for Yamada and Nishida to work together and to appear in Higashino’s work. The movie will be directed by Ryuichi Hiroki. Filming starts January 2017.

In the year 2012, three delinquents including Atsuya (Yamada) discover that their hideout, a run-off-the-mill general store, was owned by an elderly man who gave free advice to worried people through letters. Something weird happens during late hours of the night asnd Atsuya realizes that a letter will be thrown into the mailbox at midnight. It is a letter asking for advice addressed to the Namiya General Store written by a person 32 years ago. Incredibly, the mailbox was connected to the past, in the year 1980. While confused, Atsuya writes a reply in place of the shopkeeper. The group keeps replying as another letter is sent, then another.

As the structure of the story is complicated, Higashino points out that “It is possible in a novel, but it will be a challenge creatively. I am looking forward to seeing how it will turn out”. Director Ryuichi Hiroki comments “It’s a challenge for me as to how far I can draw the fantasy elements from the original work.”

(via Oricon, Yahoo)

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    • Reileen
    • Nic

      Wow Yamada is on a roll. This kid always gets the cool roles. He doesn’t appear as much as Suda/Zakiyama/Fukushi but he always gets a good one. He’s good at picking his acting jobs, I give him that

      • gin

        That, and probably Yamada always gets offered the good roles. I read a yahoo article early this year that Yamada was flooded by movie/drama offers ever since he won the newcomer award in Japan Academy, & his ansatsu series blockbuster hits. It’s a given that he had to pick the best ones from all the offers given to him since he’s a part time actor/part time idol. This is also another reason why Yamada always gets a lead role. There’s a limit to the amount of acting projects he can get per year, so of course his management would want him to take the lead offers

    • Himi Tsu

      Immediately in my plan to watch list! Thanks for the info

    • Niña

      The story already sounds so interesting! And Yamada being delinquent would definitely be a sight to see. Can’t wait to hear more info about co-stars and such. Boy’s schedule is already crazy enough though, especially with 10th anniversary promotions coming up. Hope he finds time to rest!

    • gin

      I’m so excited for this! I’m glad Yamada is balancing his roles between action packed shounen-manga live action adaptations and serious slice of life story based on a novel. His versatility as an actor had expanded rapidly ever since his movie debut & he continues to amaze me even more with his performance in Cain & Abel.

      What amazes me is, this kid still hasn’t got a full romance project yet LOL. Romance are generally the most mainstream roles for young ikemen actors like him to get, but instead he keeps getting these serious & various challenging roles. Though he’s been begging for romance projects lol. Poor guy. I am personally waiting (patiently) for some serious romance project from him. He did really well in Cain & Abel and I need more!

    • H

      This role suits him better than the one in Cain and Abel

      • Mahdyah Rosita

        True.. For some reasons I feel like his role in Cain and Abel doesn’t really suit him. Even though he portray the role well but I feel like a little something is lacking.

    • Jo

      I see Higashino Keigo, I know I’ll be watching it.

    • Mahdyah Rosita

      Wow this sounds interesting. Yamada as a delinquent? He literally challenge himself with various roles he take as an actor. Way to go Yama-chan!! 2017 surely will be a busy year for Yamada Ryosuke and Hey! Say! JUMP. I’m looking forward to it. ❤

    • smtmissin

      Why does Yamada still look like a 17-year-old? o_o

      • gin

        he’s a real living Peter Pan

    • This seems interesting so I’ll be looking forward to it.

    • Sio