Watch The Trailer for Eita & Yui Aragaki’s New Film “Mix”

The official trailer for “Mix” starring Eita & Yui Aragaki has been released.

Yui plays the main character Tamako Tomita. As a child she enrolled to take part in strict table tennis lessons by her mother, she soon became known as a table tennis prodigy within the table tennis community. After the death of her mother Tamako decided to stop playing and live a normal life. Now 28 years old she works as a office lady. Her boyfriend Akihiko Ejima  (Koji Seto) also works at the same company, and just so happens to be a member of a company table tennis club.

However, Akihiko soon meets new employee Airi Ogasawara (Mei Nagano) and falls for her instantly. He swiftly dumps Tamako to be with Airi. Depressed and devastated Tamako decides to take a trip to her home town.

There, she discovers that her mothers table tennis club isn’t quite what it used to be. It’s slightly run-down and seems to be on the verge of closing down. She soon meets Hisashi Hagiwara (Eita) at the club, one of the very few new members. Hisashi is in a similar unfortunate situation, he was recently dumped by his wife and she ran off with their young daughter. Tamako soon learns about an upcoming table tournament in which Akihiko and Airi will be participating in. Tamako decides to enter the doubles competition with Hiashi to get revenge on her ex and bring glory back to her mother’s table tennis club.

“Mix” will be released to Japanese theaters on October 21st, 2017. Watch the trailer below!

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    • The Dark Dudette

      “As a child the protagonist enrolled to take part in strict xxxxx lessons by her mother, and soon became known as a a xxxxx prodigy within the xxxxx community. After the death of her mother the protagonist decided to stop playing and live a normal life”

      This basic plot is too familiar.

      • Shinigami-kun

        Well, I do have a friend that is living in the same plot. But instead of mother, it was her grandmother.

        • The Dark Dudette

          So is their life a Chihayafuru or a Your Life in April? :p

          • Shinigami-kun

            My friend is living her life as normal as possible. Unlike, these protaganists who have turned their back from the art or sports that they’ve excelled due to traumatic experience. My friend is still working as a part swimming instructor. She was a national swimming champion before.

            • The Dark Dudette

              That is amazing 🙌 I’m glad your pal hasn’t resigned to her past experiences and is leading a normal, happy life 👌

      • yamakita

        My thought exactly! I’m beginning to believe that 99.9% of Japan is filled with prodigies.

        • The Dark Dudette

          Yeah. You could think of like half a dozen anime with a plot founded on this basic idea. There is always a child prodigy somewhere . For once, let us see something dealing with the unfortunate and talentless :p

    • yue

      The cast is excellent, and since Eita and Gakky almost never choose a bad role, this is an instant hit for me.

    • Skai

      Oooh I want to watch this!! I can’t wait for it to release ^^

    • HyperMoot .

      ahaha, the trailer is quite enticing. Looks like there are some cool goofy-funny moments. Will watch

    • Dalooshe

      Screenplay by the person who did Legal High? Boughhtttttttt!!!!! This will be sooo much fun!

    • yamakita

      The plot sounds a bit convoluted, but it has a great cast. Hopefully, it delivers.

    • Summersplash

      This looks so fun! Gakky is really good in choosing her roles. And I like that she’s venturing into lead comedic performances, she used to be the arm candy, or the classic female protagonist. Granted, her range seems limited and so far she’s mediocre, but at least her filmography is pleasant to watch.
      Eita is just pure joy to watch, such a great actor

    • Yuki

      gakki + eita ^^ this is awsome !