Trailer for live-action ‘Kids on the Slope’ starring Yuri Chinen, Dean Fujioka, & Erina Mano

A trailer for the highly anticipated live-action film Kids on the Slope has been released.

Hey! Say! JUMP member Yuri Chinen stars as the main protagonist Kaoru Nishimi. The rest of the main cast include Dean Fujioka (Junichi Katsuragi), Erina Mano (Yurika Fukahori), Taishi Nakagawa (Sentaro Kawabuchi), and Nana Komatsu (Ritsuko Mukae).

The live-action film is based off of the acclaimed manga series of the same name by Yuki Kodama. It’s original run started in September 2007 and concluded in July 2012. Shortly before the manga ended, an anime version of the series began airing in April 2012.

Kids on the Slope takes place in the mid 60s. Kaoru Nishimi moves from the large city of Yokosuka due to his fathers work, all the way to the city of Sasebo in order to live with relatives. Kaoru is an honor roll student and tends to keep to himself, until he’s introduced to the rowdy Sentaro Kawabuchi. Soon, he’s introduced to the world of Jazz and playing it becomes his passion.

The film was directed by Takahiro Miki and will hit Japanese theaters on March 10th, 2018. Watch the trailer below! 

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    • yamakita

      Another live-action, another manga ruined. I dare them to turn this manga to live-action!!

      • HyperMoot .

        Don’t be so negative, Takahiro Miki is a very decent director and he manages to make things turn properly more often than not.

    • Ais

      I’m pretty hyped for this! Not just because I absolutely love the anime and manga, but because it’s directed by probably one of my favorite director of live action films, Takahiro Miki. Been following him since his debut work in “Solanin”.

      • HyperMoot .

        I’m with you on this, though I’ve been quite disappointed with Yell for the blue sky and Blue spring ride, the man has the ability to make what looks like a soppy teen romance script into something entertaining, sometimes truly captivating.

        • Ais

          I had no problem with Aozora Yell, though probably because it still showcased from the manga that the importance of club activities before romance. I have to agree with Aoharide haha It was so far the most painful for me to watch from his films. I probably would blame mostly because of Honda Tsubasa’s acting.

          • AoZora

            Even higashide wasn’t that great either. I found him quite wooden in this movie.,same as Honda..

    • hasawa

      It’s really appealing that even such a good manga with interesting story still look so cheesy in live adaptation…

    • Reileen

      Two Chinen Yuri live action films, I look forward to this more than “Miseinen Dakedo Kodomo Janai”

    • PigeonPop

      If it had to be done, I wish it was at least in the form of a drama / miniseries, or even a multi-part film. The anime adaptation by MAPPA was very good, but did run into pacing issues in its 12-episode run. A single film will fare worse in that aspect by default, as is the case with essentially all live action adaptations that attempt to tackle a multivolume manga that isn’t shoujo.

      • HyperMoot .

        are you talking about Route End or something else? I don’t understand “if it had to be done”, are you answering Yamakita?

        • PigeonPop

          Oh, sorry about the confusion. By that line, I meant “if it [Kids on the Slope / Sakamichi no Apollon] had to made into a live-action adaption.”

          • HyperMoot .

            I still don’t understand, my English is too lame I think. It’ll be done as the movie will be in theatres in March 2018.

            I’m always puzzled by the hostile reactions from manga or novel readers who feel betrayed even before they’ve actually watched the film. I can vaguely understand manga readers complaining AFTER because some character didn’t look or behave the way they were in the manga or because some particular scene wasn’t chosen because you have visuals in manga or comics but when it comes to novels, simply beats me. How can a movie fulfil the mental representations of countless readers when they’re all unique, depending on each and every reader?

            Books -even manga- and movies are completely different media and worlds. And an adaptation even presented as faithful is just the vision the director has of the original work. I’ve always put a five meter thick wall of steel between a book, a comic or a manga and the ‘same story’ put on film.

            If people can’t draw a line between reading material and visuals like drama or films, they’d better boycott any film or drama based on such material and as a consequence either stick to films with original synopsis or in the worst case refrain from watching movies.

            My two cents, well, as it was a pretty long rant, let’s say two dollars.

            • PigeonPop

              Hmm. Maybe removing the whole “had to be done” part will make the sentence clearer. In other words, I wished the producers developed Kids on the Slope as a TV drama / miniseries or a multi-part film series (e.g., Chihayafuru) instead. That’s all. And I say this precisely because the manga is classified as shojo/josei and more rooted in reality (neither the characters nor setting are heavily stylized); the overall tone is subtle and mature. This is one of the few times a live-action adaptation can actually work.

              I do feel that the hostility from manga readers / anime viewers is connected to the level of suspension of disbelief involved–especially in genres like shonen. The more stylized the source material, the more likely it will create an uncanny valley experience for the viewer with preconceived expectations (from reading the manga / watching the anime). It doesn’t help either that most live-action adaptations try to “simulate” the source material to an extent; doing so makes the uncanny valley deeper. Some people have no problem drawing the line like you, HyperMoot, but I’d imagine it’s an actual struggle for many to overcome. The more familiar they are with the source material, the greater the struggle. I won’t comment on the mindset behind novel readers as it lacks the concrete visual / auditory expectation element behind it.

              • Ais

                Sakamichi on Apollon is quite a short series both manga and anime. Was actually quite surprised that the anime already covered most if not all the manga already (which my problem with it was it was abruptly finished).

                I think given the aspect that the manga is short, a one shot film would suffice (unlike Chihayafuru, which I understand should be longer because the manga wasn’t finished when the live action came out.)

    • This year is a good year for Dean Fujioka :D
      Even though i like the manga and anime yet do not wish for a live action , i hope for a decent movie
      since a good director is there .

    • Still want to be relevant T_T

      hmmm not feeling it….

    • cheng xiao’s forehead

      i only clicked on this cuz dean looks sexy in that picture