Rola works the red carpet at L.A premiere of “Resident Evil: The Final Chapter”

Talent, model and now actress Rola has officially made her Hollywood debut. Resident Evil: The Final Chapter is the sixth and final installment of the Resident Evil movie series, and will be hitting North American theaters on January 27th, 2017. In the film the half-Bengali beauty plays the role “Cobalt”, one of the few survivors of the events that occurred in the climax of the previous film Resident Evil: Retribution, leaving humanity on it’s last legs.

Rola hit the red carpet wearing a striking black lace gown by the American luxury fashion brand Rodarte, pairing it with dramatic red eye makeup and a simple but sleek ponytail. Rola did a solo strut down the red carpet, and then joined her fellow female cast members Milla Jovoich, Ali Larter, and Ruby Rose. It looks like this endeavor into acting will payoff for her, ahead of the North American and U.K Premiere the film has already grossed $35.1 million USD against a budget of $40 million, and currently has a respectable score of 7/10 on IMDb.

Pictures and videos of Rola on the red carpet can be seen below!

(via dailymail)

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    • Mo

      I love her but it’s hilarious that there’s all this hubbub for such a small part. Netizens were shocked when the movie came out last month in Japan.

    • Packi

      Japanese netizen comments are mean on this one. They are calling her Indian midget.

    • yacchaitai

      that black dress against the black background doesn’t really help her stand out

      • OhNana

        You’re right. She’s also blending really well with the poster.

    • What

      What is Rola’s popularity in Japan like? Is she well liked among the general public?

      • vip

        I think so? the only “scandal” she’s been involved in iirc was when her dad tried to fraud the government via health insurance which she had nothing to do with. still had to apologize on his behalf though.

        didn’t stop her from constantly getting magazine covers/jobs

      • Hana

        She said that she’s half Begali half Japanese and with some Russian blood in her. Japanese say that she’s a liar, and that she’s actually Bengali Chinese and has no Russian blood in her!

        • 2000

          netizens =/= general public

      • Risa

        She’s okay as far as it goes. Well-liked is probably a little strong but more that she is extremely recognizable and has a company behind her that is pushing her hard.

    • starlightshimmers

      Rola’s is easily the prettiest one out of the group.

    • iGleaux

      What was her role? I went to see this and I don’t remember seeing her.