“Peach Girl” film starring Yamamoto Mizuki and Inoo Kei releases teaser and images

The live action adaptation of popular manga “Peach Girl” releases its first teaser and visuals. The film will be released on May 20, 2017.

As previously reported, Yamamoto Mizuki will play the role of Adachi Momo, a former member of the school swimming team who has distinct features of tanned skin and red hair. Hey! Say! JUMP’s Inoo Kei will play the role of Okayasu Kairi,  the most popular student in school who becomes interested in Momo. Mackenyu joins the cast as Tojigamori “Toji” Kazuya, the guy Momo has been crushing on. Nagano Mei will play as Kashiwagi Sae, Momo’s “friend” who enjoys going behind Momo’s back and making her life miserable.

Inoo Kei talks a bit about the movie and filming on Mezamashi. Check out the videos below.

peach-girl1 peach-girl2

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    • HYPEEE.

    • hmm

      Inoo should do something about that hair though. Its so bad

      • Hug Me

        Its so cute

    • Arai

      This story doesn’t really have the same context it would’ve had it been released back between 1998-2002. :/ Yamamoto’s Momo doesn’t resemble anything like the real.

      • sara

        it would’ve been cool if it was set in that period!

    • DoSHachiko

      Huh. I thought they were going to make her skin a bit darker. But seeing this, she can’t really be Momo at all. :c
      I’m actually more curious about Mei’s role as Sae now, since I feel disappointed over what I’ve seen so far. ;;;;

    • monica_monami

      I don’t get the push of inoo tbh

      • lala

        he got this movie ages ago.

        • monica_monami

          I know. I just dont get his appeal. Sure he is cute.

          • .

            he’s funny and adorable on shows.

    • Abe Stony

      Feeling a little bit same when first started to watch good old Sorimachi-era GTO live action and wondering how good it can be when Onizuka wasn’t blonde?

      Hopefully I’m wrong but she doesn’t look like Momo at all…

    • Rob Whetzel

      She’s ugly and not tan enough bye

      • Rob Suckhard

        at least she looks better than you

        • Rob Whetzel

          Shut up lol we have the same first name, you can’t come for me Rob

    • nonnonanon
    • atralail

      Mariko Shinoda’s long-lost baby brother

    • hasawa

      Uuuugh !! Wth this Momo is so bland!! She barely looks sun kissed while the real Momo had a way darker skin and blond hair!!
      I agree with everyone saying they should have released this movie in the 00s ; gyaru is not a thing anymore and fair/pale skin is the shit rn (hence the ‘pale washing’ of Momo’s skin).
      I wonder what kind of appeal this movie can generate as ‘Peach Girl’ ended an eternity ago as well… Only fans are really gonna care about this movie

    • eplizo

      Mackenyu is everywhere lol. Slay, king. Love Inoo too, but I’m bored of basic romance dramas in general, so I’m definitely not going to watch it lmao.

    • Niña

      I’m excited for this but I might be biased LOL. Looking forward to it, definitely.

    • Abriane Enairba

      the release date is mistaken it should be May 20, 2017 not 2016 as in the poster 😂

      • Reileen

        oooppps! :)

    • MINO-SSI

      tan? if she’s considered tan then i’m just a burned potato.

    • OhSoDarling

      I heard Peach Girl and slammed my phone on my table. Then I looked and was like…. Momo was more tan than that XD Tho she did get more tan after the swimming she did so we’ll see. And her hair should be a bit lighter but on some covers, it was probably about that colour.

    • レン

      I love seeing Inoo in this! His role match so well with his personality! wwww Yamamoto Mizuki is a good choice for Momo but, as some people have said before, she should be at least a little bit more tanned. Looking forward to it! “Peach girl” was one of my favs when i was younger www

    • sigh

      im an inoo fan but i hope this flops so he never does another movie again. that just isn’t his thing.

      • Himi Tsu

        How can you write this if you’re really his fan ?

    • Nikki ok

      honestly that inoo kei dude should change his hairstyle, it looks like shit

    • starlightshimmers

      Isn’t Peach Girl about a gyaru girl?

      That girl is not gyaru.

      • kikidelivery

        Shes not. She got tan brcause of being on the swimming team.

    • moonn

      Isnt her being tan an important part of the story? She does NOT look tan. At all. Is it because Japanese people are normally pale that just a tad shade darker its automatically considered tan in their eyes?

    • erruhurr

      I thought he was Mariko-sama for a second with that hair and tbh the main male actor is prettier than the heroine. Beside, the first poster looks like Heroine Shikkaku’s poster somehow, uglier version. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b0894fb9621d314a357b8d472b63394ab6bb350334889cdca5e453cf19c9b477.jpg

    • Sheryl Fook

      I’m so looking forward for this movie

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