New “Sensei!” Trailer Starring Toma Ikuta and Suzu Hirose Reveals SPITZ Theme Song

The official website for the live-action film adaptation of Kazune Kawahara’s “Sensei!” manga has begun streaming a brand new trailer featuring the theme song “Uta Usagi” from the band SPITZ.

In the film, Hibiki Shimada (Hirose) is a student with a crush on her world history teacher Kosaku Ito (Ikuta), who appears to be serious and has a love for teaching. Hibiki comes across his kindness, and being young and naive, she is honest to her teacher about her feelings as she falls in love for the first time.

The movie is directed by Takahiro Miki, known for romance films including “Bokura ga Ita” Part 1 (2012), “Hidamari no Kanojo” (2013), “Ao Haru Ride” (2014), and “Aozora Yell” (2016). The scriptwriter is Mari Okada, who has written for various animated works including “Anohana” and “Kokoro ga Sakebitagatterunda.”

The film “Sensei! …Suki ni Natte mo Ii Desuka?” opens in Japan on October 28.

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    • ennie

      The comments are disabled on the original video. Can’t imagine why…

    • cheng xiao’s forehead

      I wish the teacher x highschool student trope would die already.

      • yamakita

        Or little girls growing up to fall in love with the ones who raised them. I’m talking to you, Usagi Drop.

      • Midori

        You and me both! x.x

    • Skai

      This film looks good. Love Ikuta and Suzu looks promising so I’ve no doubt it’ll be a good movie.

      On an unrelated note, when are you guys going to report on the Daisuke Namikawa scandal?

      And also, since Arama loves rankings, there was a recent poll about celebrity ‘Men you want to sleep with’ in Japan. Would it be possible for you to report on that too?

      Thanks ^^

    • neko

      OMG I want to watch it!! looks really good

    • nandeyanen

      Firstly, this concept is disturbing and way too romanticised in Japan. Secondly, didn’t Toma’s good friend Yamapi just recently do a film with a similar plot? I like them both but nooo.

      • main

        Toma’s other good friend Matsumoto Jun is also releasing a movie with similar teacher/student plot. Toma+Pi+Jun problematic teacher movie circle. The trifecta is complete.

    • HyperMoot .

      I hope Takahiro Miki will deliver a film with some flavour. I think he sort of lost it since Hot Road. Yell for the blue sky, Blue spring ride, Have a song on your lips were nice enough but lacked the energy and poetry of previous works Imo. I haven’t watched My tomorrow, Your Yesterday yet and I’ve been told it’s really good by a couple of Arama readers.

    • Dalooshe

      I just want to point out the obvious that the song provided by Spitz is giving me lifeeeee!!!

    • MJBeatle

      Oh, is this another one of those student-teacher romance, where the student is probably the female, and the teacher is a mid-30s male. The love is forbidden blah blah, they both have troubling emotions blah blah. They marry, the end….

      • kogamo

        I remember only one that switched roles and it was Majo no jouken back in 1999.

    • hasawa

      The cheesiness of the whole trailer is unbearable

    • Midori

      I like Toma, but the plot of this movie is just “Ewww~~”!

    • Jiii

      i hate this . it feels pedo