Kimi no Na Wa. Snubbed for Oscar Nomination

The announcement for the 89th Academy Award nominations occurred earlier today, Tuesday January 24.  A noticeable absent title from the list of nominations for ‘Best animated feature film of the year’ was Japan’s smash-hit Kimi no Na Wa. (Your Name).  Considering the film’s great domestic success by becoming the highest grossing anime film in the world and the highest grossing film in Japan of all time, as well as major popularity abroad, Makoto Shinkai‘s animated spectacular was expected to be a shoo in for an Oscar nomination.  Furthermore, with the plans of bringing Kimi no Na Wa. to theaters in the USA and Canada on April 8th, attention should have been brought to the film within North America.  So was Kimi no Na Wa. snubbed for a nomination?

In recent years, Japanese films have been major contenders for this category.  Last year, Studio Ghibli’s When Marnie Was There was nominated.  However, the first and only time that the award was presented to a Japanese animated film was 2001’s Spirited Away at the 75th Academy Awards.

Best animated feature film of the year [89th Academy Award nominations]
“Kubo and the Two Strings” (USA)
“Moana” (USA)
“My Life as a Zucchini” (France & Switzerland)
“The Red Turtle” (France, Belgium, & Japan)
“Zootopia” (USA)

Although the nominations include Kubo and the Two Strings, a film that definitely highlights Japanese culture throughout the plot, and The Red Turtle, produced in part by former Studio Ghibli producer Toshio Suzuki.  I certainly feel that the lack of a major Japanese animated feature film like Kimi no Na Wa. is odd.  As a Japanese American myself, I always want to see more diversity and Asian representation, whether it be animated or live-action.

What do you think?  Do you think Kimi no Na Wa. deserved a nomination? Could the reason it did not get nominated be because it is not a Studio Ghibli film?  Let me know in the comments!!


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    • honey girl

      And rightfully so.

      • il indio111

        Aren’t you the person bragging about not watching it out of some bizarre loyalty to Ghibli? lol

    • rjthegreendog

      Sorry, but why would it be nominated? It’s a popular over-hyped movie that’s pretty good, not a great or ground breaking movie. I enjoyed it. There were more interesting movies made last year.

      • Jackson Mahar

        Don’t think it should’ve won an Oscar, but it probably should’ve been nominated over the Red Turtle or Moana

      • Jo

        I know right, Zootopia is really groundbreaking lol

        • Guest

          The technical aspects of Zootopia were groundbreaking. The plot not so much…

          • Jo

            Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV animation technique was also groundbreaking… reckon it should get a nomin… nah

            • Guest

              Kingsglaive wasn’t up for nomination so it doesn’t really matter does it.

              • Jo

                You really think I was serious talking about Kingsglaive to ever be nominated?
                My point is that, the only thing groundbreaking about Zootopia is that it’s a Disney product, which secures its nomination spot. I compared it to Kingsglaive since you said the technique was groundbreaking.

                • Guest

                  I’m too old to care about what you think is groundbreaking or not.

    • Wakaran

      Honestly the Oscar for animated feature means nothing. I remember reading an article a few years back about lots of voters who don’t even watch them and go for the Disney film or make their kids watch and vote for the kids’ fav which is, more often than not, the Disney film.
      There’s such contempt towards animation because so many people still see it as something solely targeting children and I’d rather see animated masterpieces snubbed of an Oscar nomination than have them be nominated but robbed in favour of the mediocre Disney of the year.

      • iora89

        i read that too. one of the judges was interviewed and said this. i think it was during the year frozen was nominated.

      • starlightshimmers

        Like that time The Tale of the Princess Kaguya, which has a perfect score on Rotten Tomatoes and practically every critical review of it is a perfect score, lost to BIG HERO 6.

        A perfect flawless film lost to Disney.

        • You mean this vs this

          Come on, everybody can clearly see why Big Hero 6 won.

          And why is that again?

          /cynicism ends

          • starlightshimmers

            Since when is 3D superior to hand-drawn oil and pencil?

            • onepinksheep

              I think he meant exactly what you said—note the “/cynicism ends” tag at the end, there. He’s essentially saying that the Oscar judges are so shallow that they think 3D > everything else.

    • Kaido

      Just waiting for this movie to come to my area.. been wondering if this movie is as good as Spirited Away.

      • HyperMoot .

        Apples and Oranges. Shinkai’s approach and style really differ from Miyazaki’s and Ghibli’s in general that’s why I think all the reviewers who attached the “New Miyazaki” honorific title to Makoto Shinkai couldn’t tell the difference between Reggae and Ska. That being said, I think it’s a sweet movie but I can’t think of any anime that can surpass Spirited Away.

        • Kaido

          I’m not gonna compare these guys’ styles; I’m no movie expert of course so I can only judge by the impact a movie left me after watching it. I’m looking forward to this movie, mainly because of the hype it generated. This will be my first Makoto Shinkai movie too, if they decided to air this in my country hoho

    • HyperMoot .

      Did it deserve a nomination? I don’t know, the anime got fairly good reviews on top of public success. I liked it but it’s not my fave Makoto Shinkai. On the other hand when I look at the list of nominees, the Red Turtle? mh Moana? really? Also, I stopped paying attention and giving much credit to the Oscars long time ago.

      • hhhhh

        moana was gorgeous tho

        • Jackson Mahar

          so was Your Name

        • HyperMoot .

          I can see and understand why but over the years I got fed up with 3D animation

        • Sara Ng

          If you’re saying Moana is gorgeous, then Kimi no Na wa is beyond beautiful. Have you seen the art on that thing? Watch it in HD and tell me again

    • mikaeli

      amy adams was snubbed

      this mediocre anime? nah

      • Jackson Mahar

        *anime film

      • Jo

        She’s gonna be the new Leonardo.
        Agree about her but doesn’t have to put Kimi no na wa down.

        • mikaeli

          uh chill

          i can say whatever i want about this movie in a post about this movie lol.

          • Jo

            what make you think I’m not chill thou


        LMAO yes. I enjoyed it for what it is but I don’t think there’s anything unique to it. Not to say there’s anything unique about Moana and the other nominees, but I don’t get the hype.

      • Chris

        UGH THIS SO MUCH ;_;

        Arrival was so good

    • eplizo

      Compared to some of the other nominated films, yep it definitely was snubbed lol. It’s not a big deal though. It’s making bank anyway. Not getting a nomination doesn’t really take anything away from it.

      • Not getting a nomination from a white, western film association doesn’t really take anything away from it lol.

        Yep, the Oscar has got to be the least enjoyable awards for me. 6 years ago maybe, but now I could care less if my favorite movies make it to the list. If anything, I kinda hope they don’t, as I’ve rarely enjoyed a movie that won Best Picture or Best Animation or whatever. Purely selfish reason on my part, but honestly, I just don’t care.

    • anon

      It is a very good movie and possibly the best anime movie in a long time, but when compared to the other nominees-it doesn’t deserve a slot over any of them.

      • Jackson Mahar

        You do realize that the red Turtle is an anime film, and that got nominated..

        • anon

          Yes, I do. The point of my comment wasn’t that the film wasn’t nominated due to it being anime. In my opinion, Your Name. is the best anime film I’ve seen in a long time. However, I recognize that it pales in comparison to The Red Turtle-a very beautiful anime film that is very appealing to the oscars.

    • Ryusei

      Ugh i can’t stand all these “xxx got snubbed” articles, not everything can be nominated for every freaking award show… just get over it if you’re bitter about it

      • Jackson Mahar

        More like who the fuck should even care about these award shows in the first place. They’re never worth watching

      • hasawa

        Also smh at ppl arguing over which anime is the best/deserved to be nominated, as if we could actually arguing about personal tastes and if the Oscars were still relevant lol

        • Fuyuko

          “as if the Oscars were still relevant”

          well, the fact that people still talk about it, articles come out all the time about it, and people discuss the event after it’s done airing… yup, it’s still relevant to a majority, since relevancy means it’s still gathering buzz, though no longer that revered.

    • kiwi

      Oscar noms are earned through hustle and popularity. “Your Name” didn’t have a wide US release before ballots were cast, so it missed out on the potential hype and critical praise the other nominated films got. For an Academy voter to get a screener of an animated film from a distributor they don’t care about (Funimation), they will choose the familiar Disney movie their kids like over the unknown film every time.

      Spirited Away was initially released in 2001, but it didn’t hit the US until September 2002 and won the Oscar in 2003. Not to mention, Disney was the distributor behind its release, so it had plenty of critics and would-be voters paying attention to the film. Who knows, maybe Disney campaigned hard for Spirited Away so that it could justify to its shareholders that distributing foreign animated films, rather than continually generating original content, is profitable.

      • Momolumi

        Glad someone understands how it works. If Kimi no na Wa goes well worldwide this year, expect it to be nominated for the Oscar 2018 IF the distributor decides to do so.

        • miracleorange

          It’ll be ineligible for the Oscars next year, though, because it already had a limited release in LA in December to make it eligible this year. Basically Funimation screwed up because they don’t have the resources to make a proper awards push, but (probably) still submitted it anyway before it could possibly garner any hype or word-of-mouth that could bolster its chances outside of a regular awards push.

    • il indio111

      Not getting nominated isn’t automatically a snub, though. I thought it was a gorgeous movie with a lot of charm, but it has enough noticeable faults where it isn’t a slam dunk.

      • Me

        What are the faults? Btw, I haven’t seen it yet.


      US doesnt even get the movie till April 2017. If it gets nominated, it will be next year, you nongs.

      • diaphane

        wrong, the movie ran for one week in LA last year in order for it to be eligible for competition this year. FUNimation probably held off releasing it earlier in the year hoping some Oscar buzz would generate more interest in the wide theatrical release.

      • kiwi

        The film had a limited run in LA to make it eligible, and Funimation did submit it for voter consideration this year. The wide-release date is immaterial.

    • Kubo

      Even if it did get nominated, it would be up against Kubo and the Two Strings, far better in every way.

      • pondloso

        what are you smoking?

      • Don’t you do it Nisekoi

        insert “what did you say” gif

      • Mameshiba

        Some Kubo fangirl lol even your name is Kubo

      • Silver

        Though i liked Kubo. I have to say that in writing meaning dialog and plot and in art refering to animation, design, color palets and sound Kimi no na wa is better crafted. Besides you have to consider Kubo is based onto something while Kimi no na wa plot is original. Is always easier to make something out of something already established.

    • maguro part deux

      I’M OUTRAGED!!!!!

      Not really. LOL.

    • ugh

      When I saw Big Hero 6, an entertaining but SUPER formulaic film, win out over The Tale of Princess Kaguya I told myself I would stop caring about the Oscars but I still can’t keep myself from checking them out. Even Pixar got snubbed this year, what the hell is going on with the noms!

    • k.d

      Movies nominated for Oscars must be released in US theaters before January. That’s why you always see those limited release movies in December and wide release movies in January. They are looking for an Oscar nomination. To me, Oscar nominations are JUST as bad as counting Oricon rankings.

    • Nikki ok

      Not to rain on OP’s parade but why does your opinion get posted on arama as an actual article, it would be fine if you had at least tried to write it objectivly but all I see is someone being salty over a mediocre anime movie not getting norminated for an award show.
      You should’ve just posted this in the open post but oh well…
      Btw Zootopia was a nice movie and was def more fun to watch and had more meaningful stuff in it than Kimi No Na Wa, don’t know about the other ones but just saying.

      • Me: not a fan of OOR/uh/knnw

        Lol said the person who was quite entertained by OOR (and Utada?) salty reviews here. Both reviews are open posts material. I guess you’re only in favor when arama opinion pieces are against the subject. Ok

        • Nikki ok

          There’s a difference between review which is subjective of course and an opinion, if you can’t even tell the difference then that’s that, and this “article” isn’t a review but a simple opinion :D

      • HyperMoot .

        Michie just wrote ” I certainly feel that the lack of a major Japanese animated feature film like Kimi no Na Wa. is odd. As a Japanese American myself, I always want to see more diversity and Asian representation, whether it be animated or live-action.”

        Well, this is not 100% neutral but frankly it’s really moderate and clearly doesn’t imply anything derogatory or insulting against anyone or anything. If a post like this requires some “opinion piece” label what’s the recommandation for the OOR or Utada piece then? “Flame ahead”, “Grand Slam”, “Ash and Spice”, “PepperRonnie”

        • Nikki ok

          Refer to my other reply

          • HyperMoot .

            Where did I say this article was a review?

            • Nikki ok

              you also mentioned the utada and oor post that’s why…

        • Haha

          Girl you a mess hun

      • Michie

        Actually I’m not salty at all. I do admit that I liked Kimi no Na Wa. But I am also not trying to come across as some film critic, because I’m not one. I tried to keep it objective and pretty factual throughout the article and I only put in my two cents in the last two sentences. I thought our readers generally like it when we put our opinion in every now and then as long as it is not too overbearing. But thank you for the critique and I will keep in mind for next time:)

        • Nikki ok

          No, a personal note is cool and welcome of course and I don’t usually mind personal notes in articles but the thing is that this article is indeed just an “opinion”, it’s not like kimi no na wa was actually snubbed of an oscar and that’s because of the simple fact that it just isn’t released in the US yet.
          I’d totally understand if kimi no na wa was released in the US and highly popular and then it still wouldn’t be nominated for whatever award but that isn’t the case “yet”.

          But yes, sorry for using “salty” I guess I was a little salty at 2am writing this lol no hard feelings tho :)

    • Zanard Bell

      Doesn’t matter. Kimi No Na Wa can be enjoyed without the hulabaloo of an Oscar tied to its name.

    • Ahmad Ridwan

      I’m 100% sure zootopia would win. oscar for animated pictures aren’t taking the same approach as the best picture. in 2013 the wind rises could won easily but frozen, which is so generic (but beautiful nevertheless) won instead.

      • Tommy Meliet

        Kimi no Na Wa made 328 million dollars.

    • rec

      it didn’t even release in us ,soon releasing in English on April 8th by funimation and your name is Japanese film ,Oscar is a us award show mostly about Hollywood so..

    • shirogane

      Not super surprised tho, Shinkai still don’t have much of a rep in America. And Your Name isn’t an super artsy film. Kotoba no niwa might have had a better chance.

      Friggen Disney might win for 3 years in a row, but Zootopia actually deserves it (compare to frozen and BH6).

    • sarah

      I don’t give a fuck about the Oscars. All they are is pat on the backs by your peers or some upper hand. I rather be the Rock makin bank and fun movies.

    • lol

      oh well the voters tend to be bias and white male dominated as well… XD
      not surprising

    • Azrul Hakim

      Nah not really, it will be nominated in 2018 after the proper release in North America, Spirited Away comes out in 2001 but won in 2003 so it is normal…..

    • It’s their lost, i guess it makes sense since it hasn’t been released on the west yet

    • Mameshiba

      Lol do the judges only know Ghibli and nothing else?

      • Kyoko


    • Kyoko

      I loved this film. I know everybody loves Miyazaki and I really enjoy some of his films as well (Spirited Away, Howl’s moving castle) but Your Name was really touching and different from his works, it really deserved more.

    • William

      I would admit that I have some bias toward Kim no Na wa, but isn’t it strange for such a critically acclaimed and successful film, which if I’m not mistaken is the highest grossing animated film and Japanese film of all time, to miss even a nomination given the limited release in America and high praise? I’m not familiar with the timing of eligibility of which years a movie can be nominated, but can they try in 2018 or did the LA anime expo previews ruin that? Lastly, if I watch an award show like the Oscars, shouldn’t it show me the truly great shows to help me decide what was good and give them recognition? Why should I have to suffer through so much garbage or mediocrity just because it was a Disney production?

    • DevilMayCry898

      It didn’t win. It’s not like it’s the end of the world. Besides, it did get beat by more than just Frozen. Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them topped over the Anime Movie as well. If it can’t get over Spirited Away (which couldn’t top Frozen or Titanic), I doubt it would’ve won.

      You gotta be better than the best and average Anime Films don’t quite cut it.