JMovies: Updates, Casting news, Teasers and Trailers!

Tons of movies are coming our way! An outline of Japanese films for 2017 were previously posted in Arama. Now we catch up on some more announced movies, updates, casting, teasers and trailers of upcoming movies.

Check them out below! (Trailers on the 2nd page)

Tokyo Ghoul Visuals and Stills

  • New poster showcasing two sides of Kaneki Ken (Kubota Masataka) is released. The text on the visual reads, “The only entity who knows of the two worlds of humans and ghouls.” Stills from the movie featuring the main cast can be seen below.

Fullmetal Alchemist new Visuals

  • FMA LA released its 2nd visual, featuring a full body visual of Edward and Alphonse that until now has only been partially shown in teasers. You can also see the familiar cross-shaped mark of Flamel’s Emblem on Ed’s coat and Al’s left arm.
  • A fan event will be held on July 12 with the anime voice actors and live action film actors. Attendees TBA.
  • The film’s latest teaser has surpassed 3 million views (3.7M currently) and has set a record with Warner Bros Japan. The director has acknowledged the huge international reaction following the release of teasers. No of views- #1 Japan, #2 Taiwan, #3 US other countries include China, Brazil, UK etc

‘Hirugao’ premiere at 19th Udine Far East Film Festival

  • Lead actors Ueto Aya, Saito Takumi and director Nishitani Hiroshi attended the festival last April 24 at Udine, Italy
  • After the screening, the film was received by a standing ovation. The cast also traveled to Venice for the PR shooting of the movie. Film opens in Japan on June 10.

Peach Girl Film New Visual

  • Ahead of its May 20 release and in time for Golden Week, Peach Girl film releases new visual featuring the characters dressed up fashionably instead of wearing their uniforms. Posters will be invading Harajuku station from May 1- 7.

Chihayafuru Sequel Film


  • Film will take place 2 years after the first 2-part films and will depict Chihaya, Taichi, and Arata in their third year of high school.
  • Main cast members such as Hirose Suzu, Nomura Shuhei, Mackenyu, Kamishiraishi Mone, Yamoto Yuma, Morinaga Yuuki, Shimizu Hiroya and Matsuoka Mayu will reprise their roles. Yuuki Mio and Sano Hayato will also been joining the cast.
  • Film will be released 2018

Sakamichi no Apollon Movie

  • cast: Hey! Say! JUMP’s Chinen Yuri, Nakagawa Taishi and Komatsu Nana
  • Chinen plays the shy lead character Nishimi Kaoru, Nakagawa plays the scary delinquent Kawabuchi Sentaro and Komatsu plays Mukae Ritsuko, Sentaro’s childhood friend
  • Chinen started lessons in jazz piano since September last year and bought an electronic piano for practice.
  • slated for release 2018

River Edge 

  • cast: Nikaido Fumi, Yoshizawa Ryo
  • Nikaido plays Wakagusa Haruna, a high school girl living in a town during the 1990s, and Yoshizawa plays Yamada Ichiro, a bullied gay teen. Haruna gets to know Ichiro after the former helps Ichiro while he was being bullied by Kannonzaki, Haruna’s ex-boyfriend. While together, they see a dead body by the riverbank that becomes their shared secret.
  • opens 2018

Koi to Uso Film

  • cast: Morikawa Aoi, DISH//’s Kitamura Takumi and Gekidan EXILE’s Sato Kanta
  • Different from the manga, which focuses on a love triangle composed of one boy and two girls, the movie will have original characters, with a love traingle composed of one girl and two boys
    Morikawa plays heroine Nisawa Aoi who has to face the dilemma of choosing between Shiba Yuuto (Kitamura), her childhood friend and Takachiho Sosuke (Sato) designated as her marriage partner by the government
  • opens Autumn 2017

Love x Doc

  • cast: Yoshida Yo, Nomura Shuhei, Shinohara Atsushi, Yoshida Kotaro and Tamaki Hiroshi.
  • This is Yoshida’s first lead role in a film and also the directorial debut for screenwriter Osamu Suzuki.
  • Yoshida plays pastry chef Goda Asuka. A younger pastry chef played by Nomura Shuhei confesses his feelings for her. This brings back bad memories when she was involved with two men about 5 years earlier. She decides to go to “Clinic Love Doc” for help.

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    • Reileen

      Watched Narratage teaser and I felt so bad for cracking up once the Ave Maria BGM kicked in. Why Matsujun

      • TruthSpeaker

        Arimura cant cry… I mean MatsuJun looks grt.. thumbs down for Arimura.. Why her?.. thats the question I am asking…

    • rshina

      thank you for the update~
      my watch list will be hirugao, peach girl, river edge, sakamichi no apollon

    • light

      Shinobi no Kuni seems like a fun movie, from the trailer Ohno is acting as…Ohno lol

      I liked the manga of Peach Girl but the movie doesn’t excite me very much…

      • light

        Oh also looking forward to Last Recipe, even if it’s not on the list

    • zephyr

      Didn’t know they’re making Sakamichi no Apollon Movie! Idc about actors/actresses but I really hope Kanno will do the soundtrack.

      • Karen Khoo

        Sakamichi no Apollon is the most memorable anime for me! I learned and came to appreciate jazz because of it!

        • zephyr

          It is indeed one of the most memorable anime in 2012 for me too! Great story, wonderful characters, and most of all, AMAZING soundtracks. “But not for me” is just sooo good.

          • Karen Khoo

            Yeshhh I fell for Junichi.

    • Nikki ok

      why do they feel the need to make so many teacher-student pedo movies wtf

      • Ryusei

        you write that as if the students are freaking 10 years old or smth. + it’s fiction that happens in reality as well. Love doesnt give a crap if you’re 17 or 18. I know I’m being “problematic” now because the internet has adapted this SJW standard but gee, there are tons of couples out there that have an age gap. + it probably comes from that a lot of teenage girls have this fantasy of having this “dreamy teacher” crush (as you can also see by the comments on the video).

        • Nikki ok

          If you know that you’re being problematic then don’t write. If you have a pedo fetish that’s cool but there’s something called morals and being an adult and being responsible for children aka people under the age of 18 because guess what they’re called children for a reason…sigh…that I even have to write this now, unbelieveable

          • Sue Gc

            Do not try to engage with pedo apologists such as him.

            • Nikki ok

              thanks for putting that pedo in their place, otherwise I would’ve done it

          • Ryusei


        • Sue Gc

          Young girls, or boys for that matter, are too inexperienced in life to understand the gravity of the consequences their actions can lead. It is the reason why Juvenile laws exist in the civilised world. If you don’t seem to understand just why normalizing such relationships are wrong, your ass needs to find a place in a psychologist’s room. If not, there’s 4chan for you, where the losers of the world gather to fap to pictures of young children while they await being put on a sexual offenders list

          • Ryusei

            Lol i dont need 4chan or a psychologist. Ofc the teachers that would engage in such a relationship would be really irresponsible and taking advantage of someone who is inexperienced but I don’t see how that is any different than let’s say a 16 and a 17 year old person getting together and one of them does drugs and drags them into the world of drugs. It’s a bad life decision but it’s also life experience. You learn from mistakes. This is just like argueing with those people that dont think a 20 and a 40 year old person can be together. Ofc their life experience and outlook on life are likely to be very different but it doesnt have to be and it can work. Why do i bother replying to these comments… only the SJW WAAAAH EVERYONE IS A PEDO view is gonna be accepted anyways

            • Sue Gc

              A doofus who throws around the word SJW noted.
              Weeb noted.
              You lack comprehension skills too. Noted.

              • Sharehappi

                Nice. This is a beautiful thread. Hope this has been a good lesson to OP- a popular regular on this site. Only managed to see the first comment but that’s enough to know what’s up.

                Personally i’m totally fine with lovers huge age gaps as long as the younger partner is over 20.

                • Sue Gc

                  I admit I’m not a regular here so I’m not familiar with that poster. I do love Japanese culture and would love to visit the country. But let’s not turn our cheeks to the fact that Japan does have issues with how it portrays young people

            • Sue Gc

              I did not want to reason with an unreasonable pedo apologist like I suggested above anyway . but here it goes…

              I’m not sure why you’d bring the 20-40yr old couple comparison because the original comment was one talking about relationships where one of the parties involved is legally a child. There’s a world of difference between the mental maturity of a 16 yo to that of a 20 yo. One’s mid teens is when one begins forming their identity and by their 20s most are eligible to vote and have some idea about how they see themselves. And the human body has stopped overproducing hormones by then. So nope. Your comparison sucks because who an adult chooses to mess with in bed is none of anyone’s fucking business.

              Next . AIDS being terrible doesn’t make herpes good. So your drug analogy falls flat too. It doesn’t have to be one way or another. Drug addicts and pedo adults aren’t the only choices teens have for romantic partners. One thing doesn’t negate the other.

              A romantic relationship between a teacher and student isn’t just morally wrong, it also qualifies as statutory rape in EVERY CIVILISED country in the world. But since it qualifies as a ‘good life experience’ in your book, I guess you don’t come from one.

              Funny enough, such relationships are always portrayed as ‘forbidden relationships’ in Japanese culture . But manga, anime and drama continue to romanticize them anyway. But then if you think about it, Japanese culture has a glorious history of flirting with underagedness. So it’s hardly surprising.

              It’s pointless to write it all out to a weeb anyway. I digress.

              • Ryusei

                i said it’s a bad life experience but ok I am not pedo apologizing as you are saying you are just way overreacting and apparently think people are unable to differentiate between fiction and reality. it’s a fucking movie at the end of the day and i don’t even know where the weeb thing is coming from that was just about the most stupid reply I got on here so far and that is saying something. for real though where are you taking that from? And sorry not sorry for not viewing a situation from one POV only. FFS @ronald or someone ban me from arama so I can’t coment anymore

                • GiveAibaBetterRoles

                  you are right, fiction =/= reality but literally just yesterday Hashimoto Kana played a school girl who was dating her 28yrs old teacher in Kizoku Tantei and all the other character didn’t even seems to care then I’m a bit concerned about this becoming normalized in teenage society in japan.

    • TruthSpeaker

      Looking forward to Ajin:Demi Human… The trailer looks cool…

    • nothingsover

      Ooo Hirugao! I was already excited to see it but hearing that it got a standing ovation makes me even more eager to watch it.

      River Edge sounds really interesting so i’ll definitely have to check that out

    • Jo