Ikuta Toma to play a transgender woman in movie “Karera ga Honki de Amutoki wa”

Ikuta Toma will be starring in Ogigami Naoko’s new film titled “Karera ga Honki de Amutoki wa”, (When they knit seriously) and will be playing the role of of a transgender woman. The movie will be the first film for the director in 5 years. Ikuta commented “Now that filming has started, I realized that this role is very difficult. But it is rare to receive an opportunity to play this kind of role, so I have been doing my best. Kiritani Kenta will play the role of his lover.

You can take a look at Ikuta in his new role below.

Female director Ogigami Naoko’s films such as “Kamome Shokudo” (2006) and “Megane” (2007) have receive a lot of support from women. The inspiration for the movie came from a newspaper article “a mother of a transgender daughter makes fake breasts for the daughter” he read while returning from the United States in 2013.

The lead cast are Rinko (played by Ikuta), a transgender woman, Tomo (Kakihara Rinka), a girl abandoned by her mother, and Makio (Tomo’s uncle and Rinko’s lover). It shows the drama that unfolds in an unconventional family. Kiritani commented that “This would be the turning point for both me and Toma.”

Movie is scheduled to be released on February 25, 2017.

(via OriconHochi)

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    • Kiki

      Surprising that a Japanese movie is touching this subject. I hope this doesn’t end up being offensive.

    • Toreii

      How unexpected. I hope it is well-received

    • Kuku

      The movie looks promising snd Toma looks pretty

    • eplizo

      Whoa. With Kiritani Kenta too. I’m really excited for this. Hopefully it does well.

      • mato

        I’m surprised (in a good way) Kiritani Kenta is acting as the lover.

    • wendy

      I’ll be interested to see this. Hopefully, the subject matter will be treated respectfully. Good on Toma for taking on this role.

    • mato

      I had the impression transwomen are only regarded for their comedy value in Japanese entertainment. It’ll be refreshing if they make it a bit serious. Like how interesting it is to know how they are coping as a couple raising up a young girl. Looking forward to this!

      Also possible kiritaniXtoma love scene?

    • Caprikjpopcorn

      Hope the movie will turn out better than I think. Reminds me of a movie that I watched some weeks ago where a cisgender guy played a transgender woman.

    • I hope the movie is done well.