Ekin Cheng, Summer Meng and Choi Jin-Hyuk Join Kiritani Mirei in “Koisuru ♡ Vampire” movie

The movie “Koisuru ♡ Vampire” (Vampire in Love) casts Kiritani Mirei and A.B.C.-Z’s Totsuka Shota in the lead roles. Kiritani plays a vampire named Kiira who wants to be the best patissier in the world while Totsuka plays the role of Tetsu, Kiira’s childhood friend and first love, who aims to be a musician. The two were re-united after many years and soon starts dating while Kiira hides her true identity.

The movie casting is drawing from multiple nations, with Korean actor Choi Jin-Hyuk, Hong Kong actor Ekin Cheng and Taiwanese actress Summer Meng joining in the movie. The movie opens April 17 and will also be screened in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Choi Jin-Hyuk will play a vampire named Mike in the film. Hong Kong actor Ekin Cheng will play big boss vampire Derek and Taiwanese actress Summer Meng will play Miki who is good friends with Kiira.

As also previously reported, model Natsume Mito will make her big screen debut in the movie and will provide the theme song “Colony”, produced by Yasutaka Nakata. The song is also featured on the trailer below.

There are two versions of the trailer. You can watch the other trailer which features the male lead, on the movie’s official site.

(via Sanspo, Jnewseng, AW)

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    • Taima-kun


    • Midori

      Going to watch this for Mirei-chan! <3

    • Ern Laties

      They look good together, Totsu & Mirei, I mean. I will watch this for sure! And… OMG. My childhood crush,Ekin Cheng! !#@$%^&*(%$#@!$

    • Gabrielle Willis

      “Not Another Vampire Movie.”

    • eplizo

      Don’t see it being a good film, but the cast is pretty nice.

    • chaosmyth


    • milky

      I feel like this is a different version to Twilight. But I will watch it to support the gathering of cast of different nationalities. One small step to eliminate hostility between nations.

    • AAApanda

      wow some big names from HK, Korean and Taiwan

    • kiyomi

      yass cjh, get that yen before enlistment

    • Mi

      Soooo many B grade Japanese films with Korean and/or Chinese guest stars. -_-

    • hotaru hime

      …is vampire the trend now? hahaha
      but i’ll still look forward to it~ I like the casts :)

    • blu

      They really do enjoy making cheesy shoujo like movies dont they

    • Do Anh Duc

      Link watch online: http://dai.ly/x4ki3fy