Dean Fujioka to sing theme for his upcoming film “Kekkon”

It has been revealed that actor Dean Fujioka will sing the theme song for his upcoming film “Kekkon”. Titled “Permanent Vacation”, the song was specifically written for Dean and his role in the movie and is expected to fully encapsulate his devious character in the film. Dean’s first musical release was a 2013 single titled “My Dimension”. His big break came last year with the song “History Maker”, the theme to the hugely successful anime series “Yuri!!! On Ice”.

In “Kekkon” Dean plays “Kenji Urumi”, a swindling playboy who takes prey on vulnerable women convincing them that he will take their hand in marriage. He takes on various fake identities so he can’t be traced back. This is all a ruse and he eventually leaves them without actually marrying them, and takes their money with him. He pulls off his schemes with the help of a woman named Ruriko (played by Shuko) who was almost scammed by Kenji in the past. Kenji’s victims eventually launch an investigation hoping to put a stop to his antics and find out his true motive for duping all these women.

“Kekkon” will hit Japanese theaters on June 24th, 2017. A promotional poster for the film can be seen below.


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    • eplizo

      Love his stuff so I’m excited to hear it. Hopefully the movie is good too.

    • toot toot

      Sure. Lure me to this post with his picture. 😍

    • kimbailey

      dean is a beautiful man but I don’t wanna hear him sing. oh how he’s bloomed! in happy for him, just the other day there was an article about how he was gonna retire to be with his family. now he’s getting awards and singing openings.

    • Kokoro Ai

      That picture of the poster, oh God, have mercy. He really is a beautiful man.

    • Karen Khoo

      He can sing? WOW! Handsome,good actor and now he can sing? Stan Dean stan Talent!

    • Dean Fujioka

      The header picture looks great.
      Who is Dean Fujioka? I don’t know much about actors to be honest, it’s already difficult getting to know a singer well. Who are the best, “new generation” actors?

    • Nikki ok

      he’s too handsome