Cast Announced for Ohno Satoshi’s upcoming ninja movie “Shinobi no Kuni”

The cast for Arashi Ohno Satoshi’s upcoming historical film “Shinobi no Kuni” (The Land of Ninjas) has been announced. Earlier on, it was announced that Ohno will take on the role of Mumon, a lazy but elite ninja who has earned the title of “Iga’s no.1 ninja”. Filming started last July and Ohno has taken intensive training in sword fighting, specifically dagger fighting techniques using both hands.

Shinobi no Kuni features the epic battle between Mumon’s Iga clan and Oda Nobukatsu’s clan who wants to invade Iga. Mumon kills a ninja from the opposite side which leads to a deadly battle between the two.

Ishihara Satomi, Suzuki Ryohei, Iseya Yusuke , Hey! Say! JUMP’s Chinen Yuri, Taira Yuna, Makita Sports, Danshun Tatekawa, Kunimura Jun, Denden, Mitsushima Shinnosuke and Kitaro are joining the cast.

Take a look at the cast of the warring sides below.

shinobi no kuni

Ishihara Satomi will play Mumon’s wife Okuni. In the original novel, Mumon was drawn to Okuni at first sight. He takes her away from a samurai family and married her. Ishihara commented that the movie can be depicted as a ‘love story period action movie”. She plays a contrast to the lazy character of Mumon and motivates Mumon to become more hardworking and showers him with love like a mother.

Suzuki Ryohei will be playing the role of Shimoyama Heibee who was born in an Iga shinobi family but is disappointed with the ways of the ninja. He underwent two months of rigorous training to prepare for his role as a skilled ninja. Iseya Yusuke will play as Heki Daizen, the vassal of Nobukatsu. Hey! Say! JUMP’s Chinen Yuri will be playing Oda Nobukatsu, Oda Nobunaga’s second son. Taira Yuna plays Kitabatake Rin who becomes Nobukatsu’s wife through political marriage.

The movie is based on the novel by Wada Ryo and is directed by Nakamura Yoshihiro. The film will open in summer 2017.

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    • Meutia S Aishah

      Chinen must be really happy ^^
      He gets to act with Ohno

      • lulz

        plot twist:
        they won’t have any scenes together

    • me

      when finally Chii and Ohno on the same project but Chii has to be Ohno’s opponent! LOL
      well anyway, i bet Chii is happy enuff to be on the same cast with his beloved senpai ;)

    • kyu

      chinen is happy,,he has project with ohno..
      ohno is happy he is filming with satomi XD

    • lol

      A lazy ninja with an overrated reputation and mummy issues.So Ohno’s basically playing himself.

      • lulz

        will he pick his nose too?

      • Kepo

        Who kills.

      • Kepo

        Oops.. Didn’t read the part you said “overrated reputation”. Mumon reputation is not overrated.

        Is it me or is there an increase of ohno haters within arashi fandom lately?

        • light

          Dunno, Ohno’s popularity seems higher to me lately. Popularity brings haters but i didn’t really see many of them in the fandom.

    • Kepo

      The manga adaptation was pretty badass ( I don’t think it’ll follow the styling and maybe the story will be more simplified but this is a great movie material. Mumon (ohno character) is a very meaty role and actually was described as a bloodlusting assasin and the best ninja in japan, even before he was motivated by cash after getting hitched. i hope to see great battle scenes and some gore in this movie.

    • Kaderin

      I’m about to cry… I even don’t care that Ishihara plays his wife (sorry to the fans, but i don’t like that actress), because OHNO AND CHINEN ARE GOING TO WORK TOGETHER!!!! FINALLY!! So many years waiting for this moment…

      Annndddd…. a little fag moment aloud… If he is practising sooo intensive and specifically fighting techniques with both hands, he can come and practice with me, if he wants… Without the dagger, of course. Or with…….. whatever. *whistling*

    • Midna

      Ugh. Some of the cast members…

      Well, I’m here for Ohno and that’s all that matters.

      • Kepo

        Which of the cast you don’t like and why? I know some don’t like Satomi for whatever reason but she’s a good actress (the only one who live up to AoT character) with a noncreepy face unlike arimura kasumi.

        • Nif

          Well I think Satomi is too much an idol product to be respectable. She is good looking, ok. But there are other good looking actresses too and better regarding their profession. I – myself – don’t like her because of her simpleminded personality. She is too much kyaaa and kawaii ONLY to my taste, based on variety shows. Anyway, if she makes anyone happy… I read rumors about her and Takki. Why not? *He should be with Tackey though*

        • Midna

          Oh goodness sorry for slow reply!!

          Chinen I guess. And I was hoping for someone other than Satomi. It just seemed too predictable for me. sigh

        • mie

          Bashing Kasumi-chan because she’s going to have a movie with Jun? Just say
          it. You don’t like Jun. Ohno’s fans sometimes are just…*sigh*
          I thought Arashi fandom was less nasty compared to other fandoms. Oh my innocent self.

    • mikamika

      Finally Chinen and Ohno together =)

      And I’m not sad that Satomi is more like a mother than a lover because Ohno wasn’t born for acting romance (unless he can get all cuddly and mushy with Nino, but I don’t see that kind of movie happening any time soon *sigh*)
      Whenever I think of these two together, I always remember that one episode of Himitsu where Ohno and Sho went shopping for bed stuff with Satomi and Ohno fell asleep and didn’t really want to get up *lol*

      • Kepo

        It’s a nagging sort of mother and there will be loving scenes between these two. Hopefully they keep the bed scene just because…

        • mikamika

          Lol, I hope that scene won’t be too akward. I’m fine with them only hinting, I’m still traumatized by SekaMuzu and the collapsing bed…

    • Niña

      This is the 5th HSJ movie for release next year. All in time for the 10th anniversary ❤

    • MiKa✿

      Looking forward to watch Ohno’s movie xD