MIYAVI will be a guest on The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Exciting news for MIYAVI fans, it’s been announced that he will be a guest on one of America’s most popular talk shows “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”!

The “Samurai Guitarist” will sit down with Ellen and talk about the transition from being a rock star to gracing the silver screen and working with Hollywood’s elite. In “Unbroken” MIYAVI plays a ruthless villain, a supervisor in a Japanese interment camp who does everything in his power to break his victims. “Unbroken” is the directorial debut of Angela Jolie and has already grossed over $100 million worldwide. MIYAVI will also be performing one of his songs for Ellen.

MIYAVI will appear alongside Jennifer Aniston, the episode will air on Monday January 19th.

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    • mee-KE-le

      I’m glad that he’s also performing and not just talking about the movie (which I haven’t seen it yet).

    • Nana28

      Yes get that spotlight Miyavi

    • Ryusei

      wow that’s awesome, I’ll make sure to check it out once it’s uploaded to her channel

    • MaybeCanBe

      Uwah that’s awesome~ Miyavi is a good choice to present japanese artists to an international audience so i’m looking forward to that~

    • eplizo

      Oh my GOD. YESSSS! I’m hyped he’s actually gonna perform too.

    • sarah

      Oh wow he’s even performing ! I’m gonna have to DVR it. I’m so happy he is getting more recognition he did an amazing job in the movie. Him and the lead definitely did Oscar worthy performances.

      I think the conversation between him and Ellen is gonna be cute. Can’t wait.

    • yanderenightmares

      I didn’t know he could act. Must of given quite the performance in that movie. Anyways, I watch Ellen anyways, so I won’t miss it.

      • Linda

        I believe this was his first ever acting role, I can only wait until I watch the movie to judge his acting

        • Grooby

          It’s actually not his first acting role. He has acted in a movie called “Oresama” back in 2004.

    • Andre

      I hope he gets a lot of attention in the US cause he is doomed now in Japan. The reaction of J-netizens over this movie have been disgusting….

      • Guest

        What were netizens saying?

        • A

          that angelina hates japan; that she now can never set foot in japan again; that she probably loves koreans; that she is disgusting cause she pretended she liked japan for revenue but then turned around and did this movie; that miyavi is a traitor; that miyavi is korean etc. just the standard.

          • Linda

            yeah that’s pretty much the kind of comments I had in mind that they would make

          • Johanna D. Robles

            those netizens are idiots

      • Linda

        well that was bound to happen…I haven’t seen the movie yet but most Japanese people are still not aware or understand the full extent of the atrocities committed by the Japanese military during WWII, they are still largely ignorant of most of the real history of WWII. So for at least some of them to feel offended by a movie like this and be on the defensive & criticize it is understandable.

        • Guest

          they chose to remain ignorant though, it’s not like Japanese press (including huge left-wing newspapers) doesn’t spotlight the international reactions over Japan’s denials of the atrocities. i mean, there’s a public apology by the Japanese government for the comfort women ffs. i mean, yeah, they’re not taught at school but it’s not like they doesn’t choose to be willfully ignorant later in life, they have the resources. when you read the j-netizens denials and reactions, it’s clear that they know what has been claimed to some extent, they just chose to gloss over it because of some sick nationalism.

          • Linda

            I think most of them probably just don’t want to know too much about WWII because it’s all in the past. I think just learning about it in schools is probably enough for them, and don’t want to spend more time researching it online. Which is ok if you are disinterested in an subject, I mean unless it’s for school, I would not waste my time researching on something I have no interest in.

            And yeah I’m sure they’ve seen the reactions they’ve read the media, but the media doesn’t really outline every single detail about the full extent of their past atrocities, so they wouldn’t know from the media alone. I think it’s really mostly reduced down what they learn in schools. Even if they research it online, they can only search on sources in Japanese, most of them wouldn’t understand English…but how do we know if all the information on those Japanese sources are accurate or outline the full extent of their past atrocities during WWII? I think alot of those Japanese sources probably don’t outline every single detail, maybe they left some details out, and maybe some are just plain wrong. We don’t really know just how much they’re being taught in schools, and how much ACCURATE information in Japanese is posting online about WWII. So to say they “choose” to remain ignorant is stretching it a bit…maybe some of them do research on the subject, but maybe the info they get online is not entirely accurate.

            • Linda

              *just wanted to let you all know that I posted this comment, I just forgot to login when I posted it XP

          • yamakita

            People tend to focus on the atrocities committed by others, rather than
            the ones committed by their own, and often onto their own. In the case
            of Japan, I prefer to take the point of view presented in the movie
            Letters from Iwo Jima. The majority of Japanese people were victims of
            their government, too. Every country can be guilty of some sort of “sick nationalism.” There is plenty in the U.S.

            • Linda

              very true, many are quick to judge and condemn the actions of others, but alot of the times they don’t reflect on the atrocities committed by their own countries. America has their own embarrassing past with all their barbarics & atrocities commited against Native Americans etc, China also has a long history of barbarics & atrocities. Australia also has a very ugly past of atrocities committed by European settlers against the native Australian Aboriginals etc. I’m sure many other countries have their own ugly past, their own atrocities committed by their own ancestors. But alot of the times, many people choose to point fingers and shed light on the wrongdoings of other countries, but often ignore the wrongdoings of their own country.

              We live in a hypocritical world.

              • Guest2

                Oh gawd. Only knowing SOME facts is enough. They went to war, they kill millions of people, got bombed, they lost. They pretty much can figure out there were indeed war crimes committed during their forays into war. THEY WEREN’t ALL INNOCENT SAIGO (NINO), KEN WATANABE ETC. STUCK IN IWO JIMA. Not all the land they plunder was as bleak and hopeless like Iwo Jima. Sure there were Saigos but there were a lot of monsters too.

                There’s a limit to glorifying the thing you love that includes your love for everything Japan that you need to excuse each and everyone of them out of their ignorance.

                • Linda

                  I am sure many japanese people know at least some facts about the atrocities commited by their ancestors, they’re not “completely” ignorant about it, they do still learn some of their past history in WWII in schools and such, and some may even research about it more online, although I do question the credibility of Japanese sources though.
                  My point is, I have doubts that most of the Japanese people really know and understand the FULL extent of the atrocities commited by their ancestors, I doubt they know “everything”. So because they don’t understand the full extent of it, they probably feel that the foreigners are portraying the Japanese military during WWII worse than they believe they were. Which is probably why they feel offended & defensive, some of them probably think that their ancestors were not as horrible as foreigners have portrayed them to be. And let’s not forget that they also have the Yasukuni shrine, that basically glosses over WWII and even honors several Japanese war criminals. So for a long time, the Japanese public have somewhat been “brainwashed” in a way to believe that their ancestors fighting in WWII were not as horrible & barbaric as they actually were.

                  And I don’t remember I ever mentioned that I “love everything about Japan”, so I don’t know what gave you that impression. I’m just being objective here, judging by the tone of your comments, you obviously sound very bitter & upset about it. Although I do not condone what those netizens have commented on this movie, I think their comments are disgusting too, and I tend to feel appalled at the actions of some Japanese extremists in the past. But at the same time, I am also trying to look at the situation from the perspective of the Japanese people, I am also trying to understand what they might be feeling, and thinking about the reasons & possibility of why some of them feel the way they do about the subject. And also taking into consideration their circumstances, that for so many decades, they were being taught alot of false information about WWII, being misled so much etc. I need to try to look at the situation from both sides in order to be objective about the subject. Otherwise I would just be swayed by bias one-sided feelings & emotions…which I think some people here are probably feeling.
                  It’s not that I love “everything” about Japan, there are still some aspects of this country that I dislike. It’s just that I want to think objectively about this subject, and in order for me to do that, I need to try to understand and think about the perspectives of the Japanese people too, I need to look at this from both sides, and not just 1 side.

                  • Guest2

                    And to you, please keep in mind, its NOT A STRETCH to say most chose to be ignorant about it because its easier. Oh they was no sources for them to learn is no longer an excuse that can be accepted in this age and time. Past should be left to past but there are still surviving victims of war who still feel the pain.

                    Believe me, I do love Japan and its people. Especially the peace loving majority. I’m just not going to tolerate the xenophobic nationalistic side of them that is gaining traction in their country now. In order to be objective I suggest you don’t give excuses to them for chosing being ignorant/agressively defensive about it.

            • Guest2

              Omg. One movie to erase and the atrocities. How quaint.

              Iwo Jima is one hell of a place. The soldiers who was sent to Philliphines, Malaya, China, Vietnam etc had it more comfortably. Most won’t hesitate to use comfort women without even thinking of their wife and bakery in Ohmiya.

              • Guest2

                *all the atrocities

        • Guest2

          They were being defensive of something that actually happened. Sure they shouldn’t be blamed for what their ancestors have done but they chose to be ignorant about it when information are easily found. Worst, some chose to be in denial and aggressive about it. That kind of behaviour shouldn’t be tolerated.

          • Linda

            true, but the important point here is are all these information about WWII available in Japanese? Because the vast majority of the Japanese won’t research on WWII on english sites. And even if there are many Japanese sources available about WWII, how can we be sure that many of the info posted on those Japanese sites are actually accurate? For all we know, some Japanese do research on WWII online, but some of the info may not be accurate.
            So to say they “chose” to be ignorant is stretching it, we don’t know for sure just how much most Japanese really know about the full extent of the atrocities committed by their ancestors, and we don’t know how many of them are researching the subject, or whether some of the info they read are actually accurate or not.

            • Guest2

              I thought so you’d bring the language into this. YES, there are resources in Japanese. Try google. Just try. There are even documentaries with Japanese subtitles produced by Japanese people (in case you question if their views are too sympathetic towards the victims of war)

              I’m not stretching it to say SOME “chose” to be ignorant about it. Recently there’s a freaking parade by young neto rightist with nipon war flag and shouting “unite all asia” and insulting Korea&China while they were at it. Google is your friend. Fyi i love Japan and I know most Japanese aren’t xenophobic but to totally deny that some never committed any atrocities even today is just… Naive.

            • Johanna D. Robles

              Even if they find sources in English or another sources, the translator helps to understand a little, even if the translation is really bad, it should be enough to pick your interest on the subject and try to find the truth… so it is not stretching that the Japanese chose to be ignorant, I’d say that rather the chose not to deal with it, they don’t care, which is fine if you think it is all in the past, but you cannot complain when a movie portrays different side of the story and criticize it, because you haven’t bothered to know the truth.
              It is the same with my country and the dictatorship that we lived for 17 years, now, you can find info in more languages other than Spanish and English, and it should be the same for Japan too

        • Omnirosa

          They’ve got Google though.

          • Linda

            yes they do, but would you completely trust japanese sources when it comes to the subject of WWII? Because most japanese people don’t know english and they won’t research english sites, they would mostly depend on Japanese sources, and I don’t completely trust Japanese sources when it comes to learning about WWII, do you?

      • Guest2

        He was featured by SMAP in Kouhaku so his career is not doomed there. He’s still highly regarded as a musician and will have sold out concerts in Japan as he usually done.

        Most Japanese people wouldn’t bother to see Unbroken anyway. They prefer to be blissfully ignorant that their grandfathers were monsters.

      • yamakita

        I thought it’s a Japanese wet dream to have a Westerner’s approval.

    • guest

      Ellen is cool. She has the clout to reveal hidden gems that she likes to the general public. Meevs is one of those gems, and I hope it is a jump start for him in the US.

    • 950619


    • Navin

      So this will be the first and probably last episode of Ellen that I’ll watch. I hope Miyavi slays with his performance.

    • sakura kou

      YAY Miyavi so happy for him :3

    • Linda

      good for MIYAVI, I don’t usually watch Ellen, but will be looking forward to watching that episode.

    • Diana’s MovieReviews

      That’s awesome! It seems like Angelina reallyyy promotes him well ;)

    • Reileen

      Gonna watch this for Miyavi!!

    • gpbasicfan1