Is Yoshine Kyoko’s winter getsu9 “Princess Jellyfish” live action drama doomed to fail?

Next season’s getsu9 drama will star Yoshine Kyoko! Yoshine will play the protagonist Kurashita Tsukimi in the live action television series adaptation of Higashimura’s Akiko “Kuragehime” (Princess Jellyfish). The series will premiere in January on Fuji TV, Monday, 9pm. Yoshine is best known for her lead asadora role “Beppin-san” last year. “Kuragehime” was also adapted into an anime series and a live action film starring Nonen Rena in 2014.

There’s been several uncertainties regarding the production of next season’s getsu9. Initially, Season 2 of medical drama “Fragile “(Nagase Tomoya) is scheduled to air, but its heroine Takei Emi will be on maternity leave and so the broadcast of the drama is reportedly postponed pushing Fuji TV to make changes. In replacement, next season’s drama was changed to “Kuragehime” starring Yoshine Kyoko.

In a similar manner this year, Takenouchi Yutaka declined an offer to star in getsu9 and was then replaced by “Totsuzen desu ga, Ashita Kekkon Shimasu” which recorded the lowest average rating for getsu9 with 6.7%. Nishiuchi Mariya, who served as lead for the drama suffered with the low ratings and there are many who worry that Yoshine might encounter the same fate as Nishiuchi.

Also, while other TV networks’ primetime dramas record double digits this season, Fuji TV’s “Minshuu no Teki ~ Yo no Naka, Okashikunai desu ka!?” starring Shinohara Ryoko, “Keiji Yugami” starring Asano Tadanobu and Ashita no Yakusoku starring Inoue Mao are recording single digit ratings.

“Getsu9” had been in a sluggish state in recent years and Fuji TV revived Code Blue drama to save its getsu9 brand. However “Minshuu no Teki ~ Yo no Naka, Okashikunai desu ka!?” has been sluggish with a 7% digit rating.  In addition, Fuji TV’s Tuesday drama timeslot which gained success with dramas such as “War of Lies” (Kusanagi Tsuyoshi), “CRISIS: Special Security Squad” (Oguri Shun) had seen a dip in ratings with “Boku-tachi ga Yarimashita” (Kubota Masataka) and the current airing drama “Ashita no Yakusoku” (Inoue Mao).

Although the original manga is popular, the live action film is a flop. Screenplay for the drama will be written by Tokunaga Yuichi (Tantei no Tantei, Hope: Kitai Zero no Shinnyu Shain, Boku-tachi ga Yarimashita).

With its broadcast next season, can “Kuragehime” defy all odds and be successful?

Kuragehime Synopsis

20-year-old Kurashita Tsukimi (Yoshine Kyoko) became entranced by jellyfishes at an aquarium that her late mother brought her to during her childhood. She comes to Tokyo from Kagoshima with dreams of becoming an illustrator. However, she avoids contact with the outside world together with a group of female geeks who call themselves the Ama-zu. The Ama-zu only immerse in their own world. They regard fashionable people as natural enemies and say they do not need men in their lives. Tsukimi is enjoying life when a pair of siblings show up before her. Koibuchi Kuranosuke, the younger brother, is a cross-dressing male who appears to be a very beautiful woman but actually is a handsome playboy. Shu, the older brother, is the secretary to their father who is an influential Diet lawmaker, and has not had any experience with females. Tsukimi becomes aware of romance with the two of them and a love triangle develops.

(via Excite, Nifty, drama synopsis via Jdramas)

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    • Reileen

      Talking abt ratings is sometimes tiring bec ratings are not what it was like in previous years. But then, other TV stations are able to manage decent ratings so it makes you wonder why viewers are shunning away from Fuji TV and why is it so hard to revive getsu9.

      I’m actually looking forward to who will play the cross-dressing male in the drama.

      • AoZora

        Which TV station has performed well in 2017?

        • pondloso


          • AoZora


        • Reileen

          TBS keeps doing Ikedo Jun drama adaptations so their Sunday golden timeslot still maintain its high ratings

          • AoZora


      • King Hide

        also why everyvideo Fuji TV posted got so many dislikes on youtube

        • yurisakura

          What? Videos by FujiTV got many dislikes? More than likes?

          • King Hide

            yes like this video

            or this

    • 773

      this girl don`t look promising. nounen rena was too perfect

    • Fwold Zelsk
      Rena did an excellent job in the film and she’s way too pretty than the new girl.

      • hasawa

        “Kuragehime” heroine is not supposed to be pretty or physically outstanding so I don’t think the actress acttractiveness is relevant imo

      • Mela

        Rena is too pretty for the character, and please give this girl a chance, she’s a decent actress too.

    • REMISU

      I like Keiji Yugami tbh

    • Mario San

      if they expect outstanding ratings, then it surely is doomed to fail.
      times have changed, it feels like 10% is the new 20%. sadly the i genres I don’t care about like medical or crimes are getting the high ratings. if I wanted to see those, I’d watch american or german(my nation) shows.

      yoshine is allright but I didn’t really love anything i’ve seen her starring in.

      … and this post reminded me that i really miss nounen. if she ever gets a notable role again i will probably
      run around all day grinning like an idiot.

      • mikamika

        Just out of interest, there are notable german medical dramas? I get that there’s a lot of crime shows, but for medical genre I can only think of “In aller Freundschaft” :p

        • Mario San

          more recent ones would be ”doctor’s diary”, ”bettys diagnose”. there are a lot that get cancelled after a season or two. very notable older series would be ”schwarzwaldklinik” , or ”praxis bülowbogen”.

          • mikamika

            Yah, nothing I would ever watch… too much like any other love drama :p

      • asasasas

        If they want a high rating they should cast Rena tbh, in every variety show she appears back in 2013-14 the ratings went up, a show called “shabekuri 007” hit 20% ratings for the first time in 2 and a half years, that’s enough to tell how popular she is back then, i think theres still many ppl that miss her, i also hope she land on a drama or movie soon, sry for mb english.

    • hasawa

      I really fnd this new girl really fitting for Kuragehime heroine – that’s pretty much how I’d imagine her irl. I rarely found a casting that convincing.

    • Azura Of Ylisse

      Rena Nounen absolutely nailed the role in the movie. I was absolutely blown away by her acting. She was amazing. I’m really surprised the movie was a flop. I liked it a lot.
      I hope the new actress does justice to the role.

    • Himi Tsu

      I absolutely loved the movie :)
      I don’t know what to expect of this drama yet, but I’m looking forward to try it~

    • xolina

      does anyone know how many episodes there will be of the drama please