TV Drama Ratings (Oct 10 – 17)

Hi Arama readers! If you missed our post on the Upcoming Fall Jdramas 2016 list, you can check it out here.

So the new season has started! Most major dramas have aired their pilot episodes, check out how they did below.

As expected, the season 4 of Doctor X ~ Gekai Daimon Michiko started on a high note, with 20.4% ratings. This is on par with the ratings of the previous seasons and SP. With this, Doctor X is the first major commercial drama to rate beyond 20% this year. On the other hand, “Cain to Abel” starts with 8.8%, the lowest ratings for a pilot episode of getsu9. With the new drama, Fuji TV attempts to provide a ‘different’ getsu9 from its signature trendy romantic stories.

Fall 2016 JDrama TV Drama Ratings
TV St Time Drama 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Ave
Fuji TV Mon, 9pm cain-to-abelCain to Abel 8.8 8.8
Fuji TV Tue, 10pm lady-da-vinciMedical Team ~ Lady Da Vinci no Shindan 8.8 8.8
TBS Tue, 10pm nigeruNigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu 10.2 10.2
NTV Wed, 10pm proofreader Jimi ni Sugoi! Kouetsu Girl Kouno Etsuko 12.9 11.2 12.12
TV Asahi Thur, 9pm doctor-xDoctor X 20.4 20.4
Fuji TV Thur, 10pm chefChef  8.0 8.0
NTV Thu, 11:59pm kuroi-10-ninKuroi 10-nin no Onna 3.1 3.9 3.8 3.60
TBS Fri, 10pm tower-of-sandSuna no Tou 9.8 9.8
TV Asahi Fri, 11:15pm mitazonoKaseifu no Mitazono
NTV Sat, 9pm the-last-copThe Last Cop 8.6 7.4 8.07
FUJI TV Sun, 9pm careerCareer 7.9 6.2 7.15
TBS Sun, 9pm iq246IQ246 13.1 13.1
NTV Sun, 10:30pm rental-rescueRental Kyuseishu 10.2 7.5 9.14
2016 Taiga Sanada Maru
Ep Day % Ep Day % Ep Day % Ep Day % Ep Day %
1 1/10 19.9 11 3/20 15.6 21 5/29 16.8 31 8/7 17.3 41 10/16 15.4
2 1/17 20.1 12 3/27 17.9 22 6/5 16.6 32 8/14 15.8 42
3 1/24 18.3 13 4/3 17.5 23 6/12 18.9 33 8/21 18.0 43
4 1/31 17.8 14 4/3 17.5 24 6/19 17.6 34 8/28 13.2 44
5 2/7 19.0 15 4/17 18.3 25 6/26 18.3 35 9/4 15.0 45
6 2/14 16.9 16 4/24 16.9 26 7/3 16.4 36 9/11 16.5 46
7 2/21 17.4 17 5/1 17.0 27 7/10 15.1 37 9/18 17.3 47
8 2/28 17.1 18 5/8 19.1 28 7/17 17.0 38 9/25 15.7 48
9 3/6 16.6 19 5/15 17.0 29 7/24 17.5 39 10/2 16.6 49
10 3/13 16.2 20 5/22 18.7 30 7/31 14.5 40 10/9 15.0 50
1-10 ave 11-20 ave 21-30 ave 31-40 ave 41-50 ave
17.99 17.51 16.87 16.04 15.40
Annual Average: 17.07%


  • Comments

    • Reileen

      Doctor X slays as per usual. If this is the case, they can extend to 15 seasons like Aibou lmao. Yonekura says Season 3 will be the last but here we are.

      lololol @ Cain and Abel. Yamada’s Kindaichi and Risou no Musuko did better than this, ratings wise. Can’t help it, I watched it the moment it was up online! I get they were trying to be different this time, but it’s probably too emo. First ep in and Yamada’s being angsty already. He did really well tho. I watched much of his recent stuff that I didn’t doubt that he could pull it off. But when he smiles, he’s just too shining and he looks like a cute boy instead! It’s a good thing he’s being emo most of the time. Kurashina is pretty but first ep ended and I’m shipping him with 2nd female lead Yamazaki Hirona’s character!! I bet it’s a tragic ending so I at least wish this hopeless girl gets it!

      The semi animation referencing the Garden of Eden they did for the intro and ending is very intense btw.

      • Ghina

        Can you tell me which site to watch Cain and Abel because I’ve been looking everywhere but I can’t find it:( Please tell me, thank you <3

      • Mahdyah Rosita

        I agree with you on that cute boy part, haha. I personally worried that there are some unwanted scenes in this drama.. but am looking forward for improvement on rating. :)

      • vio

        Yamada’s hair was really distracting imo. Did any of the other characters mentioned how brown his hair was? The character has such a charai image, people can’t take him seriously. I hope they’ll do a makeover like he dyed his own hair black on camera. No other drama had done that yet. Its not a Viola Davis removing-her-makeup scene but men’s grooming has always been a taboo with Johnny’s

        • hohum

          it was on purpose. when yamada first dyed his hair for the role it was black (right after his blond hair for fma), but then the director told him to dye it lighter. his brown hair plus his flashy suits were supposed to help portray his “charai” character, even during his promotions yamada called his character a “charariman” – charai salaryman.

          also, for johnny’s changing their hair midway through a drama, kame’s yamato nadeshiko drama had him cut his own hair – the only reason i remember was because it looked terrible on him.

          • vio

            LOL. I know about his changing his hair to brown and the charaisalaryman. I’m just saying its distracting. The styling has no merit and one of the main complain by audience and netizens who’d watched the show. It would only make sense if it’ll be an annoying trait the character could change in order to please his father and look a bit mature for the girl. That’ll be an interesting character development especially for a Johnny’s.

            Honestly I want to see him buzz his hair off (not bald but shorter on the side) to push the envelope further. Also he looked better with hair off his forehead.

    • disqus1122

      Doctor X will make sure get the highest ratings spot this season. Wow 20% maybe it will even higher!! I looking forward to it.

      Feel bad for Fuji TV and getsu. they keep getting the “lowest” since last year :/ I think this trend start from Koinaka? Cain to Abel break Koinaka lowest first episode. still hope it will pick up next episodes
      Only 5 to 9 (Yamapi/Satomi) did smooth and actually popular around.
      Maybe they should keep with light romance (but “not boring” lol)

    • Niña

      These FujiTV dramas are not in good shape, damn.

      • herrkatze

        story of the last six years

        • vio

          but not at less than 10% level. It has only been this bad consistently for a year.

          Interestingly Aiba’s Yokoso Wagaya e had a fair ratings and then they ruined it with Sota Fukushi & Honda (lol) and pushed it back up with Yamapi&Satomi 5-9.

    • muteki

      congrats yamada for getting the lowest opening ratings in getsu9 history

      fukuyama masaharu was probably popping bottles lmao

    • I forgot this drama season started…..what did I wanna watch again?

    • light

      Getsu9 timeslot is in a slump lately…

      • herrkatze

        don’t be surprise if the getsu9 timeslot doesn’t exist this time next year because Toyota is reportedly dropping its sponsorship