TV Drama Ratings (July 8 -18)

We’re back with the ratings chart! Most of the summer Jdramas have aired their first episodes and the numbers are in!

“Code Blue ~ Doctor Heli Kinkyuu Kyuumei ~ THE THIRD SEASON” gained a 16.3% ratings for its 30-minute extended premiere episode. This is a positive note for Fuji TV’s flagship getsu9 timeslot, which has been struggling in recent years. Its peak rating of 18.5% was registered at 9:55 –  9:57pm during a scene after Aizawa (Yamashita) treated a child patient and whose father came rushing to the hospital. Second episode will be extended by 15 minutes.

Have you started any dramas this season? Check out the latest chart below!

Summer 2017 JDrama TV Drama Ratings
TV St Time Drama 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Ave
Fuji TV Mon, 9pm Code Blue 3 16.3 16.3
Fuji TV Tue, 9pm Bokutachi ga Yarimashita 7.9 7.9
TBS Tue, 10pm Kanna-san! 12.0 12.0
NTV Wed, 10pm  Kahogo no Kahoko 11.6 11.6
TV Asahi Thur, 8pm Iryu Sousa 4 13.1 13.1
TV Asahi Thur, 9pm Kurokawa no Techou
Fuji TV Thur, 10pm Cecile no Mokuromi 5.1 5.1
NTV Thu, 11:59pm Nou ni Sumaho ga Umerareta! 3.7 3.8 3.75
TBS Fri, 10pm Hello Harinezumi 10.3 10.3
TV Asahi Fri, 11:15pm Aino Kekkon Soudanjo
NTV Sat, 10pm Uchi no Otto wa Shigoto ga Dekinai 11.2 9.1 10.24
FUJI TV Sun, 9pm Keishichou Ikimono-gakari 8.9 7.2 8.15
TBS Sun, 9pm Gomen, Aishiteru 9.8 10.0 9.89
NTV Sun, 10:30pm Aishitetatte, Himitsu wa Aru 8.2 8.2
2017 Taiga Onna Joshu Naotora
Ep Day % Ep Day % Ep Day % Ep Day % Ep Day %
1 1/8 16.9 11 3/19 13.7 21 5/28 13.2 31 41
2 1/15 15.5 12 3/26 12.9 22 6/4 12.1 32 42
3 1/22 14.3 13 4/2 13.1 23 6/11 12.3 33 43
4 1/29 16.0 14 4/9 12.9 24 6/18 12.4 34 44
5 2/5 16.0 15 4/16 14.4 25 6/25 12.3 35 45
6 2/12 14.5 16 4/23 13.7 26 7/2 12.4 36 46
7 2/19 12.9 17 4/30 11.0 27 7/9 12.4 37 47
8 2/26 13.4 18 5/7 14.3 28 7/16 12.0 38 48
9 3/5 14.0 19 5/14 13.6 29 39 49
10 3/12 12.5 20 5/21 14.5 30 40 50
1-10 ave 11-20 ave 21-30 ave 31-40 ave 41-50 ave
14.67 13.41 12.39
Annual Average: 13.58%


  • Comments

    • Kaido

      Wow! Code Blue 3 got off to a good start hoho

    • Looks like FujiTV gamble paid off and they finally see a 2 digit ratings after 1 and a half years. Hope the ratings will maintain but the pressure is huge for the casts ngl.

      I really enjoyed the first episode despite not liking the writer’s previous works. The scene of Shiraishi and Aizawa in the elevator made me lol. She is supposed to ask him to come back to the team but she failed big time. :P Hiyama is still kicking ass which is awesome and Fujikawa and Haruka is together and pregnant (yay I was wishing for that). As expected, Aizawa’s teaching method will be like Kuroda-sensei so I’m super excited to see how everything going to turn out in the next episodes.

      Aizawa saying ‘You’re interesting/amusing’ to Shiraishi during the ending scene made me go ‘Ehhh’ together with her haha. I didnt expect that to come from him tbh.

      • eternal_garden

        Aizawa saying that to Shiraishi had ma go gaga as well. I totally didnt expect that. What made him say that I totally didnt get it especially coming from him.

        Hiyama not caring and just call the useless interns ‘fellow’ amuse me. And Shiraishi has been tough as well. After all, 10 years has passed. Fujikawa and Saejima together is kind of unexpected but it seemed next episode, she is thinking of maybe not having the baby IDK.

        • That’s why. I keep rewinding the scene to understand why he give her that compliment but like her reaction, I just didnt get it. From the teasers, I thought he is still have that dead look in his eyes and was kind of mad why the writer still write him that way — I mean, its been 10 years, let the man have his soul back!!! — looks like I was wrong haha. He is still Aizawa but with a bit of warmth like what he showed us in the 2nd season.

          Yes, Hiyama has always been awesome. Her asking Fujikawa to ‘shut up’ had me lol big time. Their bickering has always been amusing to watch. And I love the development we’ve seen with Shiraishi — her getting mad at the interns is just refreshing. But I was kind of bummed that she has to call Aizawa to release the pressure from the kid’s head. I mean, that is a pretty basic treatment and Aizawa has been doing the same thing since they were interns so for her not being able to do that after 10 years is kind of disappointing. :( And yes, I was happy that Fujikawa and Haruka is together but for her not telling him that she is pregnant is worrisome. We know how hardcore she is with work so she probably has a second thought about the baby. I want them to be married but it seemed they are not?

    • AkaneHaga

      16% wow

    • selina

      I feel sorry for Bokutachi ga Yarimashita, I wached the first episode and it was perfect, hilarious, entertaining, superb acting and great plot, kubota is great in the role, mackenyu is hot af + give a super scary performance, nagano mei is her usual great self and the rest of the team are also great. It has a very original plot, I noticed this with japanese dramas, those that stray away a bit from the stereotypes usually bomb in ratings and it’s too bad because originality is what distinguishes japanese drama from kdrama

      • eternal_garden

        What is the drama competitors? 7.9% for first episode is pretty low tbh.

    • miraikuru

      from all the drama this season, I have only watched Code Blue, Bokutachi ga Yarimashita, and both of them is quite good. looking forward to the next episode.
      I will try watching Gomen, Aishiteru and Aishitetatte, Himitsu wa Aru. it has good synopsis

      • Rush Sykes

        >tfw Code Blue will never get subbed because of the wakuwaku japan tv shit


        • katsurap

          does this mean there is no chance to find any of fuji tv’s shows subbed? I have been looking for the first episode of Bokutachi ga Yarimashita in vain, well it was still hilarious though I understood only around 50% of the words but still it would be such a pity if it is not subbed :(

    • naomi

      I want to watch CodeBlue3 but I don’t feel like watching the first 2 prequels. Will I be lost without the cb1 & cb 2 stories?

      • eternal_garden

        You wont since Code Blue is case by case scenario but maybe you will have trouble to understand the history of the characters like why Kuroda-sensei will be kept mentioning here and there, the history behind Tachibana & Mitsui-sensei and the dynamics between the 5 main casts. But you will still able to enjoy it without problem like how you are able to enjoy ER without having actually the need to watch the multiply seasons of it.

        But, I will recommend you to watch all the 3 (including the SP) as the quality of the production are pretty fantastic. Yamapi is great as Aizawa and he is practically an ace even during their intern years. Shiraishi is the bookworm type and her growth in this season is pretty remarkable as she is the leader now. And Hiyama is a pretty awesome female doctor and very interesting despite having some difficulties in the 2nd season. The dramas are great entertainment so you will only gain if you watch all of it before you start the third season.

    • AoZora

      Nishikido Ryo’s drama is doing good..

    • Bubi.

      I need to watch Kanna-san!

    • shiningarmour45

      so happy for code blue 3!