Top 15 Lowest Rated J-doramas of All Time

Asajo recently compiled a list of the top 15 lowest rated Jdoramas of all time (regular, primetime). It’s a given that drama ratings are down these past years. As I also do the weekly ratings chart, it comes a bit interesting to note that several dramas of recent has made it to the list.

The press likes to feast on low ratings all the time and it has followed Odagiri Joe with his 2012 drama “Kazoku no Uta” until the title of the lowest ratings was taken off him in 2013. Just this 2015 however, 5 dramas made it into the list. When Horikita Maki’s “Masshiro” drama ratings are dropping, the producer of the drama apologized to her fans and took responsibility. FUJI TV has it a bit worse this year, with 3 of their 2015 dramas making it into the list.

Of course, low ratings does not necessarily mean low quality. It may be a commercial flop but a critical success. Have you watched any of the dramas from the list?

Top-15 lowest rated J-doramas of all time

  1. Otto no Kanojo/ Kawaguchi Haruna (TBS, October 2013)                                       3.8%
    HEAT/ AKIRA (Fuji TV, July 2015)                                                                                 3.8%
  2. Kazoku no Uta/ Odagiri Joe (Fuji TV, April 2012)                                                      3.9%
  3. Message/ Mannaka Hitomi (NTV, January 2003)                                                      4.4%
  4. Kazoku no Urajijo/ Zaizen Naomi (Fuji TV, October 2013)                                       4.5%
  5. Lion Sensei/ Takenaka Naoto (NTV, October 2003)                                                  4.7%
    Tatakau! Shoten Girl/ Inamori Izumi & Watanabe Mayu (Fuji TV, April 2015)    4.7%
  6. Risk no Kamisama/ Tsutsumi Shinichi (Fuji TV, July 2015)                                      5.1%
    Asunaro Sansannanabyoshi/ Yanagiba Toshiro (Fuji TV, July 2014)                      5.1%
  7. Keiji Ichiro/ Kato Haruhiko (TBS, January 2003)                                                      5.2%
  8. Regatta Kimi to ita eien/ Hayami Mokomichi (TV Asahi, July 2006)                      5.5%
  9. Hito Natsu no Papa e/ Ueto Aya (TBS, Summer 2003)                                             5.6%
  10. Ranpo R/ Fujii Takashi (NTV, January 2004)                                                              5.7%
  11. Masshiro/ Horikita Maki (TBS, January 2015)                                                            5.8%
    Omotesando Koukou Gasshobu/ Yoshine Kyoko (TBS, July 2015)                         5.8%

For records sake, here is the list of the top 10 Jdoramas with the highest average rating of all time (regular, primetime). The list consists mostly of FUJI TV’s Getsu9 (Monday 9pm) and TBS Nichiyou Gekijou (Sunday, 9pm) dramas.

Top-10 highest rated J-doramas of all time

  1. Hero / Kimura Takuya (Winter, 2001)                         34.2%
  2. Beautiful Life/ Kimura Takuya (Winter, 2000)           31.9%
  3. Good Luck!! / Kimura Takuya (Winter, 2003)             30.4%
  4. Love Generation / Kimura Takuya (Autumn, 1997)   30.1%
  5. Long Vacation / Kimura Takuya (Spring, 1996)          29.6%
  6. Hanzawa Naoki / Sakai Masato (Spring, 2013)           29.0%
  7. GTO / Sorimachi Takashi (Summer, 1998)                  28.4%
  8. Under One Roof / Eiguchi Yosuke (Spring, 1993)      28.1%
  9. Gokusen 2 / Nakama Yukie (Winter, 2005)                27.8%
  10. Asunaro Hakusho / Ishida Hikari (Autumn, 1993)    27.0%
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    • nothingsover

      Wow KimuTaku.

      Also, LOL Ranpo R. I mean, I honestly can’t imagine a show based on Rampo’s work being super successful because his work is so creepy and grotesque. It isn’t just psychological. I haven’t seen that drama, but I was watching Rampo Noir over the weekend, and if it was anything like that, I can understand the lack of popularity.

    • Mino

      So strange that Odagiri’s drama did just as bad as AKIRA’s but his got canceled, hmmmm.

    • faifantc

      Dramas don’t get the ratings that they did in the 90’s/early 2000’s anymore. The time period for these kinds of ratings have passed~

    • Lovely Banug

      In all Gokusen series the 3-D students of Yankumi in Gokusen 2 “Akakame” Akanishi Jin, Kamenashi Kazuya, Teppei Koike, Mokomichi Hayami, Keisuke Koide, Hiro Mizushima got the highest rating even though it has no SP episode like Gokusen1 & Gokusen3! well Gokusen 2 is the great season among all the season of Gokusen

    • Lovely Banug

      In all Gokusen series the 3-D students of Yankumi in Gokusen 2 “Akakame” Akanishi Jin, Kamenashi Kazuya, Teppei Koike, Mokomichi Hayami, Keisuke Koide, Hiro Mizushima got the highest rating even though it has no SP episode like Gokusen1 & Gokusen3! well Gokusen 2 is really the great season among all the season of Gokusen.

      • Reileen

        The shipping for Sawada Shin x Yankumi is intense in Season 1. But I guess the Akame ship sailed better LOL. Why is there no SP, I wonder?

      • ran

        I watched gokusen 2 just for the akakame moments

      • Kasumi

        I thought AkaKame was the biggest attraction in gokusen 2 or among gokusen series (sorry, so biased because I am AkaKame’s shipper). I thought in the past, JE would pull AkaKame as a duo like TegoMass or maybe a co-star in drama or movie. I am sure AkaKame will sell better.

      • kunyit

        still mad matsujun for whatever reason couldnt be a guest star in gokusen 2,3 sp nor the movie

        • Lovely Banug

          there’s a rumor back then that Nakama Yukie and MatsuJun was really getting good together to the point they have been stalk by paparazzi and have been seen eating together in a expensive resto so of course JE don’t want to disgrace MatsuJun reputation as an idol that’s why they don’t join MatsuJun in Gokusen Movie (There are saying back then that the supporting role of Kamenashi Kazuya in Gokusen movie is really for MatsuJun but because of the rumor between Yukie and MatsuJun they pull-out the role of Sawada in Gokusen movie instead MatsuJun only leave a congratulate record message in a show where in Nakama Yukie is promoting the Gokusen movie) and of course we all know that Arashi fans are one of the craziest fandom they don’t want their idols to be link to other girls (like what happen to Ohno Satoshi, poor Ochan) Even though Arashi is one the famous idol group in Japan I feel sad and sorry for the AMNOS members because they don’t have their own freedom to do things they want in their entire own life. Their fans and JE stuck them always as an “puppet idols” duh… Arashi members are getting old they should have the rights to choose who they want to date.

          • Kuku

            I think the rumor back then matsujun and nakama yukie relationship were going south around gokusen2 i think..that was the reason he wasnt in the sequel nor the movie and they were so intense around 2008 24hour tv..
            Ohchan, nino and aiba got caught by paparazzi back then actually before their big break
            Matsujun and sho chan were the ninjas…
            But after their rising popularity they have became really careful..san ohchan scandal lol

    • LOL “HEAT”, the drama with the lowest rated episode of any primetime drama this century.

      • GT

        Where’s the rating for High and low, aren’t you (arama) going to report/write something about it?
        I cannot believe there’s nothing about it in english web news. Lame.

        • It’s a late night drama so it wouldn’t really fit in with the ratings. I’ll what we can do about it.

          • Jenny Limage

            i was about to say the same, it aired at around 11 pm or midnight so it’s understandable… + during the week, who’s gonna watch something that late?

          • GT

            Well, rating wise, there’s still news coverage on it. right?
            Japanese expectaton, comments and result after it aired, and so on.

      • EXILE their power…

    • Cathy

      Dramas nowadays are lucky to have an average of 20%. Getsu9 is also no longer a special time slot like it used to be.

    • pondloso

      if story kind of mass target like rom-com or doctor and investigator and it still got under 8%
      i think it extremely bad but if some kind of human drama 5-6% it no good but not mean story it bad
      japan people now day just don’t like depress story .

      and i think Getsu9 should stop about rom-com it proof so many season that it flop

      • Tenshi Ippikiookami

        they are sometimes a little bit repetitive with their dramas, yes :), but I enjoy Aibou, and that has been for 200 years on :p

    • tere

      What does it tell you when most of the lowest rated dramas are mostly from this decade when most of the highest rated dramas are from previous decades?

    • miss_lonliah

      Japanese should come up with a new way for rating dramas…

      • Ann

        me too :-)

    • Peppermint

      Damn.. Kimutaku was intense! Nobody can even compare

      • Tenshi Ippikiookami

        He was. I’ve always been more of an Abe Hiroshi fan :). But Takuya is huge in Japan

    • kunyit

      lol..the top rating is dominated by kimutaku :D

    • me

      Asunaro Hakusho’s OST True Love by Fujii Fumiya is still on my playlist until now…

    • kashiyuka

      damn kimutaku, slay a bit

    • kashiyuka

      I’m kinda surprised about Hana Yori Dango not being here. It was the biggest thing at one point. But i guess not big enough for the top 10

      • Reileen

        If we narrow the list to 2005 – 2015, it probably would make top 10 or 20

      • nana

        maybe because it was a 10pm drama
        did they only took the 9pm slot into account?

        • Reileen

          They included 10pm dramas here bec it’s still consideted primetime. Hanadan 2 has around 21% ratings so it can’t really make all time top, but it might make the list if we are going to narrow to Jdramas of the last decade or so

    • Midna

      Good Luck!! Was a great drama. Shibasaki Kou and Kimura Takuya were great together.

    • I think that less people are tuning in when the drama airs because there are so many options for watching online now. Before streaming you had to catch it when it came on or else you wait for a rerun or the VHS. It’s probably why the getsuku isn’t such a hot timeslot anymore.

      • Lovely Banug

        yeah I agree with you. Internet nowadays is one of the greatest competition of TV programs. Many of people right now are watching drama via internet and only few right now watching drama via live stream on TV

    • naa

      Hanamoyu would definitely be here if it was a Renzoku drama

    • eplizo

      Damn Kimutaku slaying…

    • If not for Akakame Gokusen 2 is so unwatchable, I couldn’t stand Yukie’s character at all. Kizuna though <3

    • God damn KimuTaku! You was on it, weren’t ya?…..
      I know, I know, this is the stuff of legends but it’s still surprising to see in a list.

    • inchkame

      Gokusen 2 ROCKS!!! Kamenashi Kazuya and Kizuna was the best highlights for me.

    • disqus_fnwCMQDX7u

      kimutaku you absolute ledge