Takei Emi’s marriage/ pregnancy affecting CMs, casting in Rurouni Kenshin, Fragile 2

Following the surprise marriage and pregnancy announcement of EXILE Takahiro and actress Takei Emi, tabloid Daily Sports reports that Takei’s agency Oscar Promotion apologized to its sponsors and other relevant parties on Sunday and is negotiating penalties for breach of contract which might reach up to 1 billion Yen in total.

Takei is currently appearing in 10 CMs such as “JTB” and “Yofuku no Aoyama”. There is a possibility that her contract with SSP may be terminated and her CMs with other companies are affected.

A CM contract may stipulate restrictions on marriage, divorce, and pregnancy during the contract period and it is possible that Takei’s marriage / pregnancy is contrary to the agreement. For TV and movies, penalties may also be incurred due to changes in screenplay and shooting schedule.

According to Daily Sports, a new “Rurouni Kenshin” live action film is being planned. The first live action Rurouni Kenshin film opened in 2012, followed by a 2 part sequel in 2014. Takei plays as heroine Kamiya Kaoru and it is an important role that cannot be written out. Her casting and the film’s release date is still not confirmed. The sequel of Fuji TV drama “Fragile”, is also apparently scheduled in the getsu9 timeslot for January next year. The drama stars Nagase Tomoya and Takei plays a rookie pathologist. Her appearance for the sequel was discussed this spring. However it is now uncertain whether she’ll be able to participate or there will be a replacement. She was also confirmed for a co-starring drama with Fujioka Dean in “Ima kara Anata wo Kyouhaku Shimasu” for October. The filming will proceed as planned but NTV is planning to shift the story to focus on Fujioka Dean’s character instead.

(via Daily, Livedoor news)

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    • 22Nation

      Whatever happens do not hire Gouriki Ayame as her replacement, she sucks.

      Jokes aside, I really hope not all her sponsors leave her, she’s still a great model and a decent actress, she should be in the next installment of Rurouni Kenshin

    • me

      I find it very absurd that a CM contract has some restrictions on marriage or pregnancy. I get that divorce might be bad publicity but marriage or pregnancy…?? Yes, being pregnant has an effect when you are shooting a movie but for a cm..

      I just don’t get the image Japan has on women. Or even with idols, actors, any famous person. Like so many agencies forbids even dating (or making it public) because of fans. Imagine if that was the case with e.g. American celebrities. Imagine if everytime Taylor Swift started dating a guy and she had to make an video for her fans, cry, apologise and shave her head…

      I’m not huge fan of Takei Emi but I wish her all the best and hope her sponsors don’t leave her just because she wanted to start a family.

      • maguro part deux

        Advertisers want to make sure the spokesperson’s image meshes with the CM. An example might be if she were doing a beer CM and all the sudden you’ve got a pregnant lady hawking beer. The beer company doesn’t want that so they put those clauses in there.

        • miri

          I’d be extremely worried if adults can’t tell the difference between a CM and real life.

          No one has the right to interfere in the private affairs of a person. It puzzles me that a country like Japan is so backwards in certain aspects.

          • haha

            it’s not about ppl can’t tell RL with CM but rather the image that spoke person carries. They were selected for the job foe their image/beauty/etc when it’s no longer the case it can be problematic.

            • miri

              Problematic how? I could understand if it were a murderer, but getting married or divorced or pregnant is no one else’s business.

              Sometimes I wonder what Human Rights are for. Read articles 12 and 16 of the UDHR.

              • kreepy

                welcome to Japan entertainment industry, a very male chauvinist kind of industry.

              • haha

                Problematic for the CM company because being pregnant or whatever is not what the company going for. Sure it’s no one else business only if the spoke person is not contractual to maintain certain image but that’s not the case isn’t it.

                Disney fired so many of their talent after “controversy” for a reason best example is Pewdiepie the was slandered by WSJ for being/pro Nazi something that was taken totally out of context in their part but Disney and Youtube dropped him from their contract anyway regardless that it is not true and he was being slandered.

                Welcome to entertainment world in general.

          • Emi

            i would be more willing to live in a ‘backward’ countries like Japan than live in a world where people think that having pregnant women hogging a beer in a cm is okay.

            seriously? what if people who are not gifted with intelligent drink that beer thinking that it is somehow safe for pregnancy as they have a pregnant woman advertising it? when you are an image to certain brand, you have to be careful as you are marketed yourself to general public, not only people with education and crystal clear common sense.

            if I were emi, I would be the one who politely take off myself from my medicine cms since I might endanger other pregnant women if they took the medicine that I advertised and ended up endangered their pregnancy in the process.

          • KCMew

            In a CM she is pregnant, and in real life she is also pregnant. There isn’t any “difference” since she’s pregnant either way. Would you make a pregnant lady drink alcohol for profit?

      • mr. fz

        i think it’s takei’s fault. because takei make shocking announcement about the marriage and pregnancy. she must know that the he agency gave the explanation of the rule to her on the first day she entered the agency. So she must know what she can do and what she can’t. with this incident, she break the rules and indirectly affecting the agency’s reputation and good agency in japan. of course the management need to bear the responsibility for what takei done.
        I know this incident will make fans disappointed with her because she “betrayed” fan’s trust…but why fans and japanese entertainment looks marriage as a huge crime although pregnancy before marriage (in other word shotgun marriage) is wrong, not only in entertainment industry rules, even religious rules also look this marriage is wrong…

        I’m not huge fan of Takei Emi but I wish her all the best and hope her sponsors don’t leave her just because she wanted to start a family even in wrong way…

        • PhoenixForce5

          To be fair, this happens to male actors as well (not the pregnancy bit obviously). But some actors are forbidden to get married or publicize the marriage.

      • Captain Kortaffel

        You’re wrong.
        If she were to do CM for alcohol for example, having a pregnant woman will send wrong signals to the audience.
        She has CM contracts for medicine which may not be suitable for pregnant woman.

        It’s totally reasonable to switch actors in such a case.
        She isn’t punished my the media.

        • ennie

          I agree, SSP (Alesion) is an antihistamine, they just may feel it’s not the best to have a pregnant spokesperson atm.

    • AoZora

      And that 1billion yen penalty is to be borne by both Takei and Takahiro…. It’s don’t know how they would… That’s a lot…. Emi had a lot of work on her.. So I guess..
      Though I wish them well, I felt they were irresponsible on their part to plan a child without informing stakeholders.. EMI’s Agency got the marriage news the same day as others.. No wonder the agency is in awkward position..

      • Soo Thoo Cheah Jee

        well, i won’t be surprised that if her company would terminate her contract soon enough, her actions are rather irresponsible.

    • youssef

      Yes… punish women for wanting families and their own lives. Good work Japan…

    • Jp_matrix

      She breach the contract, this was expected for her… I doubt she wasn’t aware about this.

      Atleast, the public still have a positive feedback about her…

    • haha

      Kinda sad to see this happen to her, she probably expected this would happen being in the business for so long but that doesn’t make it any less suck for her especially she on the rise.

    • Jurippe

      Oscar Promotion Employees: Shit, we gotta find someone to replace Takei.

      Gouriki Ayame: Hi! Remember me?!

      Oscar Promotion Employees: Keep looking!

      • l3012

        Poor Lunch Pack!

      • ❤︎Yamada kyun

        But Ayame will look handsome than the male lead ahhaha!

      • ❤︎Yamada kyun

        Miyu Yoshimoto pls!

    • Wow

      A man’s dick getting a woman into trouble. In b4 “she should have known!!111”, there are definitely guys out there who act like they’ve put on a condom and haven’t. Even self hating Girlschannel is disgusted by Takahiro, not Emi.

      • A woman can just as easy say to her partner ” I’m on the pill, you don’t need a condom. ”
        Unless women are somehow exempt of being awful, terrible people according to you..

        • Orenji

          Not to say that she doesn’t have personal responsibility, but the pill is not common at all in Japan.

        • H

          The pill isn’t common in Japan and has very negative image over there. Do your research before you try to get cute.

        • The Dark Dudette

          Contraceptive pills have been shown to be hazardous to the health of women. My mum is a nurse and she has often told women to not be on the pill and opt for alternatives like condoms and copper T (which again isnt too safe)

      • AoZora

        I think it was mutual decision to have children.. Its better we dont blame any one person for pregnancy… As far as I know Emi,she is very determined person and I dont think anyone will try impregnating a girlfriend if she is not ready for pregnancy….

        Her agency has given her non stop work and she never got holidays.. She might have reached her threshold and thought that marriage and pregnancy might give her a little break… Letting her agency know beforehand will result in her agency not allowing to do so…

        So blaming TAKAHIRO wont work.. The agency should not ban their talents from marrying or dating ….. Otherwise the outcome will be somewhat like this….

    • What

      Is anyone really that surprised though? Hopefully she can bounce back after having the baby. Btw does anyone know which CMs she’s apart of?

    • AkaneHaga

      condom can save this

      • Up

        Condom is not fullproof

    • Nasukwa

      This is so ridiculous, Even Gal Gadot was even able to film “Wonder Woman” while being 5 months pregnant.

      Hell, even Ueto Aya , who is also from Oscar Productions, was able to get around being pregnant and filming “I’m Home”.

      If we’re really pushing it then, the only REAL concern that I could see would be filming Fragile 2. Considering how there were scenes (in Fragile Season 1) where Nomura’s character was staining histology slides near the pathologists with the concern of using Xylene (but that’s only if it was real Xylene and not stage props).

    • Reileen

      My main takeaway from here is that there’s a new Rurouni Kenshin movie lol

      It’s prob gonna be hard to film Fragile 2 for her when she’s on her 7th – 8th month already. She might still be able to do Rurouni Kenshin except if that’s supposed to be film earlier and can’t make way for a delay in filming

      • PhoenixForce5

        or the could adapt Trust and Betrayal with Tamoe and Kenshin. We haven’t seen the 2nd scar shown yet

    • Orenji

      I don’t even like Takei and I find this whole thing ridiculous. Scarlett Johansson was pregnant during the filming of one of the Avengers films. Gal Gadot was pregnant during Wonder Woman. Both big budget action films and it was no big deal. Japan has been suffering from low birthrates for years and at the same time discouraging working women from having kids. Ludicrous.

      • Emi

        Isnt it dangerous to do action scenes while pregnant? Or they just talk while they’re pregnant in the movie?

        • Orenji

          That’s what stunt doubles and camera angles are for. I don’t know the type of roles Takei is supposed to play, but I know at least Kamiya Kaoru doesn’t wear any tight leather outfits like Black Widow or Wonder Woman. Also, if a certain actress is the right person for a role and the pregnancy is too far along to hide, the director will usually wait for her.

          • PhoenixForce5

            There’s a big difference between Gadot’s pregnancy and this one. Gadot was already wrapping WW when she was pregnant so that was still at the early start of her pregnancy.

            Takei is 3 months pregnant and if they start filming soon she’d be in her third trimester by the time they start filming. If they are going to adapt Jinchu then there’s no way around it. Kaoru has a massive role in the arc and using doubles (particularly when every actor in the production does their own stunts) and camera tricks just wont cut it. And its too dangerous for her at this point. Besides I don’t think the movie will happen soon. Takeru Satoh is still shooting Inuyashiki and he has a series that is set to start filming after that.

            As for Emi Takei being Kaoru… I wasn’t a fan at all. She was lacking in a lot of ways. Compared to how close Takeru was able to play Kenshin… her Kaoru was just missing the chutzpah.

            • PhoenixForce5

              Its not like RRK hasn’t switched actors. People didn’t even realize that the Yahiko in the 2nd and 3rd movie is a different actor to the 1st lol

      • Bell

        Maybe it’s the timing? Wasn’t Gal Gadot in her early pregnancy? If the filming is scheduled for early next year, and Takei ends up being one of us who gain enormous water weight, then maybe even camera angles and doubles won’t be able to hide the pregnancy. Well, I think that if the writers could work the pregnancy into the script, it would be great, because most women become pregnant at some time, but we hardly ever see pregnant women on screen doing interesting things.

      • Hermione48fan

        If she signed a clause about dating/marriage and pregnancy and she never informed the agency before the public knew about this, you can see her agency is mad, specially for the products and movies involved and that will be affected.

    • Emi

      they could film RK earlier or after the birth of her baby. i mean, her character is an important part of the story and having replaced it with someone else would be awkward…

    • Figures this would happen since her agency has the whole ‘no romance or anything until 25!’ thing going on.

    • Having sat in on contract negotiations similar to the one that was probably involved here there was no way they couldn’t have known this would happen. In cases such as these where the spokesperson and company image are so intertwined everything, and I do mean everything, a spokesperson can and can’t do is outlined in the contract. It can be anything from the clothes you wear and how you style your hair off the clock to the the things you can and can’t say in public. So while it might seem wrong and unfair, I can completely understand why Oscar Promotion is taking the stance it is. Emi and Takahiro should have been a little more careful

      • Ran

        You’re aware that a lot of those contracts include clauses that are against Japan’s own constitution and that shady companies like Oscar Promotion and the like would lose if taken to court ? Of course, they almost never ged sued, just like workers would rather die from karoshi than sue their company, still it doesn’t make it right.

        • Yes, I’m aware. In all honesty, I don’t like it either. I think it’s insane to give a company that much control over your life. However, until things change this is just how it is. The evils of the industry are well documented. If she thought the conditions were too harsh she could have opted not to sign the contract. Everyone has to decide how much they’re willing to give up in order to achieve their dreams in entertainment. She made the decision and now she has to live with it.

          • リナ

            Did she really have the choice not to sign though? Most of those agencies are deep in bed with each other, and with the tv stations, so you’ve got to be clever about what and when to refuse or you risk being labelled as ‘difficult’ and not getting work anymore. Maybe Takei simply wasn’t very clever with her last few moves, not expecting to become… well, expecting.
            On the other hand – we don’t know how detailed the contract really was, but we do know Japanese actors drastically drop in demand after they marry and have children, so Takei’s not the it-girl the CM contractors paid for anymore. That however, makes me wonder if we should really blame the girl who chose to abort her career rather than her pregnancy, or a society that automatically stops considering a woman attractive once she gives birth.

    • ʕ→ᴥ←ʔ

      I hope that Emi at least wants to have the kid…

      • Up

        She had said in a variety program that she wanted to have a family before 25. Seriously though, a lot of women are happy being mothers in spite of various circumstances pressuring them not to be one. Sorry but I’m tired of this stigma against women with a career.

    • hasawa

      Maybe I missed something but…why are some people here acting if the pregnancy was accidental/not wanted? Or acting like it was the fault of TAKAHIRO who couldn’t restrain his d*ck or whatever? Am I the only one who considered that maybe BOTH future parents are very happy about getting a child and making a family? lol Why so quick to hate?
      Besides, I don’t get why people as so quick to put fingers to the Evil Chauvinist Japanese industry™ when some very rational reasons have been brought up about brands terminating contracts since their products would be unfit for a pregnant woman (alcohol, drugs, etc). A baby is definitely more important than a few contracts terminated… Hoping Emi will be back on track after some rest!

      • Ran

        Terminating a contract if she can’t promote the product anymore is one thing, but asking for penalties is a totally different one. As I said already, those kind of rules are against Japanese constitution and any contract forcing someone to not get pregnant or date, or marry during said contract would be illegal. So there is definitely something really wrong with that industry and all those shady agencies.

        • hasawa

          Ok, then just blame the people making those “anti constitutional” contracts and/or the people accepting to sign these them in knowing their ‘illegal’ terms. But I really don’t get the point of blaming her husband for ruining her career when he definitely doesn’t have any control into any of this…

          • Hermione48fan

            I don´t blame any of them but if she signed a contract with a dating/pregnancy/marriage item, then both should have been more careful. At least, she could advice her agency in a better way. It looks like her agency never knew that she was pregnant and this is why they are probably annoyed. I read that agencies prepare people when these things happen,they put the idols/Actors in dramas about marriage, products related,etc. So the agency is probably pissed off that this is all rushed. I hope the couple will have a happy life from now on.

            • eternal_sky

              lol like Ryo is so ready to be a father with the kind of roles they keep giving him for the last 7 years. :P

              • Hermione48fan

                LOL really?.I didn´t know that, I don´t follow Ryo that much lately haha.

                • eternal_sky

                  He is a father and husband in Inu wo Kau to Iu Koto ~Sky to Wagaya no 180 Nichi~, Zenkai Garu, Papadol, My Loser Husband and I Want to Hold You. Its like half of his projects for the past 7 years is in that role. :)

          • リナ

            The thing is, you’d have to blame all of them. In Japan, actors and singers alike drop in popularity after marriage, and even moreso when they have a child, which means the sales of their products drop as well. Thus a dating ban in one form or another is an industry standard enforced the very first day you join as a trainee. This is why the most popular marriage scenarios in Japanese entertainment industry are a) married in their 30s or 40s when most of their fans are married too b) married and forced to retire from entertainment c) pregnant and having a shotgun wedding; or mixtures of the above, with an important note that option b) applies to females much more often, because they are expected to stay at home with the kid. We can of course speculate that Takei and Takahiro made the baby on purpose in order to get their agencies to accept their marriage, but seeing how they could be forced to pay huge penalties for the lost contracts and risk losing the opportunity to continue work, it appears unlikely.

      • yamakita

        Playing the devil’s advocate: The contracts will feed the baby… They might have planned it. But they are “products” at the end of the day and their actions can carry a lot of consequences for others. I think they could’ve been more responsible. People are blaming Takahiro probably because he is the older one in his 30s so it’s logical to expect more from him.

        • hasawa

          There are billions of parents in the world making enough money to provide for their family without resorting to make 100.000 bucks CMs deals… lol I think Emi and TAKAHIRO have back up plans (and probably some savings) to back up these (momentary) unfortunate events.
          As for Emi, she’s not a child anymore but a woman in her 20s, so I think it’s fair to think she should be accountable for her own decisions, and stop putting the blame on Evil Old Men at any given opportunity.
          Deciding to set aside one’s professional career to make a family is not ‘irresponsible’ imo, it’s just a personal choice that should be respected.

    • ❤︎Yamada kyun

      I think Miyu Yoshimoto can replace Emi TAkei’s role because they’re best friends and they loook-a-like I think she can be Kaoru Kamiya https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/51ee98e628da4b9bbfaa524851afd5c1b3d2d736880a5b40baf099f4fb4fb989.png

      • AoZora

        Miyu Yoshimoto can act better than Takei… :)

    • Sakura Kou

      I am sure they can wait 9 months , it’s not like they already had date out , they were still planning .

    • Mayanee

      CMs really shouldn’t be a problem as long as it’s not alcohol or medicine that might be harmful while pregnant.
      She could also still have projects for some time.
      Regarding Kenshin she might still be Kaoru and it could work since Spoiler for Manga Kaoru and Kenshin do end up having a son Spoiler end.

      • Alice

        But her NOT being in the movie would make it so much better. This is a great opportunity to drop her…

    • Karen Khoo


    • Taru

      This better not be the end of her career. Kurokawa no Techou is such a shitty show (still forcing myself to finish it though)- it would be such a low note to go out on. (That said- she was so good at choosing dramas in the beginning of her career, wtf happened??)

    • miri

      People keep saying a pregnant woman shouldn’t be associated with alcohol or medicines because it may cause harm to people with no common sense. I’m surprised that to some it seems more logical that the solution is to control the private lives of people with a contract rather than banning the marketing of substances that are straight out harmful or should be prescribed by a doctor.

      • ennie

        It was an antihistamine – your results may vary. No reason to tie up the limited resources of the medical system over this. She had a contract, she broke the rules of the contract. She didn’t get fired anyways they already filmed the commercial so they’re still going to use it from what I read.

        • miri

          I don’t understand what you are trying to say with your first two sentences.

          And the thing about breaking the rules of her contract is that the contract itself is the problem. Using clauses that interfere in someone’s personal life is probably illegal even in Japan, which is one of the reasons why recently the Japanese Entertainers Rights Association was created, to protect celebrities from this kind of abuse. Until now there was no one to defend their rights, but things are probably about to change.

          • ennie

            Her commercial was for an over the counter medicine. It shouldn’t be banned from the market. Some pregnant women may take medications that are good with other medications.

            • miri

              I didn’t mean the medicine should be banned, I meant the publicity on TV, magazines, etc. We have a worldwide overmedication problem and it’s already enough (or rather too much) with what doctors prescribe.