Sakai Masato, Yui Aragaki and more win at the Tokyo Drama Awards 2017

Last October 26, the main event of the “International Drama Festival in TOKYO 2017″, the “Tokyo Drama Awards 2017″ was held.

The 10th “Tokyo Drama Awards recognizes excellent dramas that the Japanese are excited to bring overseas. In order to achieve further global exposure of the nominated programs, the awards’ judging criteria place emphasis on “marketability” and “merchantability” rather than “artistry” or “show quality” which had been more important aspects in other conventional awards.

Check out the winners below. More pictures at Modelpress.

Best Drama Series Grand Prix: The Full-Time Wife Escapist (TBS)

Excellence Awards for Drama Series:

  • Sanadamaru (NHK)
  • Your Home is My Business! (NTV)
  • Quartet/Lovers & Liars (TBS)
  • The Supporting Actors (TV Tokyo)
  • CRISIS Special Security Squad (Kansai TV)

Best Drama SP Grand Prix Award: Break Out (TV Tokyo)

Excellence Awards for Drama SPs:

  • Cold Case file05 Lockheed Scandal (NHK)
  • Inspector Zenigata (NTV)
  • A Man’s Fifth Year since the 3.11 Earthquake/Tsunami (TV Asahi)

Satellite and Streamed Drama

Excellence Awards:

  • Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories (NETFLIX)
  • Yowamushi Pedal (SKY Perfect JSAT)

Special Award:


Local Drama Award

Excellence Awards:

  • The Poetry Reader (NHK Yamaguchi Station)
  • Under the same sky (Ryukyu Asahi Broadcasuting Co)

Individual Awards

Best Performance by an Actor: Masato Sakai (Sanada Maru)

Best Performance by an Actress: Yui Aragaki (The Full-Time Wife Escapist)

Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role: Masao Kusakari “Sanada Maru”

Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role: Riisa Naka (I Love You Just a Little Bit)

Best Screenplay: Sou Kuramoto “Yasuraginosato” (A Comfortable Home)

Best Producer: Atsushi Nasuda (The Full-Time Wife Escapist)

Best Director: Fuminori Kaneko (The Full-Time Wife Escapist, Quartet/Lovers & Liars, I Love You Just a Little Bit)

Theme Song Award: Gen Hoshino (The Full-Time Wife Escapist)

(via International Drama Festival in Tokyo, Modelpress)

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    • Mayanee

      Sakai Masato’s Yukimura in Sanadamaru wasn’t good in my opinion and I hope that Samurai Warriors/Sengoku Basara players don’t think that this Yukimura is accurate. A Yukimura who mistreats Otani Yoshitsugu’s daughter for fanservice scenes with Nagasawa Masami in my opinion is a bad Yukimura. Sad that the drama might hurt chances of Yoshitsugu’s daughter getting into Samurai Warriors or Sengoku Basara.
      I think that Sakai also physically didn’t fit the role, Kusakari Masao was a good Yukimura in Sanada Taiheiki back than though and also a good Masayuki in Sanadamaru.

    • AkaneHaga

      that sanada maru not deserved this award, better you play spirit of sanada which more accurate than script shit on this drama esp Masami Nagasawa role you’ll choke watching her almost in every ep

    • Mela

      Yay, Omedetou…

    • REMISU

      I never knew it was called “full time wife escapist” in English 😂

      I’m just so used to calling it nigehaji lol

    • Ly Ann

      Gakky <3

    • Taru

      lol @ the “The Full-Time Wife Escapist” title.

      If this somehow means that buyers like Crunchyroll or DramaFever will get these dramas, I’m all for these awards. I freakin’ LOVED NigeHaji. And I desperately want to watch I Love You Just a Little Bit, but no one has subbed it. T_T