Ishihara Satomi and Yamashita Tomohisa co-star in next getsu9 drama “5→9”

Ishihara Satomi and Yamashita Tomohisa will co-star for the first time in Fuji TV’s next getsu9 drama. It’s a drama adaptation of Aihara Miki’s manga “5→9 ~watashi ni koishita ikemen sugiru obousan~” [from 5 to 9 ~the exceedingly handsome monk who fell in love with me~ ]. It’s an interwoven love story of a female English conversation school teacher and a handsome Tokyo University graduate monk.

First time leading a “Getsu9”, Ishihara plays the heroine who on the day before her 29th birthday suddenly gets approached by men breaking in to her period of being popular with guys (moteki). When she attended a funeral service, due to the numbness of her legs, she ends up emptying the ashes from the burning of incense on the head of a monk played by Yamashita and this is the occassion of their worst meeting. Once the two meet again in a matchmaking session, the heroine is prejudiced against the monk. However, the monk commences with a positive approach.

This is Ishihara’s first lead in her 4th appearance in a Getsu9.  Ishihara spoke, “I want to do this. The coming of moteki is like an adzuki bean mochi coming out of the shelf, it’s embarrassing but I look forward to the end from now.” About Yamashita she said, “Even before I entered this business, I was able to see a lot of his works. I’ll do my best to make everyone happy and hearts flutter this trying autumn.”

Ishihara last appeared in “Shitsuren Chocolatier” (Winter 2014) as Arashi’s Matsumoto Jun’s heroine with a “little devil” character. This time having a moteki, it’s embarrassing for a girl but a cute role.

First time challenging the role of a monk, Yamashita will not cut off his hair but will read Buddhist scriptures. It’s been 2 years since he last starred in a getsu9. His last getsu9 dramas was SUMMER NUDE (Summer 2013), his new role now is a prince type character through a handsome monk.

(credit translation Babyshazam@LJ, via Nikkansports, Sankei)

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    • SqueezeCheese

      I read only like a few chapters of this manga and could not stand it anymore. I did not like any of the characters, but now i’m conflicted because I love Ishihara Satomi and well, Yamapi is Yamapi. Maybe if it gets good reviews i’ll check it out, but yeah .____.

      • omghi

        Honestly a lot of the characters are so hard to like. It’s such a mess. Haha

      • yourcoffeesucks

        That is literally all of miki aihara’s work. All of the characters are terrible people.

      • Mayura

        I dropped the manga a long time ago because it was just plain stupid. All the characters are terrible with the exception of Arthur and Momoe so I just check back from time to time to see how this couple is progressing. The rest are trash.

    • mk

      smh i thought dramas couldn’t get any dumber

    • pondloso

      well Ishihara Satomi will draw her character out really well but every thing will end with yamapi
      for me he really not suit for this role at all seem like another bad season for fuji tv on the way
      last 4 yamapi drama it just really bad for me he play like johnny west sign a hapi song.

    • Lemon

      yamapi is so fucking boring. the character would’ve been interesting if he shaved his head and went full throttle but it just seems like monk cosplay to try and spice up a timeslot that’s gone to shit.

      • mk

        monk cosplay omg ctfu

      • Polo


      • Blanv

        But the in thr manga the monk had hair. Its not they making him cosplaying the monk.

    • What’s up with getsu9 dramas recently… The plots sound so basic nowadays.

      • Guest

        getsu9 is geared towards women in their teens/20s/early 30s and they like the romcom with super popular actors type of show

        • It’s always been that. But I get the feeling that the quality of these shows is declining rapidly. I liked Priceless and Watashi ga renai dekinai riyuu a lot :/

      • kunyit

        the staff needs a revolutionary plot for romcom getsu drama it seems…

        • no i don’t. but compared to past getsu9 dramas, this sounds boring af (and koinaka has been so far)

          • kunyit

            the staff went for easy routes the plot based on manga…hope it wont be ended weird as shitsuren chocolatier

            • I’m fine with manga adaptations. Nobunaga Concerto was good!

              • kunyit

                oh yes..i like that too :D

      • swirly

        ._. I feel like that time slot more often than not have “meh” dramas, while once in a while have a very good one.

        Date is rather recent, but I thought it was very good~

    • eplizo

      Idgi. What is a monk doing at a matchmaking session? lmao

      • pondloso

        in japan monk can have family

    • omghi

      Omg yes! I read this manga!!

    • eruki

      Yamapi dramas in getsu always end out well. Looking at how well prodai, buzzer beat, code blue . though i hope this is better than summer nude. But even summer nude still better than most boring koinaka. Fuji tv wants ratings badly so they have to use him again and he never do 2 dramas in a year before. Lets see if he still have the power.

      • Reileen

        Didn ‘t he make some record for having a back to back getsu9? Like, just one season in between? Cant remember exactly

        This is what, his 5th time in getsu9?

        • eruki

          this is yamapi 5th times in getsu9 but first time not as leading act like the article said this drama is satomi first lead.
          What is the record?oh you mean around buzzer beat and code blue 2 ?yes,only one season in between. getsu staffs seems to favorite him (lol)

      • mirin

        Hmm, I think he’s done more acting since he went over to Michi. He did Monsters and Saiko no Jinsei in the same year too (and he wasn’t billed as the first lead for Monsters either).

        • eruki

          Ah. yes, I forgot about monsters. I still not finish the drama :P

      • summer nude failed to live up to expectation in term of ratings.

        • eruki

          yeah,summer nude only got the hype but boring plot. but that still pretty good ratings with highest of 17 % and average of 12-13 %

    • kaorunanda

      yamapi is not good but he is handsome and popular and japanesse people will love to watch him hugging and kissing girl lmao. even his weird kinkyori renai was a hit. At least he is a little better than fukushi sota.

      • gaga

        yamapi just older version of fukushi sota and yamazaki kento. prince of live actions lol

        • kana

          THIS. First time I watched Yamazaki Kento in LDK. He really looks like Yamapi XD

          • ayra

            Yeah, Yamapi during the Kurosagi days. Haha!

        • utage

          If only yamapi is younger, I’m sure he would compete with fukushi sota and yamazaki kento who get more ikemen shoujo LA or how about put them as brothers? LOL

          • prima

            yes for their level of ikemen but yamapi have more better works than them and actually trying challenging and different genre dramas and roles
            fukushi sota and yamaken play same role for how many times and still get more same character and accept it.

            • lufie

              we can’t compare yamapi to fukushi sota and yamazaki kento please. idk why they have similar vibe. yamapi is not always good but have his own hit records. sota and yamazaki are lot younger than him too.

      • T

        “yamapi is not good”

        F * C * Y O U!

        • what planet are you living in?

      • kunyit

        yamapi is handsome but has dead fish eyes lol :D
        speaking of comparison with fukushi shota,Pi role’s choice is more varies than Shota but probably because he has longer career span :P

    • yourcoffeesucks

      Omfg this messy ass manga about a sexually frustrated monk.

      • T

        tell us more

    • guest0

      Poor Satomi. This is her first leading drama but people talk about yamapi more -_-

      • Guest

        In what planet is this her first leading drama?

        • guest0

          I mean her first leading getsu9 drama, please =_=

          • Guest

            Even so, it isn’t. She was a co-lead in Rich Man Poor Woman. Not to mention her role in Shitsuren Chocolatier could also be considered a lead role.

            • Reileen

              Japanese dramas credit only 1 main lead. Like in Hana Yori Dango, technically the main lead is Inoue Mao and Matsujun is a ‘supporting’ actor. All the news that carries this drama announcement talks abt how it is the first time for Ishihara to lead a getsu. In Shitsuren, main lead is credited to Matasujun. Oguri Shun in Rich Man, Poor Woman. This is also reflected in drama awards as to who is nominated as Best Actor/ actress and Best Supporting Actor / Actress

              The promo of this drama tho goes “Ishihara and Yamapi” as they are announced together

    • disqus

      yamapi is a monk?interesting. I like him from flower for algernon. I will try this drama.

    • gaga

      I want to know their chemistry. I hope this is good.

    • lufie

      getsu9 need to save ratings after koinaka. satomi alone will not enough and to mention this is her first lead getsu. they need to cast someone like yamapi for fan service. Well, good luck for them

    • kana

      “exceedingly handsome monk who fell in love with me” lmao at title

    • Nikki ok

      I like both of them so looking forward to this drama

    • faifantc

      lol. He’s still acting? I thought the Yamapi craze ended. :P Well, this role should suit Yamapi this time since he only has one expression anyway. I hope the ratings are good, though!!! I will watch anything with Ishihara Satomi in it, she’s so pretty~ <3

      • basic

        He actually doing 2 drama season, 1 special drama and a movie this year lol

    • Reileen

      I’d watch this for you Yamapi. Rom com it’s been a while. You better make this interesting.

    • chrome

      If it is few years ago maybe yes they use yamapi for ratings.. but now hmmm his drama last season was not that good ratings but also not bad regarding its timeslot.
      well who’s know. It is getsu and rom-com, i hope its funny

    • buggie

      Oh so yamapi still on his track? good for him then.

    • me

      wondering which one is better next season, whether it’s Pi’s or Ryo’s drama, can’t hardly wait for both dramas ;)

    • Shariza Akira

      i guess yamapi next girlfriend is ishihara…..omedetou………..kekkon omedetou yamashita-san…..

      • lufie

        lol is she seems to be his type?

    • T

      Perfect choice picture for him. Idk abt the story of this manga, looks interesting

      • one of best looking Johnny

    • appleorangehead

      I’m more excited with Yamapi getting a shorter hair. As I remembered the monk character has a almost-shaved hair cut and also I remembered the monk character annoyed the feminist side out of me. Waiting for the announcement of their complete cast. Wonder who will play my fave characters, the fujoshi and the half-brit.

      • Mayura

        Haha, I agree. If I watch the drama, it’s just for Arthur and Momoe. I hope the TV producers don’t screw them up with horrible actors.

    • term

      I like yamapi but ishihara satomi……..hmmmm

    • sign

      I think yamapi acting was improved a lot and better in algernon drama. So I looking forward to this and with satomi-chan too.

    • prima

      yamapi back to romance getsu9. excited. please make it good and interesting. his chemistry with keiko was epic in buzzer beat. Hope he will good with satomi too.

    • Euphoriasama

      Brilliant pairing. Have been missing Pi. Buuuut not really liking that manga. Heh.

    • Cathy

      Might give this a try. Looks more interesting than Koinaka.

    • pass19

      I never think yamapi is good actor but yes,he did lead few getsu dramas before and safe with decent ratings. but recently ratings are more difficult, he also got single digits on his last drama. We will see. I still hope this is good and better script than koinaka.
      I also feel rather bad for satomi that people discussing about yamapi more than her first getsu lead but her burden will off a little, i guess (lol)

    • Nexy

      I ship the two and wishing them to staring together since few years ago xD the monk character in this manga is not usual ikemen who lovely personality. He kinda anoying and too overprotektif toward his patner.

    • mugiwara

      Deadfisheyes!? Why would you do that, Fuji!? But fine, at least he’s got a pretty decent track record of pulling in the ratings despite his boring acting. I quite like Ishihara Satomi though, so hopefully it won’t be as bad a combination as Honda Tsubasa with Fukushi Souta.

      Also, I don’t get why Yamapi isn’t/can’t shave his head bald for this role. Okada Junichi did it (shave bald/very short) for both Eien no 0 and Gunshi Kanbee – he just had to wear a wig while promoting Sky’s the Limit (and Kimi Kimi too I think?) and other appearances with V6.

    • miki

      Higashige Masaharu or Tamaki Hiroshi will make better monk. Yamapi is too modern stylish. It will more interesting if he get new haircut and shorter hair. I’m curious though.

      • Mela

        I think it’s masahiro, not masaharu but yes..i agree with you.

    • you

      If the role and drama plot and script suit him, yamapi actually do pretty good job. Some of his dramas gave strong impression for me and same with satomi. Lets hope they working well together.

    • taiyou

      since most here seems to be corcerned about yamapi. I’m here just for my beauty Ishihara satomi. Congratulation on your first leading in getsu. I wish good drama with good ratings too :)

      • nana

        but wasn’t rich man poor women her first getsuku lead?

        • taiyou

          No, in rich man poor woman and shitsuren chocolatier, satomi-chan is female lead but not 1st leading act. The 1st leading act is Shun and Matsujun that times. Not much different actually, both male and female leads are the main characters. That term will only use on the nomination award. Japan didnt accept both best actor and best actress in a drama. It is betwen who is 1 best actor or actress and other lead is also considered supporting actor/actress. So Satomi is actually supporting actress in all her previous getsu. This new drama is actually her first as 1st leading act in getsu.
          As 1st leading act also responsible for the ratings and the best praising even the most worst critique.
          Yamapi used always as 1st leading actor before. I’m suprised they give to Satomi now, maybe because he already lead on this year spring drama and the produtions finally see potential on Satomi. It is good for her. I hope the success of drama :)

    • leven_heap

      hope they can make a better drama from the manga.the manga started good but bcause there are many couples the plot quite slow in the middle.but i think the drama has hope if they could make it right.
      but ishihara satomi needs to improve her english.her character is a very good english teacher eventhough she doesnt hv british,american etc accent.if her english is just like in rich man poor woman SP she definitely cannot bcame a cool n smart english teacher bcause i cant really understand her english in RMPW

    • umin

      From the drama title seems like it will amusing. I like rom-com with handsome and pretty couple, as long as their chemistry and story plot are good. It will fine. Both Yamapi and Satomi did romance in getsu9 before (though with different pair) and showed their skills *cough* Yamapi is good at kissing. It is exciting drama next season. Hope it turn out good.

    • ruka

      Why bother made satomi as lead if they have YamaPi ? Wasn’t it rumored to be higashige? I prefer higashige than him.

    • Reg

      yamapi and satomi <3

    • PloyMa

      I watched almost every drama of yamapi like Nobuta, ProDai, Buzzer
      Beat, Code Blue1,2, Ending Planner, Monsters, Summer Nude and Algernon, and I like
      all of them and watch them again and again~~. BUT I don’t know much about
      acting, and most people said yamapi is not good or he’s boring, so can someone be more specific to the scene where he is bad acting????? I just wonder.

      OH!! and also why people said he has dead eye fish??? I think his eye look pretty normal to me (Rather beautiful).

      • Sebrina

        Yamapi’s eyes don’t show emotion = dead fish eyes, its true, sometimes he does show emotions in his eyes but most of the time he has dead fish eyes, he’s an average actor at best, with his looks it’s so sad……

        • PloyMa

          Okay~~ Whatever
          I don’t care now. I’m already his fan and his new album release today!!!!
          So HAPPY :D

    • wiaraewiwiarae

      Perfect role for Yamapi. This drama will have so much prettyness!

    • blanc49

      Why everyone comment about Yamapi not going bald for his role? Don’t you see the manga cover? The monk had head full of hair.
      Well, just as my opinion, I really hate the monk! That’s nuff said but I’ll watch since I like Yamapi and Saromi. I’m just curious with the other character and I wonder if there is a possibility of the production to reduce the side story in order to give way to the two main lead.