‘First Class’ starring Erika Sawajiri returns for second season

Yahoo! News reports Fuji TV drama ‘FIRST CLASS‘ starring national treasure Erika Sawajiri has been renewed for a second season. In fact, it’s the fastest a drama has ever been renewed for a second season!

It takes place 6 months after where the first season took off. Chinami Yoshinari (Erika Sawajiri) has survived the cutthroat environment of the editorial team of a top fashion magazine and is ready to purse a new path in life as a fashion designer. Like the first season, she is once more the underdog, seen as beneath and less prepared compared to the rest of those in her field. Luckily, she is able to use her wisdom that she learned at her old job to persevere her way to the top.

Previously broadcast with the highest ratings within its 11:10PM time slot, this new season has been promoted to the prime 10PM Wednesday slot starting this October.

Thanks Omnirosa for the tip!

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    • Mita J

      Will she be a villainess in season 2?

      • Omnirosa

        IDK but I hope her character has a personality and brain in Season 2.

        I’m not surprised First Class had such a quick second season since the first felt like a prequel to Erika’s character actually being useful and intelligent which only happened in the last two or so episodes.

        • Reileen

          I expect that there’s at least some change in her character. The drama caption changed from ‘except me, everyone is a wicked woman’ to ‘including me, everyone is a wicked woman’ Her facial expression/ poster for the new season also changed.

          • Omnirosa

            Yeah, I noticed. I’m sure her character is going to be much better in S2, I just wish they didn’t take an entire season to get her character to be interesting to me.

            • Reileen

              I imagine her character in the 2nd season getting sucked in the politics of the industry/ company she’s in, being one of them in the process, before realizing she went too far then regained her old ‘just’ self haha

    • Bubi.

      I hope she is an independent woman this season just like Erika is in real life.

    • OhSnap!

      Bless this queen

    • uotami

      its previous timeslot was 11:10pm not 12am

      • I fixed that earlier. I think you caught a cached version of the page (a static page to reduce the server load and takes awhile to update). If you refresh it’ll probably show up but thanks for pointing it out :)