“Code Blue 3” wins 4 awards at the Summer 2017 Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix

Winners have been announced for the 21st Nikkan Sports Sports Drama Grand Prix, selected from among the dramas aired this summer 2017. It may come as no surprise that popular drama “Code Blue – Doctor Heli Kinkyuu Kyuumei ~ THE THIRD SEASON” won the most with 4 awards, including Best Drama.

A total of 1,846 votes were recorded during the voting period carried out from September 21 – 28. The top five in each category will be eligible for the finalist awards held next year in March. The full list can be seen below!

The number in brackets indicates how many votes each actor or drama series received.

Best Drama

  1. Code Blue 3 (1,069)
  2. Hiyokko (161)
  3. Onna Joshu Naotora (92)
  4. Gomen, Aishiteru (78)
  5. Uchi no Otto wa Shigoto ga Dekinai (69)

Best Leading Actor

  1. Yamashita Tomohisa – Code Blue 3 (1,086)
  2. Nagase Tomoya – Gomen, Aishiteru (136)
  3. Nishikido Ryo – Uchi no Otto wa Shigoto ga Dekinai (90)
  4. Kamikawa Takaya – Iryu Sousa 4 (68)
  5. Higashiyama Noriyuki – Keiji 7-nin Season 3 (62)

Best Leading Actress

  1. Arimura Kasumi – Hiyokko (426)
  2. Takahata Mitsuki – Kahogo no Kahoko (355)
  3. Takei Emi – Kurokawa no Techou (309)
  4. Shibasaki Kou – Onna Joshu Naotora (251)
  5. Watanabe Naomi – Kanna-san! (152)

Best Supporting Actor

  1. Asari Yousuke – Code Blue 3 (797)
  2. Takahashi Issei – Onna Joshu Naotora (150)
  3. Takeuchi Ryoma – Kahogo no Kahoko (101)
  4. Sawamura Ikki – Hiyokko (84)
  5. Shiina Kippei – Code Blue 3 (61)

Best Supporting Actress

  1. Aragaki Yui – Code Blue 3 (650)
  2. Toda Erika – Code Blue 3 (303)
  3. Higa Manami – Code Blue 3 (97)
  4. Kimura Yoshino – Hiyokko (91)
  5. Miyamoto Nobuko – Hiyokko (72)

(via Nikkansports)

  • Comments

    • yurisakura

      Congrats Code Blue team! I seriously haven’t been so attached to a drama and its cast in so long. Hope they win the final round, would be worth bringing the drama back after 7 years 😄👏

    • yuu

      Lol the huge gaps between Code Blue and other dramas.
      more suprising with gaps between Yamapi,Nagase Tomoya,Nishikido Ryo votes.
      Did johnny’s wota decided to vote Yamapi together and forget that Nagase and Ryo dramas exist ??

      • lol

        Popularity and pretty boy won over talents? ups

        • yuu

          I will not say that though.
          Yamapi is actually not that bad and Nagase or Nishikido not very good either. They just have different charm. maybe Yamapi with his cool style more well liked by youngers or something.
          and we should admit Code Blue ratings won with japanese viewers too.
          I just suprised with the gaps in their votes. I thought at least the gaps not that big since the three known as popular johnny’s.

          • Not Polka Dot

            Nagase is definitely a more talented actor than the two of them. This is a popularity contest voted by fans.

          • fish eyes

            Nagase not very good?? Compared to TUNA FISH PI in Code Blue?
            I get Code Blue win in ratings and don’t mind Pi winning by votes but in no way Nagase was less of an actor than Pi. Did you even watched the shows?

            Love Pi but sorry I can’t stand his delusional blind stans.

            • yuu

              Lol did I write Nagase less actor than Yamapi there?
              I also think Nagase is better actor but he’s also hit and miss for me that’s why I said he’s not very good. sorry if you missunderstand my comment.
              I know this award by votes and that’s why I said maybe Yamapi won because the youngers like his cool style, and again. I didn’t mention Yamapi better actor than Nagase there.
              and sorry but I’m not Yamapi fans lol
              but even I’m not his fans it is still rude to say other fans blind just because different opinions. everyone can have different taste, right?

              • fish eyes

                I don’t care if I come off rude. It was way rude to imply Nagase performance in Gomen aishiteru was weaker than Pi’s two dimensional character as a robotic doctor. It’s not just a matter of taste but simple logic.

                • yuu

                  Again. I never write Nagase weaker than Yamapi or Yamapi is better than Nagase. why you keep complain something not there?
                  If you hate the result so much and want complain just go to japanese people who votes for Yamapi because I was not. I only a passer-by who simply commented about the result.

                  • fish eyes

                    Did I say I hated the result? I wrote “I get Code Blue win in ratings and don’t mind Pi winning by votes “. Fyi, I did enjoy watching Code Blue and this is just a popularity award.

                    “Yamapi is actually not that bad and Nagase or Nishikido not very good either.”
                    Sure, I can get behind on you not implying that Nagase was less talented than Pi. You came here asking why janiwotas aren’t voting Nagase/Ryo and then speculated that it might be because Nagase/Ryo had a miss (“he’s also hit and miss for me”)???

                    Did you watch the shows, Gomen Aishiteru in particular? Even on paper & not watching it, people would know there’s a higher degree of difficulty to portray Ritsu compared to Dr.Pi. I won’t be this mad/petty/extra if this was Pi’s Algernon (which was pretty complex). Dr. Aizawa was a walk in the park even for a mediocre actor like Pi.

                    • yuu

                      You came here asking why janiwotas aren’t voting Nagase/Ryo and then speculated that it might be because Nagase/Ryo had a miss (“he’s also hit and miss for me”)???”

                      No. the hit and miss about Nagase is my personal opinion after you asked why I thought Nagase not very good. Sure, He’s better actor but I watched some his dramas and dropped 2 of his dramas in the past.
                      and Yes, I finished Gomen Aishiteru and I agree that he did good in the drama.

                      and the part about I said Yamapi not that bad. you also mentioned it. He’s not good actor but he did decent enough for some works like Nobuta and Algernon. For me there are actor/actress that worse than him.

                      Back about the award. My first comment.
                      “Did johnny’s wota decided to vote Yamapi together and forget that Nagase and Ryo dramas exist ??”

                      to say it better I just curious why Nagase/Ryo votes so low since in my head johnny’s fans love to votes for everything.

                      my next comment.
                      “maybe Yamapi with his cool style more well liked by youngers or something”.

                      I know this is popularity award that why at first i didnt want to comment about their acting.
                      I wanted to say maybe Yamapi won because he’s a lot more popular than Nagase/Ryo but I’m not sure we can see it only depend on this award so I said maybe youngers like Yamapi cool image since youngers usually love to vote.

                      • Not Polka Dot

                        For someone who’s not a Yamapi fan, you commented a whole lot about him, aren’t you?

                        I’m curious which Nagase’s dramas you’ve watched and which you’ve dropped?

                      • yuu

                        I don’t think I commented in favor for him though. someone seems misunderstand my comments and I just tried to explain and because someone asked me. I’m sorry that I sound like his fans. I just tried to be logic what behind the result.

                        I didn’t hate both Nagase and Yamapi though.

                        I dropped Kurokochi, at first I can’t stand with Gouriki Ayame and next eps I can’t stand Nagase character there and dropped it at ep 4.
                        the other drama is Nakuna, Hara-chan.
                        I almost dropped Fragile too but managed to finished it.
                        but agree that he’s one of best actor in johnnys maybe he just can’t choose some dramas very well or maybe not in my taste.

                      • Not Polka Dot

                        Well, you do sound like a Yamapi fan to me. The result was based on popularity which Yamapi has in abundance and not so much on talent. They were voted by fans and there’s absolutely no vote from professional juries. Had the votes were from professional juries, the result would have been different.

                        It’s probably because the dramas are not of your taste because those dramas are very good and very underrated. And Nagase’s acting in those dramas were great.

                      • gecko25

                        I’m not a big Nagase fan but Kurokichi, Fragile and Nakuna Hara-chan were some high quality dramas. I don’t think people who’re only into mainstream fare could appreciate Nakuna Hara-chan. If Nagase truly was incharge of picking his roles (which I doubt), he did a great job. Tbh, a lot of Nagase drama could only work well because he’s the lead.

                      • Not Polka Dot

                        Nagase is one of the top Johnny’s seniors. I’m pretty sure he at least has a say in the roles that he wants to play and he’s willing to take risks. Because some of his dramas and movies were unconventional. And even though he was being typecast in comedic roles at one point, he managed to make it different for each and every one of them.

                      • gecko25

                        “Popularity and pretty boy won over talents?”
                        And you replied “I will not say that though
                        It’s no surprise why people would take it as though your comment was about talent and not popularity.

                        Yamapi having a lot more votes because in Japan, medical dramas are more popular with the general public than sappy romance and family comedy. It’s not because wotas are charmed by Pi’s cool style. I think the previous Nikkansports (or other newspaper award) had shown voters age brackets and a huge percentage of voters were from the older crowd. The young voters pales in comparison.

    • Diego

      Kahogo no Kahoko deserved a spot in top 5 dramas of the season… at least, Takahata Mitsuki is #2 on the best actress ranking.

      • ennie

        It kind of sucks Taiga and Asadora are in the same ranking considering there is more hours/material to see the actors/build up storyline but it is what it is. Takahata Mitsuki really made her show work so I applaud her for her efforts.

      • Mela

        I didn’t watch hiyokko but I never bougt Arimura’s acting, It’s really dissappointing for me when Takahata didn’t win since she’s really brilliant as Kahoko. But yeah Yamapi even won the best actor so it’s really understandable. And I know how much Japan loves Gakky but for me Toda’s performance was much better than her in CB3.

        • fish eyes

          Hiyokko was really good actually and Arimura did great. I prefer Takahata in Kahoko myself but I don’t mind Arimura winning it this time. Both deserve it but there got to be only one winner.

    • It would be awesome if Pi can get double win again like he did 2 years ago with Algernon and From 5 to 9. :P

    • ennie

      Don’t get me wrong, I have yet to watch Code Blue but none of the women are considered a lead actress on the show? These ladies better be getting that money for the movie.

      • eternal_sky

        Usually Jdramas will only have one lead; be it male or female. Although its normal for movies or dramas in general to have 2 leads which is one male and one female, Jdramas didnt work like that. Take NegiHaji for an example, although normal dramas will have Gakky & Hoshino Gen as leads, but no, Gakky is the only lead while Hoshino Gen is the supporting. Only on rare occasions they will have double lead, like Nobuta wo Produce where both Kame & Yamapi are the leads.

    • Kaido

      Congrats to Code Blue 3! That 1,846 votes are from the newspaper readers or from their editors etc? Seems quite low if from the readers.

      • Reileen

        the one with Jury votes is the Television Drama Awards

    • H

      Shocked Hello Hari Nezumi didn’t get a single one. There was so much praise for it being more like a film, stylistically, than a movie. Guess it’ll be one of those that become a cult classic in the future.

      • H

        Than a drama I meant whoops.