Aloha! The New Season of Terrace House Will Take Place in Hawaii

The tenants of the next season of Fuji Television‘s and Netflix‘s Terrace House will be finding themselves in paradise. Filming of the reality show will take place in the state of Hawaii. Terrace House is a non-scripted reality show that takes six strangers (3 male and 3 female) and have them move in together for a month. The show was originally aired as a T.V. segment on Fuji Television from 2012 – 2014 before a partnership was made with Netflix to move it to the streaming network with Terrace House: ‘Boys & Girls in the City . Come take a look at the trailer for Terrace House: ‘Aloha State!

Terrace House: ‘Aloha State will start broadcasting on Netflix 11.1 and on Fuji Television 11.28. There will be 24 episodes. This is Netflix‘s 3rd season of Terrace House.

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    • i watched the first netflix season and thought it was cute (and it was totally refreshing after watching celebrity big brother uk which is like batshit and over the top compared to terrace house) but where the heck is the second part/season 2!!!!

      i wonder if the residents will already be residents of hawaii, or will it be a vacation deal for people living in japan? i like that they can continue to live their lives outside of the house so i hope it’s the former

      • I read that one residents (a guy) immigrated from Japan to Hawaii in 2001. So if anything, there could be a mixture.

        I know Season 2 was just fully released/completed on Netflix Japan just a few days ago. Maybe the rest of us will be getting soon now that it’s finished. I really hope we don’t have to wait for it to air fully on Fuji T.V.

      • David LeRoux

        In Netflix Spain has a message that Season 2 will be released october 15th, i supose that will be released in other countries at same time.

        • i feel like i’ve been waiting forever so i’m excited! let me cancel all plans that weekend

          • L Koshka

            I’m confused. It this Hawaii one going to be part 2 of the Japanese one, or is this a totally separate thing. Like Arman and the hat designer will go to Hawaii or… ?

            • L Koshka

              Oh I should have watched clip first. So it is the 2nd part of the Japanese one. I guess.

              • Yes it’s a part 2 of Boys and Girls in the City

    • sashayuuka

      yasss you bet I’ll be watching this season! Hawaii is where my parents are from so thats my 2nd home haha

    • omg

      I watched this show on Netflix and it’s too slow and boring for me…I need more drama…Fuji TV should make a Japanese version of The Bachelor and Bachelorette…

      • that would be JUICY

      • ColinSwitzerland

        I love it as it is.. I dont like overly manipulated reality tv..

      • Kira Moore

        I so prefer their gentler souls to the over-the-topness of American reality shows. But, omg…you should check out Part 2 of the season – Nacchan – Natsumi Saitou – brings that fire.

    • pandaapple

      yaaaaaaaaaass omg I’m so excited for this! This show is truly my everything. I hope Arman makes an appearance lol

      • Gg

        Yaaassss that would be great lol

    • Ri U

      I watched the season with the medical student, the hairstylist, the baseball player, and the barista and at first I thought it was boring but as I continued watching all the housemates became so subtly devious and manipulative it was amazing. One thing I really didn’t like was the unwritten rule that if you didn’t link with anyone you left the house.

      • T

        This is not really true, cause later on there were a few people that didn’t link with anyone for a long time.

        • Ney Congjuico


          • flexmix

            he got the hottest girl though

    • L Koshka

      This sucks. Why are they hijacking a Japanese show and displacing it in the USA? That’s just ruined it for me. I loved seeing the Japanese culture, but you can tell from the thumbnail it’s going to be about egotistical American crap. I really didn’t like Arman either as he seemed like a total player. Ugh. They just have to make everything American.

    • Vivzj

      where can we sign.up for this??? lolz i think it’s okay to have a different setting for terrace house this time and with hawaii’s familiar culture with japan, it’ll be more interesting.. can’t wait for season 3!!!🙌🏼🙌🏼😀😀🙏🏼🙏🏼

    • Ohhhhh, so that’s what this show is.

    • Howard

      We need a white guy in Terrace House for these Japanese girls

      • Em Jay

        No they don’t.

    • l3012

      I love Terrace House! Cannot wait for the next season.

      • kingbobadin

        Same i just finished part two i guess 3 is going to take long long time since in from uk :(

    • Leighanne Galiza Elvena

      WTF I thought it was Arman’s house at the end so I was like wth Arman you rich or what but it ended up being a terrace house here in Hawaii and I’m so excited because I live here and i’m gonna go stalker status and look for it now LOL

      • Andy Oh

        so how is your stalker status going now?

    • L Koshka

      This starts today!!! Netflix said it will stream a bit later in the day.

      • ColinSwitzerland

        oh did they? where did they say this …when will it be released?

        • L Koshka

          I’m so sorry, Netflix gave me the wron info. It starts in the USA Jan 1 2017, it starts in other countries on Nov 1.
          They told me in a chat with Netflix this morning the wrong info. Just now they told me it’s actually Jan 1. (USA)

    • L Koshka

      Does anyone know what Terrace House: Closing Door is? It’s showing up- not available but when you search Terrace House in the “Titles related to” section. I know that wasn’t showing up bfr- could they maybe be going to release the previous Japanese seasons?

    • Robert

      When is Terrace House aloha starting. It said 11.1 above now I hear it might be Jan. 2017 ?

      • L Koshka

        It depends which country you are in. In the USA it will start Jan 1st according to Netflix. In other countries it started Nov 1.

    • alexandra

      it didnt start in norway yet either..maybe we wont get it before USA has it D:

    • Danielle Arrowood

      Does anyone know where I can watch the older seasons with english subs?

    • L Koshka

      Can anyone explain this part, at the beginning it seemed like the commentators had already been to Hawaii. But they were talking in past tense. Then they seem like they were just seeing the episodes for first time. Also in previews I thought they showed the commentators sitting on a beach setting. But maybe they show that later on. It doesn’t matter that much i was just kind of confused. Expected to see commentators when they found out they were going to Hawaiiand then have them IN Hawaii while it aired. lol, that’s waaay too long explanation but I’m tired. :P

    • Tori

      good, I didn’t like season 2-al the boring people were left at the end, hopefully the 3rd season is better and less scripted :)

      • L Koshka

        That’s pretty much how I felt if you mean Boys & Girls in the City. When Minori and Ucchi left it was kind of over for me.

    • Isabelle Castilho

      Here in Brazil, I don’t know anyone who watched this show, so I put my mom to watch with me… Became my favorite. I’m so in Love with Japan culture, and now Hawaii ❤❤❤ congrats guys, you have a such amazing country… Kiss from Brazil, and sorry for my english.

    • L Koshka

      So are they ever going to release more episodes in the US? Or is Netflix just dragging it out deliberately to keep subscribers? No way it would take months and months to translate