Trailer released for live action movie Gintama

The trailer for the live action film adaptation Gintama along with a new promotional poster has been released.  ARAMA! JAPAN has been keeping up with the announcements regarding the Gintama live action film, including the cast announcements and the release of character visuals.

This movie appears to primarily be following the Benizakura arc that appears in volumes 11-12 of the manga and episodes 58-61 of the anime series.  The trailer features the first encounter between Gintoki and Shinpachi, as well as a few action scenes with Kiheitai.


Gintama is set to open in theaters across Japan on  July 14 of 2017!

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    • PigeonPop

      And right off the bat, we are served some very awkward enunciation and bad line delivery courtesy of Masaki Suda and Kanna Hashimoto (it doesn’t help either that Daisuke Sakaguchi and Rie Kugimiya are both excellent in the anime). Thank goodness for Shun.

    • hasawa

      Fans will probably be excited about this movie, but i can’t help finding the cast and overall scenery ridiculous lol

    • zephyr

      The teaser and character visuals DID make me excited for the film. However, this trailer… Idk but it just looks so cheesy…

    • yacchaitai

      oguri doesn’t look good in this

      • usedtobemyself

        Everything’s an improvement from his Arakawa Under The Bridge role XD

        • Himi Tsu


    • Mayura

      I will watch this for Suda Masaki!!! <3

    • light

      I really like Gintama, hope the full movie is better than the trailer!

    • Mayanee

      Oguri is normally good in Manga/Anime adations. Suda is decent as an actor however I don’t know if he is right for the role. Haven’t seen much from Hashimoto Kanna yet thus I can’t predict her performence.
      Nanao l normally like a lot. Nagasawa Masami is too mature and busty for Otae who is actually flat-chested in my opinion and I avoid her a lot now since her largely fictional blown out of proportions role in Sanadamaru was terrible and ruined the Taiga for me.

    • Historia Lenz

      I am looking forward to the fight scenes and the iconic umbrella scene!
      Masaki Okada looks good as Zuraaaa! Btw, where is Sadaharu and Bansai?