Toma Ikuta & Suzu Hirose to Co-Star in Film Adaptation of “Sensei!”

On October 26, it has been revealed that Toma Ikuta will star in the film adaptation of popular manga “Sensei!” (Fall 2017)  It has been 5 years since Ikuta last starred in a romance movie, the most recent being “Bokura ga Ita“.  Suzu Hirose will be playing the role of Hibiki Shimada, a high school student who falls in love for the first time with Ikuta’s character, Kosaku Ito.

The original work by Kazune Kawahara ran from 1996 to 2003 on Shueisha’s Bessatsu Margaret.  Kosaku is a history teacher who appears serious and hard to grasp, but is actually kind and has a love for teaching.  Hibiki comes across Kosaku’s kindness, and begins to fall in love for the first time.  An adult and a teenager, a teacher and a student – as various feelings intersect, the story depicts a clumsy and pure love.

The movie will be directed by Takahiro Miki, known for romance films including “Bokura ga Ita” Part 1 (2012), “Hidamari no Kanojo” (2013), “Ao Haru Ride” (2014), and “Aozora Yell” (2016).  The scriptwriter is Mari Okada, who has written for various animated works including “Anohana” and “Kokoro ga Sakebitagatterunda.”


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    • TruthSpeaker

      Cant wait for the movie. I love toma :)

    • Meutia S Aishah

      and I like hirose suzu too.
      can’t wait for the movie~

    • No

      32 years old and 18 years old?

      I puked in my mouth.

    • nono

      I know they like ’em young in Japan but these teacher/student dramas are just downright creepy. Shame cos I adore Toma.

    • Meh

      Rr…after jun now is toma
      at least arimura is older..
      Oh well..japan really like these kind of relationship based movie

    • light

      Another teacher-student relationship? How many dramas like that have they done…?

      • Midna

        Too many. They need to drop this topic ASAP.

      • Kokoro Ai

        Hirunaka no Ryuusei ¬_¬

    • Buzz

      I don’t know what Japan are aiming for these kind of stories. Do they seriously support a Student to be in love with her teacher or the other way around? Though I know Suzu fit for a student role and she became 18 but still she looks and act like 13 which is disturbing in my mind to see her in these kind of love stories. And the age gap between her and Toma is quiet huge. I can able to tolerate Kame and Tao in P to JK despite the plot cause Tao is older and seem mature to make it less awkward.

    • vivi

      I am interested but I hope they don’t become a couple,

    • Stop

      Another old Johnnys guy in an age gap movie. These guys are so desperate. Eww

    • smh

      “…the story depicts a clumsy and pure love.” Pure love? They can dress it up however they like but it’s still a story about a teacher wanting to nail his much younger student. Predatory behaviour celebrated and turned into a cultural trope.

    • bailey darbii
    • Riichii Almocera

      oh my !! i kinda miss touma ikuta …

    • Trishawna Morris

      I actually read the manga a looooong time ago and it was really good. I actually recommend reading it before bashing it. It doesn’t come off as a teach wanting to bang his student and there is definitely growth in both characters.