TOKIO’s Kokubun Taichi Announces Marriage

It has been rumored for years and now it’s been made official.

On September 11, TOKIO’s Kokubun Taichi announced his marriage via a card sent out to “Johnnys Fan Club” members, with a message “At this time, I, Kokubun Taichi, will be getting married.”

Kokubun and his wife, Ms. A, a former TBS employee has been dating for about 7 years, have submitted their marriage registration before the filming of his daily morning program at TBS. The date of their wedding reception is still undecided. It was reported that the couple are already living together. The two got acquainted through work in 2005 and started dating in May 2008. Kokubun himself admitted to the relationship in a women’s magazine in March 2009. His wife left TBS at the end of 2010.

Prior to the announcement, Kokubun has arranged for the sending of the cards to let the fans know of the news first. A press conference was scheduled at the end of his program, but it was postponed due to the heavy rains and flood disaster.

Kokubun also reported the marriage by writing to the media companies. “I, Kokubun Taichi, was married to someone I was in a relationship with for sometime. Although I am inexperienced, I’m glad with this opportunity. I want to work harder as a human being. Thank you.”

In TOKIO, he becomes the second member to get married after Yamaguchi Tatsuya.

(via Nikkansports, Sponichi, Sponichi2)

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    • light

      Good that they finally got to get married,congratulations!
      Nice way to tell the fans=)

    • Dalooshe

      Riidaaa when will you get married??

      • kunyit

        he said he dont really see him as a married person,,,

    • Taima-kun

      congrats Taichi!
      now who’s next in the queue and when? XD

    • JAK

      Well this breaks the unofficial Johnnys rule that only 1 person from each group gets married (publicly). Delusional arashi fans are gonna flip a shit

      • elimeten

        It’s a myth. There’s no such rule unofficially or otherwise. Shonentai had two out of three members married.

        • Guest

          probably the unofficially rule is for the more active groups. Sadly shounentai don’t even have group activities anymore. *fingers crossed for something for their anniversary year*

          • elimeten

            Well TOKIO who are active just prove them wrong.

      • Mitos

        Delusional Arashi fans flipping over the 1 married member quota myth? How come? The mythical quota is still up for grab in Arashi. They don’t even have a member who’s married yet and a lot can’t wait for junxmao to be real. Which other member who will be cockblocked by Matsujun’s rumored upcoming nuptial?

      • kunyit

        it’s only a myth or rumor though..and none arashi members are married now :P

    • Mitos

      Congrats Taichi! Finally. It has been a long wait lol.
      Here’s hoping for more marriage announcements from Johnny’s.

      Contrary to popular belief, I think Johnny’s fans are pretty welcoming to them getting married. Especially their favs who’s beyond 30s.

      • mugiwara

        Agreed! Fan responses to marriage announcements have generally been positive provided it isn’t a shotgun marriage… Fans were overjoyed when Inocchi and Gussan announced they were getting married, and the response to Taichi’s seems to be the same.

        In fact, I think fans (myself included) WANT the older ones to get married. It’d be sad if they were left on the shelf after all :/ Poor Nakai, Joushima-leader, Sakamoto-leader, Nagano-man and all of them post-40s unmarried men (except the rest of SMAP seems to be either uninterested in women and/or gay, or at least so go the rumours…).

    • nothingsover

      So happy for him!! Congratulations Taichi!! <3

      Hope Riida can get married soon LOL

    • Losers_game

      I cannot wait until he’s a dad; he’ll be more adorable than humanly possible.

    • Me

      omedetou Taichi!
      OOT, so now no disqus account to comment on arama anymore?

    • Congrats to him and her! <3

    • me

      omedetou Taichi!
      now i’m waiting for another J&A’s groups married announcement :D

    • Diediey

      I’m so happyyyyyy for him. Omedetoooouuu *O*

    • Sandra w.

      I’m so GLAD!! :D Omedetou taichi-kun… 😙
      Now TOKIO has 2 married members. I hope V6 will have too. . xD I wonder who will be next? Maybe Hiroshi & Sakamoto. .? Or maybe Go-kun ka na..? Lately he looks so mature & ready-to-married to me xP