The Japanese Music Industry Takes a Stand Against Ticket Scalping

In recent years, the Japanese concert industry has seen incredible growth. In 2006, there were 47,632 concerts attended by 24.54 million people. Last year, there were 56,042 concerts attended by 44.86 million people. Along with this growth, a problem has reared its head: ticket scalping.

Concert ticket scalping is a big problem in Japan. Scalpers buy multiple tickets at the original price, leaving less for the public to buy at face value. They then sell these tickets online at an increased price, with some fetching as much as 10 times their face value online. The public is cheated by paying these high prices, but some do pay them. Between less tickets being available at the original price and the high price of scalped tickets, much of the public can’t go to concerts as frequently. They also can’t buy the tour merchandise at the concerts.

To stop this problem, the group Tenbai No (translation: Resale No) has been formed. Today, the group took out full page ads in 2 of Japan’s biggest newspapers, Asahi and Yomiuri (the Yomiuri ad can be seen above). The ads read “Hantai shimasu” (“to be opposed to”) in large type followed by a statement in Japanese which reads: “We are against the high-priced reselling of tickets, which is depriving music of its future.” The ad then lists the 116 music acts, 24 events, and 4 music organizations that agree with Tenbai No. It’s a veritable who’s who of the Japanese music industry.

These ads are accompanied by the launch of the Tenbai No website. On the site, Kadoike Mitsunori, president of the Federation of Music Producers Japan, wrote: “Artists and concert staff work hard every day to present great performances to as many music fans as possible. High-priced reselling of tickets is a problem that can destroy the positive relationship that exists between artists and music fans.”

This is the first time such a large scale industry-wide effort has been made regarding ticket scalping. However, acts already have anti-scalping measures in place. Facial scanning systems were used by Arashi earlier this year to prevent single buyers from purchasing multiple tickets. Momoiro Clover Z, B’z, and Mr. Children have used such technology since 2014.

This may sound like a good solution, but what does this mean for international fans? Many fans have to go to Japan to see their faves live, and scalpers are one of the biggest ways to obtain concert tickets, since so many concerts require a Japanese address, credit card, and / or ID.

See which acts, events, and organizations agree with Tenbai No below!





Namie Amuro



Leo Ieiri





Every Little Thing


Oda Kazumasa


the GazettE



Tomomi Kahara


Kishitani Kaori


Kikkawa Koji


Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

KinKi Kids

Mai Kuraki


Chris Hart




Gesu no Kiwami Otome.


Koda Kumi

Hiromi Go

Golden Bomber

The Gospellers


Masahiko Kondo


Saito Kazuyoshi


Southern All Stars

now Masashi

The Birthday


the pillows





Johnny’s WEST

Johnny’s Jr.

JAM Project

Shonan no Kaze

Sukima Switch



sexy Zone

Takahashi Mariko

Takeuchi Mariya

Tackey & Tsubasa


Teshima Aoi






Dragon Ash



Naoto Inti Raymu

Miyuki Nakajima

Nagabuchi Tsuyoshi

Nishino Kana



Hata Motohiro

back number


Ayumi Hamasaki

Hamada Shogo


Himuro Kyosuke

Funky Kato

Masaharu Fukuyama

Fujii Fumiya



Love Live!

Hey! Say! JUMP


Hoshino Gen

Porno Graffitti

My Little Lover

Yumi Matsutoya




May J.



Yamazaki Masayoshi

Yamashita Tatsuro

Yamashita Tomohisa







The Rainbow




Animelo Summer Live




Augusta Camp

Kyotodai Sakusen




TV Asahi Dream Festival






Haha ni Kansha no Concert










Federation of Music Producers Japan (FMPJ)

Japan Association of Music Enterprises (JAME)

All Japan Concert & Live Entertainment Promoter’s Conference (ACPC)

Computer Ticketing Conference Association

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    • Oxox

      They really need to make it easier for overseas fans to buy tickets, often the only real option is to buy them through ticket resellers since they are the only ones who will actually sell to people outside of Japan/without a Japanese credit card and adress.

    • Midna

      So my fellow Arashians, we’re never gonna be able to go and see them OTL

    • Otagei dansu

      My heart hurts when joining the fanclub (as a local) is the only way to buy tickets. If only all of japan’s artists would open their doors to their overseas fans…

      But I have a question. those who planned to attend concerts and already bought them (with their name on it and all), but suddenly had to cancel… then they’d have no choice but to sell it so someone else can see it, right? And upon the announcement of artists’ petition against scalpers, it will get more strict and the fans can’t sell the tickets anymore… wouldnt that be a problem to them? And btw, Do fanclubs even make refunds for unused tickets?

      • Amelia Ho

        yea there are such cases where fans do over buy tickets and last min cant go for the concert
        so they need to resell the ticket to another fans to buy it or either return to company…

        then of course theres those actual resellers who are not fans of them

    • mikamika

      – there was a way to obtain tickets even if you’re not a fanclub member or
      – you could join the fanclub although you live overseas or
      – all acts stated above started touring internationally (yeah I know, that’s the least likely ^^)

      then I’d 100% support this.
      The way things are, buying tickets this way is the only option fans from oversea have (and maybe there are some people in Japan who like an act enough to want to see a concert, but aren’t fans enough to join their fanclub; they’d profit from some changes as well).

    • Niña

      I understand where they are coming from, because when you check tickets for shows, like J&A’s for example, they actually are pretty cheap. And the prices the scalpers sell the tickets are ridiculously high, they’re unreal. BUT I cannot bring myself to agree with them 100% because of the way you have to obtain said cheap tickets. If they were more open to selling, like not requiring to join the fanclub, or the ability to join the fanclub even without a Japanese address, or transferable tickets when you won’t be able to go and you give it to your friend, then I’m all for this. If they can put that much effort to stop the scalping, then they can also put the same amount of effort to actually being open about ticket selling.

      That said, there goes my dream of watching Hey! Say! JUMP live. Damn it.

      • Don’t give up! It really breaks my heart to see international fans suffer from the strict ticket balloting process. The system is really frustrating, I like your suggestions! They’re realistic and implementable; Management should take note.

        • Niña

          I wish there was at least some sort of way we can reach the J&A management and give them these suggestions. I think the easiest and most possible way to do so is to send a fan letter to one of the bilingual English-speaking Idols they have (Okamoto Keito, Jesse Lewis, etc.) but it’s still not a guarantee. It’s not a guarantee they’ll actually be able to receive and read the letter, and even if they do, it’s not like they can just walk up to management and tell them the suggestions either. It wouldn’t make that much of a difference, sadly.

          One of my goals for next year was to attend a show for HSJ’s possible 10-year anniversary tour, so I HOPE this gets solved soon. But eh, I don’t think it’s very possible.

          • NatSamui

            What if to write someone like MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON, who is more than pro-international? I guessed, they were actively agitated for spreading Japanese culture on the international level.

            • Niña

              It could work, but then would it ever reach J&A management or any other artists management? Idk, I feel like everything we say is such a shot in the dark because of how stubborn Japan is and how selfish Japanese fans are. Jpop could easily dominate the world, but its potential is being held back by the very thing that is driving it forward.

          • gggg

            Maybe someone who knows Japanese could write a (obviously not batshit crazy) letter on behalf of the international fans to a J&A radio show – preferably to some older Johnny who is not afraid to talk about different topics (SMAP members would probably be the best choice, but idk now… KinKi maybe?). I know it’s the staff who picks the letters to read on air, but I think it’s still a bigger chance to get any attention than sending it to Keito or Jesse.

            Isn’t Shounentai’s Higashiyama working in J&A (aside of being an idol)? When it comes to reaching through fanletters, I’d go for him. He seems like a sensible man and he’s probably one of the very few who would have the balls to go and suggest something like that to J&A. (Which obviously doesn’t mean he will, but the biggest chance is with him imo).

            • Niña

              Actually, that would be a pretty good idea. And instead of just one fan letter, it could be a letter attached to a petition of some sorts, with a ton of international fans signed onto it. Kind of like what the artists did here with the anti-ticket scalping. So at least they know how many people actually want these changes to happen.

              I think he would be a good candidate too, or KinKi. Or idk, maybe Tackey, or the TOKIO members?

          • Derek

            My advice. Switch to kpop

            • Niña

              Ugh, no. I only like f(x), SHINee and Ailee from Kpop. And sometimes CNBlue. The rest sound pretty generic and the same to me. And I like TVXQ and BoA’s Japanese releases more. J-Min’s really good tho, but then she’s more in the Japanese market so yea I guess that explains that.

          • Oops, sorry for the late reply! Yeah, it’s true it may not make any difference. But at the same time, I feel like there’s something international fans could do even if it probably won’t change anything. Might as well give it a shot. :/

            I hope you get to go!!! The 10 year anniversary tour would be amazing and it would be a dream come true if international fans got to participate, too. My fingers are crossed for you and everyone else overseas who wants to attend. Sigh, I sure hope things become easier for fans all over the world, in the near future.

    • Steph

      To be honest, everything JE has done to prevent scalping only prevents international scalping. There are few fans who can pay for a plane ticket and to vacation in Japan on top of a scalped ticket, so it is a really small number of people they are cutting out, all foreigners. Scalping happens so much and so freely in Japan, especially for resellers who can line up buyers before the tickets ahead of time. Although JE artists are supportive of international fans, Mr. Johnny himself is known to by a bit xenophobic, so I am not surprised. I live in Japan and was able to get tickets to see Arashi legitimately last year, but I think my odds of winning the lottery system again in the next few years are a bit low. I guess I can be happy I saw them once. I am too scared to buy resold tickets.

      • NotRonald

        No one cares about the International Fans because in the most Johnnys shows there isnt even enough space for native fans.

    • By the way, I’ve reached out to an artist on the list, and I advise all of you to do the same. Contact them on social media and make yourself heard! They won’t know this is affecting us unless we let them know.

      • M

        Hey Ronald, would you consider making a post on this subject? Sending your thoughts to the artists, I mean. And maybe give those who don’t know how a little guidance on how to go about doing so? Not everyone reads to comments so there’s many readers who may not thinking to do this, and I think a lot of people don’t understand how much of a difference doing this could truly make.

        Hm… I wonder if we could start a mass petetion? And each person would sign and list which artist they’re wanting to reach, and it could be an open petition to call for international fans to be considered. May be a stupid idea but just a thought…

        • This is a good idea. So many people talk about how international. JPop fandom is dead, but part of it is because we don’t reach out to the acts or make ourselves heard in general.

          • M

            Yes, agreed! I don’t know how to make the petition myself but if you/any of the staff at Arama end up making it, if you’ve got the time, let us know! I’m sure everyone will be spreading it around, in a grassroots manner, so I’m sure it’ll get traction.

      • byebicycle

        johnny’s and social media tho :v

      • Midna

        i wish, but JE and Arashi will never sigh. my only chance was 2014 in Hawaii… but they held it in sept during school and I wasn’t a fan ;-; im hoping they do another North American venue…

      • Skull

        Its interesting to note, there’s no LDH and AKS talents on the list.
        Only noticed it when i read girlschannel comments:
        Wonder why they don’t mind scalpers…

    • NatSamui

      C’mon, just add the possibility of e-ticket purchasing all over the world and English page!
      This helped me to buy a ticket for KPP show in Singapore this year. It was e-ticket. I flew over half of the world to reach Singapore, but I had eticket in my mail. And I was so happy~

      • joCopy

        they don’t even have enough tickets for the locals

    • cali

      goodbye my dream to ever see arashi live

    • Sophie Armand

      Knowing that Mr Johnny was born and spent most of his childhood and teenagehood in California (USA), I don’t understand why he doesn’t care about international fans… it is utterly unfair for us that are eager to spend so much for supporting our artists and try to see them during a concert. I’m actually living in Japan for 1 year and I know it is my only chance to be able to see Arashi in concert, if I can go through the balloting process of course (another thing I don’t understand about JE… application for the Dome tour already sent so I cross fingers until mid-September for a hopefully positive answer ^^)! Anyway, re-selling tickets are the only remaining hope that foreigners fans (or the ones that failed to win through balloting process) have.
      I’m not saying that I agree with scalpers that sell tickets 10 times more expensive that the regular price, it should be illegal, but in the same time I can’t hope for it to cease to exist because it would mean 0% possibilities for us foreigners to see our beloved artists.
      I wish the agencies could work on a way to help foreigners to access the ticket selling as much as trying to stop the re-selling.

      • Yum

        Actually he does care a lot about this. You should know his goal was to make his bands internationally known. And that why the Johnny’s international ticket service was great. But the Japanese fans were the one who put and end on it because for them the seats international fans got were too well and they didn’t like that artist knew were the international block was and so they were too happy to see international fans so they spent too much time there. They ask for it to stop and said that if it didn’t stop they would boycott concert.
        And I’m not even surprise that those people are ‘fans’ of the bands that resell ticket for best high prices (you can read here Arashi’s and Hey Say JUMP’s). So they had to stop the system. And it’s a mess because prices were cheap and there were good seats.
        And I not agree with you, if the resell sites only weren’t accepting high price sell they could continue the system. Johnny-san said he’s against higher price sell but not against resell, he once says it’s OK as long as it’s not higher.
        After all the website seems to collect the ticket from the seller so they can check the seats and all so they could check the price and and stop this mess. Because not only foreigners fans are paying the high price but also Japanese fans who are in the FC but didn’t got the ballot tickets and for them who paid the FC fees it’s even worse.

        And if JE was against foreigner why could they would take time to make their site available in English,Chinese and Coreen ? And why would they great the Jweb for foreigners ?

        • Sophie Armand

          I had no idea about the international tickets, so in the end it’s all because of japanese fans’ jealousy if international fans have to struggle to obtain tickets and now see their hope being reduce to 0. . Well I guess it’s useless to hope for a solution that would satisfy everyone. Unless they do concerts outside Japan, like Arashi did in Asia, but then again Japanese fans wouldn’t like it again and with their busy schedule its even more impossible. I can only imagine how bad it would be if American singers would do the same as Japan :-/

    • Simbeline

      When I came to Japan as a tourist several years ago, it was pretty easy to get tickets to a concert… any stadium show is going to keep back a certain number of seats on the sides just in case they need the room for the stage set up. On the day of the concert, you can line up to buy these tickets. As long as you’ve got the time to get there early and wait, you should be able to get tickets to almost anything.

    • morning glow

      I live in Japan, and it’s still fucking hard. I buy all my Bump of Chicken tickets from scalpers because I almost never win their lotteries (I’ve only won once out of the 13298354353x I’ve applied), and general tickets are always gone 1 min after its release. If they shut down scalping I I would have to resort to buying a shitload amt of the same CD just so I get a higher chance of winning the lottery, and there’s still this huuge possibility I don’t get it. :(

      That or just downright beg outside the concert hall. :((

      • morning glow

        Thank god BOC’s not on this list, but it’s only a matter of time. :/

    • Ran

      Don’t forget there is always a “business” reason behind everything labels do. Scalping has been going on like forever, and it never killed the music business… So what changed ? Music sales. As they declined, labels need new sources of income. And fan clubs are in fact a nice source of income. Membership aren’t cheap. If you can get more fans to sign up because it has become the last hope to get tickets, it means a regular source of cash coming right into your pocket. Just like Adobe moved to subscription based model in the software world, music business is looking at it’s own subscription based model.

    • Sunny

      The Idea is brilliant. But,they should also try and make it easier for international fans to buy legitimate tickets.

      • ynnuS


      • Jo

        Sadly, they don’t even have enough tickets for the locals… Don’t think they will prioritise us.

    • Pima

      I understand where are they coming from. the prices from resellers have been increasing ridiculously and I had to spend like around 1000$ to get tickets for arashi’s concert in order to get a good seat. I have an FC membership through a friend but I didn’t win the ballot so this was my only choice, getting completely rid of scalpers would still hurt fans as well. They should open up a way for international fans and fans who didn’t win the ballot if they’re so against it. I was surprised both sho and Jun acknowledged the fact there were overseas fans coming all the way to the concert in miyagi but they still don’t provide a legitimate way for them to attend the concert without all that hassle.

      • Amip

        Because no one wants them

        • Pima

          because no one wants arashi concert tickets? really?
          I suggest you take a careful look at the comments

          • lovehello

            I think Amip means no one wants foreign fans to come

            • Amip

              Even natives have it hard enough to get tickets why should international fans get the tickets instead national fans?

              • レン

                Nobody is saying that international fans “should have priority” on getting the tickets instead of national fans, we are claiming that international fans “should be able” to buy tickets too.

      • Midna

        Japanese fans get mad if they go overseas and if they allow international fans to come. Idk what we can do tbh.

        • Mayura

          Whoa, their possessiveness is weird. Most people would want their idols to make it big out there but the Japanese fans don’t. Can’t understand their mentality…….

          • Historia Lenz

            It baffles me, too. Their selfishness is stifling the potential of our favorite J artists to reach superstardom

            • Derek

              And leaving us fan at the mercy of hostile new sites who write off JPOP as dead while praising KPOP

              • Which sites?

                • Derek

                  Plenty, Billboard, NYTimes, Kotaku, JapanToday.

          • byebicycle

            honestly, i do get it to an extent. it’s like when you’re a fan of someone still relatively unknown, they feel “close” and reachable to you, but when they suddenly becomes super popular, it’s like… you’re happy for them but at the same time, it feels like they’re becoming more and more unreachable. from an intimate venue one day, to a huge stadium the next. something like that, i suppose. of course johnny’s idols are already big, but you probably know what i mean. the fans are just a little overprotective, which is natural i think (though maybe not rational). OR they’re just being xenophobic lol, that’s also a possibility.

            that said, even though i do get it, their selfishness is inconvenient to me and many other international fans, so as much as i appreciate the things they do for fandom, like report news and upload morning show clips on twitter etc, in this particular instance, they can just gtfo :v

            • Skull

              Nah. It’s xenophobia. Icky gaijins don’t deserves concert tickets
              *am bitter*

            • Mayura

              Xenophobic and delusional at the same time, I suppose. Sigh.

      • Yen

        Hi, just wondering what Sho/Jun said about the overseas fans in Miyagi. I was there and it was so crowded. Nice to know we were acknowleged and noticable ! I had such a good time going, its too bad that I may not have another opportunity to see them. And for the others waiting for their turn to see them, I hope a solution comes up.

        • Pima

          oh sorry for late reply
          I was there for 3 days and in all those days sho did mention that he’s grateful that people from all over the country and even people from overseas took the trouble to come all the way to Miyagi. Also on last day, he mentioned it when they went live on Music station, that there was people from all over the world too. I was really happy.
          Jun had mentioned it too in his jweb entry in Miyagi ura ura blog.

    • byebicycle

      (cough) some of these acts are big enough to go on a world tour tbh. wink wink just come to fucking europe already nudge nudge

    • Miu

      Interesting V6 isn’t on here. I got a ticket to their 20th anniversary concert from a fan that was scalping tickets last minute and many other fans were trying to get tickets from ticket scalpers as well. Wonder what the deal is there.

      • HoneyBeat

        That is kinda odd they’re missing… I went to the 20th anniversary con too w/ a FC ticket bought on a resale site for about $250 USD so kinda scalped lol (there’s a JE fan in Japan that buys from that site for i-fans). The site was filled w/ tickets, some about $1000+USD. There was absolutely no other way to guarantee I got tickets before I flew out… and I’m so glad I didn’t try my luck w/ scalpers around the venue b/c there were none at all, only fans asking to buy from the train station entrance to the venue.

        Right after the con was when the news came out about them testing facial scanning for future J&A concerts. :/

        I wonder if V6 possibly haven’t been approached by this organization yet or if they have a legit reason not to back it

    • katako kim

      It’s really hard, even if you are in the oficial fanclub, I lived in Japan, I was on the fanclub from Tohoshinki and still had to buy ticket from a reseller at least once, and the ticket that I bought from the reseller was from the ones they sell to the fanclub members only, so…

    • disqus_fnwCMQDX7u

      Read: The Japanese Music Industry is deeply xenophobic.

      • lol

        cry harder

    • Taima-kun

      whichever methods they use, the result would only be futile
      there’s just no way to eradicate ticket scalping completely

      • maguro part deux

        Yes. As long as people are willing to pay considerably more than the face value of the tickets, there will be scalping I personally don’t have a big problem with it. They’re just matching supply to demand.

    • Mayline Rosario (mayvampspr)

      L’Arc-en-Ciel has offered tickets to international fans through the artits-deli website for the last 3-4 concerts and I believe they just ask to present the same credit card with Tetsuya ticket at the entrance. But there are ways to get them without fall into the scalping thing

    • kienai

      I tried joining a concert ticket lottery in Tickebo and they accepted my foreign credit card and they give e-tickets rather than physical tickets where you need Japanese address for the ticket to be delivered to your house. I didn’t win in the lottery but that was my first time doing that and I think it can work out if they lift those shitty restrictions in the first place. Of course, if you’re not lucky to win a ticket, that’s a problem. But the system itself is a bigger problem and that’s where these scalpers feed on.

      Anyway, goodbye to my plans to watch an Arashi concert. XD

    • Ntouch

      I saw my favourite acts already so I’m content I guess. I don’t have 3K to spend every time I need to visit Japan to attend a show after all lol

      • Skull

        Who your faves? LDH? 48s?

        • Ntouch

          Namie Amuro, Miyavi, Fuji Rock Festival, KOHH,

          • Skull

            Miyavi and KOHH not in the list i think.

            • Ntouch

              I’ve seen them all live already so I’m good.

    • レン

      Wow, didn’t new it was SO HARD for “gaijins” to get tickets for a concert in Japan. I mean, i’m a really huge fan of many of the groups listed above – such as NEWS, Hey!Say!, The Gazette, Flumpool, Ikimonogatari…- and was planning to save money for next year’s KNOTFEST in Japan ’cause i’m desperately wanting to go since two years now! But you’re telling me that if i don’t have a Japanese address, phone number, nationality, FC subscription or something like that i would NEVER EVER be able to go? And not only KNOTFEST, but neither to all those artists concerts i love?! One goal in my life was to go at least to a NEWS, HSJ and The Gazette concert before dying….now i don’t know what to think anymore. And i think all that “japanese address/membership subscription” is bullshit, because i’ve been staying in Japan for a few months this year and i’ve been able to place reservations of CDs, DVDs and more stuff without having any japanese phone number, name, membership or nationality – and some of them were from JE too. So i don’t get all the “concert aren’t for foreigners” thing.

      I’m against reselling tickets because it’s illegal, of course, but honestly, i do understand it is necessary in some way for those who have also the right to go to their favorite artists concerts too. I may understand the scalping thing is kind of a rip-off for those who buy those tickets, ’cause the price is too high, but i would buy a scalped ticket if that’s what the only way to fullfil my purpose. If you – JE and all the other music associations – aren’t giving me the opportunity to be there in a proper way, i’m not gonna stay still and do nothing, letting the years pass and watching how my dreams dissappear only just because japanese fans are too selfish to let everyone enjoy whichever music they like. I’m sorry, but i can’t go with that. Artists and bands aren’t possessions, they live for their music and as much as you love them, let everyone embrace and enjoy them too.

      So for me, this is a positive thing, but only if they make easy for foreigners the fact of buy tickets to any concert.

    • Yumi

      From personal experience, at a JRock concert I went to, I found three situations:
      – extra, side-stage tickets available
      – tickets from fans who had friends who could no longer attend, resold at original price
      – and scalpers, who as soon as they heard I wanted tickets at original price, they were like: oh, no can do. And there was one person standing in line for goods who asked for at least 30,000 yen for a ticket originally worth 13,000. I didn’t have that much money, so I passed, but I have my doubts that was a fan.

      I did NOT get any ‘Japanese fans hate foreigners’ attitude, though. In fact, people came to me to ask me if I got tickets and when I said yes, were genuinely happy for me. But maybe that depends on fandoms.

      I have to say, though, that I think it’s fair to give priority to Japanese fans. After all, the concerts are in Japan. The FC system isn’t some mysterious ‘let’s make sure foreigners never get in, muahaha!’ thing. It’s simply to ensure that those who actually pay the FC fees get an advantage, priority ticket sale. Sometimes, all tickets might be FC simply because the ticket demand by FC members is so big it’d become unfair to them to keep more of them out of tickets, simply to let ‘the wide public’ in. Think about it, if you pay thousands of yen to join the FC to get access to priority sale lottery and they say: oh, sorry, you didn’t get in, cuz we have to let in others, too, even though they’re probably not die-hard fans like you’. OK, you get another chance to try the lottery, but if you lose again, to people who don’t really care THAT much whether they go or not but were just lucky… well, I’d get a little mad. (I actually get mad when seeing concerts in Japan have random foreigners in the front rows, because there’s no way those got there due to pure luck. And it’s not fair towards Japanese fans, whether you like it or not.)

      That said, I am in favor of allowing foreign fans to join FCs and allowing foreign fans to participate, if they can guarantee they will make the trip (so the ticket won’t go to waste).

      Bottom line, I’d say this is a good thing is it can crack down on scalping, without affecting same price reselling, for tickets of people who can no longer attend.

      • Yumi

        *if it can crack… probably other typos, too, sorry…

      • srsly

        because there’s no way those got there due to pure
        luck. And it’s not fair towards Japanese fans, whether you like it or

        BS. Foreigners also hit for front rows with their FC ballots. How is that not fair?

        • Yumi

          OK, I guess I didn’t put that in context properly. it’s not fair to Japanese fans when foreigners get the best tickets reserved for them. if they win them fair and square in a ballot against Japanese fans, good for them. But if there are special ‘for foreigners’ tickets, with better seats than many Japanese fans – like someone mentioned JE used to have and like it was the case in the example I had in mind; a full two front rows with only foreigners is a bit unlikely to be luck, in my book at least – then that is unfair.

    • Oxox

      As kind of an update a number of overseas fans were able to win tickets in a BABYMETAL lottery, something that had not happened before. So maybe someone is listening to overseas fans complaints?

    • At least I can still see Crystal Kay….

    • aainaa

      I agree ticket scalpel should be stopped.. but they also need to provide option for international fans to be able to get ticket concert..
      I was trying to get Arashi’s concert ticket for my friends & was shocked that it was impossible unless you are fanclub member & also need to go on balloting on top of that.. not to mention facial recognition thing.. I understand why but now we have 0% to attend their concert.. My friends was so disappointed as she was ready to spend a lot of money because she knew it will be a once in a life time experience..

      I attended 3 Hello Project acts concert before.. the highest price was 3Xactual price which was for a grad concert.. I’m glad Hello project did not take part of this but I do want these ticket scalping to stop.. I just hope it wont affect my chance attending the concert..
      & actually I dont think Japanese fans are hostile toward international fans.. they were actually nice & happy that their fav groups are recognized internationally.. At least not for Hello Project fans.. Not sure with other japanese acts though..