Take a night walk in Tokyo with Charisma.com in “#hashdark” MV

Electro-Rap outfit Charisma.com just released the Music Video for “#hashdark“, leading track of the duo’s upcoming first major label record “not not me” (out on March 22nd). The video features MC Itsuka and Gonchi walking around some of the most famous spots of Tokyo, such as Shibuya’s scramble crossing, Akasuka’s Sensō-ji Temple, and Tokyo Tower, all this while sporting several cool-looking outfits. The track brings the duo back to their origins, featuring a nice Funky vibe framed by a strong Electronic beat, in a simple yet enjoyable structure that fans of the duo will surely love.

Be sure to catch the video down here, as well as the details of Charisma.com’s upcoming album!

“not not me” Album Cover



1. #hashdark
2. Like it
4. 意地
5. Lunch Time Funk
6. Classic Glasses
7. だったらshow me
8. 婿においで
9. メキメキ
10. Chicken Boom

Charisma.com‘s first major label album “not not me” will be available on Japanese stores on March 22nd via Warner Music Japan. The duo will also kick off the “not not me” national tour on March 25th at Sapporo’s Sound Lab Mole.

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  • Comments

    • Michele

      This song is much better than their most recent releases.

      • Alex Shenmue

        Agree. Their last few releases were disappointing to me, but this one gives me hope for the new album… fingers crossed!

      • Ali B

        yes yes yes yes! I am actually psyched about this release!

    • I usually like the songs of these girls and i like #hashdark. I’ll go and listen to the album via Spotify. 🎧

    • Amy McColm

      I love Charisma.com… but I’m worried. They are signed to a major label… they aren’t really Office Ladies anymore… Gonchi is missing from the video Classic Glasses entirely and only briefly in not not me and she isn’t even on the album cover! I really like Itsuka but it’s the pair of them that I want. I hope they are not growing apart or maybe the new label is pushing the focus in one way… I don’t know. I really love all the new singles but I worry about how much things are changing and hope Gonchi always remains a partner in this DUO.