Taguchi Junnosuke to Leave KAT-TUN and Johnny & Associates in the Spring

Nippon TV’s year end music show Best Artist 2015 is currently airing in Japan. KAT-TUN is one of the acts performing at tonight’s show. Before their performance of “Dead or Alive”, member Taguchi Junnosuke make a shocking announcement: he will be leaving his group as well as Johnny & Associates this coming spring, effectively ending his career as an entertainer. This is especially surprising given that March 22 marks the 10th anniversary of KAT-TUN’s debut.

With Junnosuke’s departure, KAT-TUN will have lost half of its members, following the departures of Jin Akanishi in 2010 and Tanaka Koki in 2013. Johnny & Associates made an announcement on their site about the news. KAT-TUN will not be disbanding, but they are currently in talks about their future as a group.

Check out of the video of Junnosuke’s announcement and their performance of “Dead or Alive” after the jump.

[Best Artist 2015] 15.11.24 KAT-TUN Dead or Alive[Best Artist 2015] 15.11.24 KAT-TUN Dead or Alive

Posted by Sunrise Nippon ♥ on Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Message from Junnosuke:

And from his groupmates:

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    • Ryusei

      well dam they might as well disband at this pace of losing members…

    • light

      I never followed kat-tun closely but he was probably my favorite in the group. Sad for his and kat-tun fans, at least it was his choice and he seems to have thought well about it. Good luck to him!

    • unionempirex

      i started liking kat-tun because of kame. but then i started enjoying the presence of the rest of the members too. but jin left, and koki left. and now junno too. disbanding or not, i’ll just be sad either way. because i won’t get to see them together if they disband. but seeing half of what used to be a whole hurts just as equal. #hyphens stay strong!

    • Nina Dunlop

      not exactly a fan but really sad for KAT-TUN and their fans …. I really liked Junno so this is a huge surprise . All the best for him and the members

    • me

      kat-tun become WWTT for such a verrrry wrong reason! this is not the reason that i wanna see them to be…
      but the atmosphere of his departure had been seen since last 9uarter concert, now i know the reason why he’s so emo on the last day singing Sore Zore no Sora…
      wish you all the best Junno, KAT-TUN ganbaro!!!

      • Noj

        When was this last concert and what happened there?
        All the best to Junno, kattun and fans.

        • me

          last May 10, 2015…..rumor has it the reason why Junno so emo at the time was bcoz he’ll leave kat-tun soon, i didn’t wanna believe it at the time, but now this! T___T

          • Noj

            So they’ve already dealing with it since may….that sucks.
            I really hope Junno is not quiting so he can get married. It just doesn’t make sense if that’s the reason. With jin and koki and can see where they are heading but junno has..dancing skills and looks? Hopping the best for him really.

            • me

              yup…actually all the members had tried their best to keep him stay, but Junno has made up his mind…

              • Noj

                Omg. they tried ;(((

              • Nakamaru’s brutal, his was the saddest. ;_;

              • Feyre

                Nakamaru is so kind here. I feel for him!

    • rip

      watched this live, i was so shocked. i dont rly know kattun and hardly know anything about junnosuke but at the same time i still felt rly upset. apparently the toilets at best artist are filled with crying fans. i feel rly bad for all of them.

    • Lou

      My favourite member is leaving ! That’s so great ! *lies on the ground crying*

    • nothingsover

      KAT-TUN is over. I’m so heartbroken. This is so shocking. I really love Junno. I’m happy that he’s decided to go down his own path, but as a fan, it’s still difficult to accept. After Jin and Koki left, I thought they were finally settled, like NEWS, but I guess not. I’ve been a fan since their junior days, and like NEWS, I’ll always love them, but it’s become difficult to continue following them as of recent – though that may be in part due to my just growing out of them somewhat. I want to keep supporting Kame, Uepi, and Nakamaru, but I don’t really see them lasting at this rate. Nevertheless, I wish Junno all the best from here on out.

      • Feyre

        What would it take to make them last with three members? Even the members seem to have given up.

        • echu

          More opportunities to other members I think?

          • Feyre

            Yes they need to promote the other two much more heavily and I think they need to show even more unity as a group. This is essential to ease the fans AND gain more fans.

            • echu

              lol. Somehow, I feel that KAT-TUN has stopped trying to gain new fans. Idk why I said that though. It’s just a hunch.

              They don’t have any problems when it comes to showing their unity because they have clearly showed that in TameTabi and Shounen Club Premium.

              • ran

                I feel like they were trying harder to appeal to male fans since they have been paying more attention to them during concerts. I also read somewhere that kame has been gaining more male fans.

                I hope the programmes won’t drop them, if they aren’t disbanding that is…

    • Jenny

      Personally, even if it’s sad, I think its reasonable and normal, with the unsure popularity of KAT-TUN now :/ sad to say but between Jin and Koki there was an empty long break for the group, as much on promotion etc.

      It makes me nostalgic because it’s a little part of my adolescence, but then again I thank Taguchi to leave with a certain class, unlike Koki .. the reasons for his departure are rather obvious to me, the group is declining except Kame with his solo career, and Taguchi whether in the group or even solo, has never really been put in front the stage :/ I think he also wanted to marry his long-girlfriend date, etc. It’s just a full of little things that make the reasons of his departure.

      KAT-TUN, NEWS it’s a bit the same thing at the moment, although it’s less ‘worse’ for NEWS. There really was a before that some members leave the ship and after.

      • Noj

        NEWS definitely is not the same. They are doing much better now. All the members have balance exposure (shige writing, koyama news-casting, tegomassu singing talent and cuteness) unlike kattun with only Kame getting the spotlight.

        • Jenny

          Like I said “It’s a bit” but no they are not doing much better now :/ even if I agree with the balance exposure ^^ , but if we are talking about business then it was better with Ryo et Yamapi, even although personally I prefer the group now..
          With my “KAT-TUN, NEWS it’s a bit the same thing at the moment, although it’s less ‘worse’ for NEWS. There really was a before that some members leave the ship and after.” i was not talking about the balance exposure, but business ;)

          • Guest

            Unlike KAT-TUN, though, NEWS actually benefited from Ryo and Pi leaving. Before, they were a group with a very split identity because Ryo and Pi were expected to maintain a certain kind of mature, serious ‘cool idol’ imagine while the remaining four were much more comedic and even childish at times. It didn’t mesh well and people noticed. When Ryo and Pi left, NEWS was finally able to settle onto a niche group persona that works well for them and makes them easier to market. (Though I do miss 6nin a lot.)

            KAT-TUN, on the other hand, already had a cohesive group identity before they started losing members. They’ve just been suffering from losing people and it really sucks :/

      • Kyoko

        ‘Taguchi whether in the group or even solo, has never really been put in front the stage’

        yeah, they should have managed the group better since the beginning. always promoting kame and jin, and then when he left the group lost much popularity, but it was too late to push the other members imo.

    • guest

      Kame is saying that he doesn’t even know if they should continue with KAT-TUN after this on jweb

      • Kyoko

        Wow… that’s sad, but understandable. Did he say anything else besides the usual apologies? (I’m guessing)

      • Kiang Sheryl

        oomg where am i missing that statement?

        • me

          Kame’s J-web…

          • Kyoko

            he’s not saying he doesn’t know if KAT-TUN should go on as 3 though, but I guess they will disband.
            thanks for sharing the jweb!

    • kamemin23

      Currently heartbroken… i am deeply saddened by this news. My heart is bleeding and when i see kame suppresses himself from crying i want to cry for him. I love these 4 guys. Hang on KAT-TUN! Hang on kame-chan!

    • v

      the performance is so painful to watch, i burst into tears all over again. they’re really strong standing up there and singing. dead or alive, very appropriate song.

    • sanchan

      Fuck. I give up.

    • I’m half happy i missed their performance tonight. Even with only reading the flood of tweets I couldn’t enjoy the other groups performance. KT is done for like this. Ironic considering how they were hailed at the beginning.

      KT is declining and only Kame is on the spotlight. This reminds me of V6’s situation a few years ago I just wished KT had someone like Inocchi who pulls the scattered members together. I hope the remaining 3 members can hang on and recover.

      I’m sad Taguchi’s leaving (the only one I care about from the group) but I respect his decision. I hope he will be happy with whatever new path he’s gonna choose. Seems like he’s gonna get married and be a family man

    • Rt

      Defly sucky news, but atleast now we can have a proper farewell to Junno. Hopefully we’ll be able to use the remaining time to enjoy our time together and send him off with a big smile.
      No matter what’s decided in the future by the remaining members or the agency, I have full belief in Kame, Ueda, Nakamaru, and my fellow hyphen. We’ll be alright no matter what.

    • Kyoko

      When I heard about this I first had very dramatic thoughts (as in, ‘Oh my God he’s sick’), but hopefully he’s fine and he’s leaving because of other reasons. If it’s just for marriage I don’t understand it though, he might have something else in mind as well.

    • Anon

      Do male idols graduate just like their female counterparts do?

      • ミカ♡( ๑॔˃̶◡ ˂̶๑॓)✧

        No I don’t think it’s typical so this is an odd situation.

      • Guest

        No, some groups have had pretty much the same members for 15+ years.

      • kunyit

        usually no..see smap already celebrate their 25 anniversary and still called idol

        • N

          Sort of annoying that we have Johnny’s who are idols as middle-aged men in their 40s, but female idols are considered over the hill in their mid-20s and their fans begin to expect their graduation.

    • Erika

      I can’t find myself to be angry at Junno.
      I wholeheartedly support his decision, especially since he wants to live his life.
      However, this still hurts me bad.
      More importantly, the repercussions are scary.

    • TM

      This is very shocking. I had never been a very big fan of KATTUN but they were part of my growing up. I remember when the member were still complete; it’s so unbelievable if I think about it now. But I respect Taguchi’s decision, and at least, he made the most decent departure compared to Tanaka and Akanishi – it’s not that Tanaka and Akanishi were bad.

      Maybe he want to move on with life, maybe he is going to started a new career and want to start a new family of his own. I wish the best luck for him.

      After all, most of Johnny’s idols are stuck in the company since they were children, since they were still innocent and didn’t really understand life, it might actually is not their ideal career or real dream, right.

      I don’t think KATTUN will last for so long now, honestly speaking. But I hope KATTUN’s real fans will last and support them until the end. I wish the best luck for the rest of the members.

      Although NEWS has similar situation it’s quite different because each member has their own activities aside from the group. And I personally think KATTUN’s bond is stronger.

      • faifantc

        lol@the second to last trend. <3 He will be missed. T_T

    • Nana28

      Never really followed KAT-TUN but they were the only Johnny group I actually liked some of their songs. So sad to see this happen, but maybe he wanted to get married and he couldn’t?

    • Guest

      Can’t say I didn’t see this coming.

      • Kyoko

        you mean him or just another member leaving? Honestly, after all they’ve been through, I thought they’d stick together for the rest of their career.

        • coupthefodre


    • Nick

      He dedicated his teens/most of his 20s to make people happy, but he wants to find his too. I wish him luck on this new stage of his life. I’m sure a lot of things factored into his leaving professionally and personally, so it can’t be helped.

      With that being said, I will always enjoy how I discovered them through their backdancing for Koichi Domoto as they did a dance cover for Now That We’ve Found Love by Heavy D & The Boyz, lol.

      I enjoyed watching them grow and debut. Through all the good and bad I enjoyed what they brought to the table individually and as a whole. Don’t know what is in store for them but I wish the remaining members of KAT-TUN luck as well.

    • Taima-kun

      when Koki left, i’ve always thought as to who’ll be kicking Junno whenever he does that iriguchi deguchi line, and now Junno will be leaving soon ;___;

    • jimmy

      who’s next? members of NEWS?
      btw I’m sure BEST ARTIST 2015 rating must be sky rock after Juno’s announcement

      • Taima-kun

        it did, 19.6% rating

    • ran

      I’m remaining a fan/hyphen till the very end then, till they decide to disband.

      • Kyoko

        I don’t think it’ll be long now, sadly.

        • ran

          yea. can’t help hoping otherwise though.

      • Noj

        I read they were planning a Spring concert and have new CM contracts. This was talked about on posts at minuskakugo prior to junno’s announcement. Do you know if this were true?

        • ran

          The FC members did receive a mail saying there’ll be a spring concert, but now I’m not sure since some fans are saying there’s no longer one. Their new cm was aired a few days ago.

    • nakamarad

      sorry i’m Nakamaru-biased, so can I just rant about my feelings on Nakamaru?

      F* all that let this happened. F* all that let Nakamaru’s heart be broken again and again. I got even angrier coz I heard reports that he was crying after KT’s performance. I hate the possibility that he will have to explain things all over again during his regular show, Shuichi. I hope I can take him from wherever he is and let him take a break from all of this. Just take him faraway from everything coz he really deserved it after all the chaos throughout the years. At this point I don’t really care what he decided as long as he’s happy in the long run.

      • ran

        I really want to hug him after I read tweets of him crying.

        I feel you. I always have a soft spot for kame esp, and seeing him so shaken (when usually he’s the most collected) affected me a lot too. His jweb broke me a little lol.

      • echu

        Agree. It was heartbreaking to know that he cried right after their performance, and it was onstage too.

        • Feyre

          Somehow it feels like their last stage…

          • echu

            I don’t want that to happen, but I also don’t want to see them in any year end specials. I think I’ll end up crying.

        • Noj

          He cried onstage? I watched it live but didn’t noticed it.
          The guy is pretty concern of his friend’s future.

      • rizuki

        I’m with you f**k i cannot, i want to hug nakamaru. i know everyone in kat-tun feel the same way about this. but with nakamaru its different he’s the glue of all of them, now this is the 3rd person leaving kattun and he’s gonna blame him self for it. i just wanna hug him and tell him its okay its alright its his decicision you have tried and failed because hes already made up his mind so strongly. i don’t know part of me want him to leave kat-tun too. just me and my silly thought though after this taguchi mess.

    • kunyit

      wait what….cant see this coming..this is so surprising..
      he is my fave member in kattun

    • Lilly

      This is just so SAD!


    • PloyMa

      He is lucky, many still support him for living his life while Jin Koki Yamapi Ryo get hate after their departures. Maybe fans are used to it and jimusho dealing with this kind of situation better ne.

      • Noj

        Jin & Koki departure looked particularly selfish and immature. Junno announced it on his own and gave some time to the fans to say goodbye. Yamapi & Ryo were dragging the rest of NEWS down with inactivity because they were too much in demand. I do think both of them made the right decision to leave NEWS but they didn’t have the balls like Junno did by announcing it head on.

        • eruki

          Agree with Jin & Koki were a bit immature. Yamapi/Ryo.. They different case..if they didn’t decided soon. News would continue under Yamapi’s shadow for everyhing. They can’t even raise 1 finger without Yamapi few years ago while Yamapi already show he want solo. Ryo can’t moving for two groups for the rest of his live, he need to choose.I think their decision were the most respectable for me. They did for everyone though ended many people hate them. Look at 4nin NEWS now. I finally understand. That was the best decision.

          • taiyou

            MTE. I think NEWS fans who still butthurt hatred toward RyoPi until now, after 4 years are the very ungratefull . It very clear how RyoPi leaving gave so much benefit to 4nin, who before were nothing more than Yamapi’s back dancers. They doing a lot better now. They should admit it and thanks those two instead.
            and very different situation with KAT-TUN. NEWS are still very lucky.

            • Noj

              Not a butthurt NEWS fan but do read my reply to lufie below.
              Its pretty insulting to 4nin having their achievement today owed to RyoPi.

              • taiyou

                No I didn’t say they owned RyoPi for their achievement now. Just stop butthurt like they were poor victim that they still do it sometimes until now. They should be more grateful with what they get now. No matter how they hate Ryopi.. The 2 were important part of their group before..
                I am not on NEWS or RyoPi side. but still saw a lot hatred for those two more than how hypen to Jin.

                • Noj

                  “They should admit it and thanks those two instead.” <<<<<
                  I see a lot more fans and hyphens (rightfully) blame Jin & Koki for ruining Kat-tun than butthurt 4nin fans.

                  • taiyou

                    thanks those two for leaving group not for their achievement now -_- i think they do better after the two quit. More balance and no one overpower the group.
                    For me I saw a lot 4nin butthurt more since I used to be NEWS fans before but kinda tired of the blame games and poor dramas 4nin and fans doing. I’m not even Yamapi/Ryo fans.

        • lufie

          I remember Yamapi did apology and explained on tv show when he guest hey3x and also at his concert but that act just pissed News fans and people more. It complicated on News that time. Even if Yamapi and Ryo announce like Junno did. The result would be the same. No one care for Yamapi/Ryo reason that time yet too focus sympathy for other 4 remain.
          I’m glad now is better. I know KAT-TUN bonds stronger than NEWS 6nin and their fans support them all the same. I see many support to junno’s decision. Just feel really sad for KAT-TUN. Hope the best for them. If possible please continue as 3.

          • Noj

            Like I said, RyoPi decision to leave NEWS was for the best but NEWS fans anger is justifiable. They would be less angry if RyoPi didn’t just abruptly leave without a single goodbye performance as a closure to their chapter with 4nin NEWS. It made 4nin look like fools who merely survived on the mercy of RyoPi popularity. I’m not a NEWS fan at all but even I acknowledge how it sucked for 4nin after long absence from work as a group. It was as if 4nin was the one who was punished for not convincing RyoPi to stay.

            I love Pi & Ryo but they didn’t handle the breakup cleanly. Pi only talked about it only on his own turf and then changed management to Iijima. It really wasn’t as brave & classy as Junno. I appreciate Junno staying until March to properly face his fans and members.

            • lufie

              Idk I feel complicated. I respect both. But it might be not with News 4 fans and Yamapi’s fans opinion. I think we can’t blame anyone for this. If we want to blame then its jimusho fault. News was worst formed since beginning, lack of bondings and all. I think you their history too, right?

            • lufie

              Idk even as News fans I always feel complicated lol I do respect both and trying understand both RyoPi and News 4. If we want to blame lets blame jimusho, News was worst formed since their debut.
              About the announcement system still depend on jimusho too ne? For Jin/Koki and RyoPi they used the cold method. Maybe they also didn’t have much choice,maybe they also want do and talk more?I heard Pi did it on his own idea to explain to his fans. Yeah, only on his turf though.
              I think because Junno wanna leave showbiz that his announcement and farewell are different now. I also apreciate and respect how brave him and KAT-TUN. Hope they stronger after this.

      • lovi_disq

        Because Junno is nice guy and have good image so far I know.. different with Jin and koki who many previous scandals before they quit and caused trouble to the group and agency.
        Yamapi and Ryo known as bad guy image too, not as much as jin but those 3 are best friends, adding that Yamapi is the leader but leave for his own dream with his best friend, Ryo. That’s not the detail reason of course. They just human who choose their path to life.
        Maybe that why this time Junno..yes, lucky. its shocking but he got more positive view. Also seems JE find new better way to handle. More like 48 girls graduation now :P

    • Jimmy
      • Ztf

        I can’t believe how he just said it like that. The 1st johnny that announce leaving the company in public beforehand (Mori-kun was the first doing it but it was recorded)
        Poor Kame that had to take the wheel after it and you can clearly notice how Ueda and Nakamaru were with red eyes
        This is really sad, I admire Tagu for having the courage, maybe he did it for love.
        I wish the best to the other three, but where does this group stan now after half of them are out, is this the end of Kattun?

    • jimmy
    • echu

      Kame’s broken voice at the start of the song broke my heart more. Plus, Kame, Maru, and Ueda were barely dancing during their performance.

    • naa

      This is the end for KAT-TUN. I’m speechless.

    • eplizo

      I’m still so sad. NOOOOOOOO! They’re my favorite Johnny’s group. :'(

    • Ja’Crispy

      Feels like it’s over~ ( Ĭ ^ Ĭ )

    • I kinda want to go and hug Kame.
      As for Taguchi his choice is okay no matter what, he has to do what he wants.
      But considering the group’s history it’s like a fatality I guess, I always felt they would just disband together or something. Even if I didn’t like their music much after Koki/Jin left (more like BTR couldn’t be surpassed no matter what for me, and I never really cared for more than half the members…), I’ve always wished the best for them as a group and for Kame as a person, since it was my first JE band and idol I followed closely. Well, really unexpected, hope whatever comes for all of them is good and better.

    • PloyMa

      Kat-tun can be trio like Shonentai !! Don’t give up :D

    • eplizo

      Does anyone have a translation for what Kame said after Taguchi?

    • nerissa gibbens

      its been only a month or two since i have been into their music and this new is heartbreaking.i wasnt a fan of them individuallu but they have the best music quality among johnny’s for me.i hope that they wont disband but im not too hopeful either

    • Kasumi

      I am really shock to hear this news. It’s more shocking than when Jin and Koki left KAT-TUN. As a hyphen since 2008, this is the first time I cry when a member left the group, but at least JE won’t disband KAT-TUN. I am so grateful for this. Their speech and performance in the video was so sad and painful to watch after that disaster announcement. I cried when I watch it.
      I am sure, It will be so hard for the remaining 3 member now. They are so many people predicted KAT-TUN won’t last long, but I hope it won’t happen and they will be strong solid and strong group more than ever.
      Hyphens will always be there for KAT-TUN, so am I. WE ARE~ KAT-TUN!! *holding hands*

    • yue

      Just when I am getting used to the 4-nin this happens. Junno! I can’t watch the video yet, I know I will cry harder than I am crying right now. This is so unfair. I mean, I love Junno and can’t be mad at him (he is so honest and not a hypocrite at all) but to do this? after all we fans had to go thru? this is slap to our face, just months from their 10th anniversary! Now I wonder if when the thing with Koki happened, was Junno thinking “oh boy, now I have to endure at least 2 years more before quitting?”. I know it is unfair to say this but I am heartbroken and also really mad. My ichiban group, and despite all the joy they brought to my life, they are also the only group that made me suffer this much **sobs**

    • omg

      well, hasn’t he been in a relationship with a girl for a long time now? he probably wants to get married but johnny’s won’t allow it. good for him for breaking out because that takes SO much courage, but i can’t imagine how sad his fans, and kat-tun fans feel right now…

    • Hozrien

      I woke up and saw this, I LOVED kat-tun and taguchi was pretty much my favorite. I might not listen to their music anymore, but they still hold a place in my heart. I guess…wherever he goes, he’s happy and able to live his life.

    • HyphenStoriaSayA7

      I’ve seen a lot of members of different groups leaving, but this is the first time I started to cry. As much as I want to scream and throw a tantrum, I also respect his decision. I hope he is happy. Sincerely.
      I’m worried for kat tun’s future…I hope they still do well.
      Is he planning to leave showbiz altogether?
      (Now I’ll leave to cry and watch junno’s fanvids)

    • SqueezeCheese

      This group, they are everything to me. And to see them losing members at a rapid pace, it’s heart breaking. I will always love and support each one, either as a group or individually, but these guys are gonna disband soon and that will be it.
      Taguchi was a good person for announcing it after such deliberation and not having some weird scandal tied to him, take my blessings son.
      But I have really little faith now in this group continuing as three because it’s become too much responsibility on the other members to take over for the others.
      I love KAT-TUN so much, so I will stay until it’s over.

    • naa

      Seems like the most fitting song to this situation right now

    • Reileen

      Is it nice or is it sadder that they are letting fans see him before he goes..? Very unusual for J&A. He’s retiring from showbiz and it’s really gonna be goodbye.😢

    • eruki

      This sound like 48 family graduation system and announcement. So JE take their strategy now?
      Good luck for Taguchi.

    • Angeline Carista

      Will he marry his long time gf..?

    • Ren

      This is so fucking sad. Junno and KAT-TUN are still top topics on JPN boards. Everyone is equally shocked because he’s quitting the entertainment world for good. It’s so disappointing and confusing, especially because he’s the one member that went above and beyond what the company expected of him to perfect his singing and dancing… Now who will sing all those high notes as beautifully as he did or choreograph and perform those awesome dance segments at their concerts???
      I’m so heartbroken thinking that we won’t see Junno on a stage ever again and I really really hope he didn’t leave because JE wouldn’t let him marry Rena. T_T I also hope that despite the odds, KUN stays together as a group and that 4nin KAT-TUN get the 10th year anniversary concert they deserve so we can all bid Junno farewell with a bang.

    • echu

      This news brings me back to an old Arama post:


      “Rena Komine hasn’t had any acting jobs lately and she doesn’t seem to
      have any regrets about it either. Apparently she’s thinking about marrying
      Taguchi as soon as her beauty salon business gets on track. The only problem is
      that he’s a Johnny’s talent so it won’t be easy. Taguchi’s only options could
      be to either leave KAT-TUN or leave the agency altogether. Taguchi doesn’t have
      too many jobs himself so it’s highly likely,” one source said.

      I’ll still remain a hyphen till the very end though.

    • taiyou

      its gonna be hard to continue :( it seems they will focus on their solo
      activities.. Kame can do yamapi’s path with acting and still release solo sometimes, though I’m not sure since Kame never doing solo’s release before and its gonna be different and harder than doing as group..or he can do Toma’s path who focus more only to acting especially on big screen/movies.

      nakamaru can stick with his tv show, ueda maybe will get new corner in their senior show too. while sometimes can participate as supporting actor in drama/movie.

      I wish all of them the best.

    • Crushed

      Srsly, if it’s marriage, other Johnny’s members have held strong on their decision to marry recently. Couldn’t he have waited it out a little longer? Also, why IS this still an issue with Johnny’s. It isn’t progressive in keeping their established, successful acts. I’m not at all impressed wih their newest idols. Johnny’s isn’t going to crumble over this but what about long term with the other members aging? Are they *that* confident in today’s music industry to break something that was on the mend? Makes me wonder what other reasons resulted in this decision. It’s a bit hard to swallow when KT continued their efforts so diligently. The remaining members’ jwebs were heart and gut wrenching to read. I wish them all the best.

      • Grace

        Junno might can’t wait any longer or his girlfriend can’t. She is 36 this year tho. They’ve been in relationship for like 8/9 years already. Of course marriage is already in their mind. What they want now is getting kids and as his girlfriend is 7 years older than him, i don’t think they can wait anymore if they want to have kids.

    • gpbasicfan1 on YouTube

      I’m gonna miss him sooooo much!!!

    • onemorelight

      Wow dang … I wasn’t a big fan but I did listen to their music, and being a Johnny’s fangirl was a part of my high school years. He was always a goofy delight on shows. His character was awesome in Legal High. All the best to Taguchi, and the remaining members, and for the fans that must be heartbroken today.

    • Dayinta

      I don’t think he left because he want to get married. I mean, he’s in that age and the management should allowed him to married, right? he can get married without leaving the group, like V6’s Inohara or TOKIO’s Kokubun. I really wonder why he left. is it because he’s displeased? or what?

      • Leo

        He’s allowed yes but he would have had to continue waiting for his turn because Okada is still on the list, and Komine is turning 36 this year. She’s given up her career for him and according to all the reports she cannot wait any longer because they both wanna have kids.
        What I find it disgusting is that the company’s backward ways and unfortunately some fans’ selfishness and immaturity are making him choose between his dream of having a family and his lifetime career. I think everyone knows how dedicated Junno has been to his music, how vocal he has been about wanting to try more things musically with KAT-TUN, up until last month he was still attending production meetings. I just think that if he could have he would have stayed.

        • naa

          I know what you mean since I have knowledge on how marriage works within Johnnys too but what about Komine just getting knocked up? That must have crossed minds. If Taguchi stayed in Johnnys and were to get Komine pregnant he could stay in KAT-TUN and be married as well. Kimura and Yamaguchi both did it so I don’t see why not.

          • Grace

            You know that it’s taboo in entertainment world to get pregnant before married? Both Kimura and Jin faced the consequences after making their now-wife pregnant before married. Kimura sort of lucky since he is somewhat powerful in jimusho. While Jin is much worsed where he got punishment after his shotgun married.

            I think Junno doesn’t want to do that. He have less scandals anyway or none. He might want to do the right ways like Inohara Yoshihiko or Kokubun Taichi BUT the thing is he must need to wait even more longer. I think since Rena is already 36 she can’t wait any longer if they really focus to get kids. They already wait longer enough i think. Rena is patience enough all this while tho. They always stay low on their relationship. J&A just doesn’t seem fair enough on their talents getting married. They just acted as if they don’t mind but they hella strict on marriage business actually.

            • Dayinta

              now I understand. thank you. :(

            • naa

              Even though it is taboo in Japan (and I know it is) that doesn’t stop almost every single Japanese person from doing it. There is more of an increase in % of people living together than getting married so what does that tell you? And this taboo rule is like a rule that no one (or barely anyone) follows in Japan anymore. Even in dramas its not considered taboo anymore, they call it a 2 for 1 deal where the bride gets married and has a child right along the way. Even in the entertainment world do you know how many people have gotten knocked up before getting married? Do you know how that completely out numbers the amount of people that don’t?
              Kimura is not powerful in the jimusho. Kimura did whatever he wanted and didn’t care. He did the same thing when he was dating his girlfriend Kaorin before marrying Kudo Shizuka and wore a boyfriend ring on his finger that was given to him by Kaorin and didn’t care what the jimusho or anyone would say. Stop making things up like “he’s powerful”. There’s a difference between not giving a rats ass and being powerful.

              And about Rena, I don’t know her personally and I doubt you do as well so even if she’s getting “too old to have kids” as you put it – there are other ways to have kids and not every woman stops being able to have kids in their late 30s. The only thing you got right is the jimusho is strict, I’ll give you that.

          • Yumi

            If Jin couldn’t get away with it, as a solo artist and supposed Johnny favorite, I doubt Junno could. It’d probably end up being worse for KAT-TUN than if he just left. Plus, Jin still left Johnny’s as soon as he could afterwards.

            • Kyoko

              Jin couldn’t get away with it because he made J&A look like fools when he got married and didn’t inform them, so they couldn’t take care of the announcements properly.

              • Yumi

                Personally, I think J&A are at least partly to blame for looking like fools – if they hadn’t hurried to say Jin and Meisa are just friends, they wouldn’t have looked quite so foolish; they still haven’t learned, given the Ohno thing, but I guess Jin wasn’t willing to break up, and IMO, good for him – but that’s a different topic. My reply was to naa’s comment that if Junno got Komine pregnant, he’d be able to marry and stay in KAT-TUN/J&A. If he got her pregnant, J&A would still look pretty bad and I really doubt they’d just say: “Oh, good for you! Let’s announce it!”

            • naa

              You’re right, didn’t think of that. Taguchi had the decency to announce it though.

              • Yumi

                Yes, Junno handled it really well and I’m happy Johnny’s let him do it. That said, in case it turns out he did quit to get married and start a family, that’ll be REALLY sad, because a 30 year old man shouldn’t have to give up his dreams – that he’s worked so hard for and sacrificed so much for – to be able to start a family.

      • Grace

        You need to know it’s NOT that easy actually for Johnny’s to get married tho. Or else I believe tons of Johnny’s already married by now if there is no restrictions or strict rules.

      • N

        It’s not that easy. It depends on the circumstances and the individual. I’ve read a lot about how Johnny’s members have to wait their turn, and if someone gets married the next person who wants to has to wait in line. I also think the Jimusho is more lenient with members who aren’t marketed based on their sex appeal – Kokubun was able to get married, but for Nagase or even Mabo it would be harder to get permission. After Akanishi left, it seems like they sort of wanted Taguchi to be a little bit more of a heart throb in order to fill that role alongside Kame.

    • nothingsover

      Reading Kame, Ueda, and Nakamaru’s messages just broke my heart. They sounded so hurt by it, and it seems they really gave their all in trying to get him to stay. This is tough for fans but I can’t even imagine how difficult it must have been for those three. They had to adapt when Jin left, then Koki, and now Junno. I feel like they’ve finally given up. And I don’t think anyone can blame them for it.

    • Yumi

      It’s sad, because I always thought KAT-TUN were really special. But to some extent, I think it’s Johnny’s itself that is causing KAT-TUN to fall apart like this…

      I still believe it was Johnny’s who forced Jin to pick between his dreams of worldwide – or well, US – activity and KAT-TUN. Admittedly, doing both would have been difficult and perhaps eventually, impossible, as Yamapi and NEWS proved, but I think the split would have been less dramatic is Johnny’s had handled it differently.

      For Koki, it’s understandable Johnny’s would have rules against other ways of making an income and if they did give him repeated warnings, he only has himself to blame, but maybe if Koki had been given more freedom and he’d found ways to be satisfied without needing to do stuff outside Johnny’s, he wouldn’t have done the things that got him fired. (Actually, same goes for Jin, maybe with more freedom, he would have tried to worldwide thing with KAT-TUN instead of solo.)

      And now, we don’t know why Junno left exactly, but the clear message is the same: not happy with his life in Johnny’s. As much as I do like Johnny’s, I wish they had all quit when Kame was given his debut with Yamapi – as it’s rumored they wanted to do – and did KAT-TUN together elsewhere, in a more free environment. I wish it weren’t too late to do it now, but I guess the bonds with Jin and Koki are probably broken for good. Likely with Junno now, too…

      In a different environment, maybe they would have been able to live up to their full potential. Though we’ll never know…

    • Caprikjpopcorn

      Not a fan, but I feel sad about it, but I will try to support his decision. Be atleast happy that Kattun aren’t disbanding unlike what happended with Berryz Kobo (my favorite Jpop girl group) .

    • Luly

      Honestly, this agency is destroying itself from the inside. The whole faction deal and the way they’re managing it is giving these artists no choice. The generation that is caught between Arashi and HSJ/Sexy Zone/WEST doesn’t have enough work at all, and the only way they can get by is if they have a good amount of dramas lined up or individual side projects, as long as the agency approves of them (if not, some scandal is gonna show up mysteriously and “justify” a punishment). I think Junno left because he had no choice. He was never in the spotlight, he doesn’t have anything else going on individually (his dramas are really sporadic) and the agency didn’t give him enough to work with during his entire stay in it (despite the fact that he’s super talented). If they reach 30 and they’re stuck in the same place with nothing going on individually, you can’t blame them for reconsidering their careers. It’s now or never. I honestly feel bad for Junno, because this most likely means him leaving the industry altogether, not necessarily because he decides so (like it’s kind of implied in those messages) but because he has literally nothing to fall back on, like Jin or Koki. I’m honestly waiting for most of them to start leaving like this, because they just don’t do much at all compared to what they could do, considering the talent and fanbase they have. They dedicated their entire lives to this and they’re giving them nothing in return. Michi’s faction at least gives them chances and gets creative (like SMAP producing a Kis-my-Ft2 sub-unit or Shingo producing and collaborating on a Yamapi tour), but Mary will never give her the upper hand. This generation (which, sadly, is my generation of Johnny’s) is caught in a limbo, which is even worse with the whole faction ordeal, and it’s a matter of time to see who will carry on and who will choose better. The only thing that surprises me at all is that there are people in this fandom who still to this day take departures personally and are unable to see the bigger picture.

      • guest

        After reading Mary’s interview (where she says she’s the one doing EVERYTHING), this is one of the pictures I got of J&A:

        – Mary does everything; wants Julie to be the next J&A president so she (Mary) could still be in control through her puppet-daughter.
        – Johnny still hasn’t announced Julie as the next president, which could mean she’s not competent enough to be one
        – the difference in managing K8 and NEWS & K-T — K8 is under Mary, while NEWS & K-T under the incompetent Julie

        The above is if we believe what Mary says.
        The next theory is if we think of Mary as a senile woman (lbr, she sounded like one):

        – Mary thinks she does everything; wants Julie to be the next J&A president so she could still be in control
        – Johnny still hasn’t announced Julie as the next president because he’s waiting for Mary to retire so she won’t be able to fuq things up even more
        – the difference in managing K8 and NEWS & K-T — K8 is under Julie, while NEWS & K-T under senile Mary (who never liked KAT-TUN and didn’t want them to debut iirc)

        Whichever it is, it does look like NEWS and K-T (and maybe HSJ until recently-ish) are under someone else than the other groups from that faction. And that person either dgaf or doesn’t really know wtf they’re doing.

        • Luly

          I totally agree that NEWS and K-T are much likely under someone other than who manages K8. Last I checked, HSJ and Sexy Zone were the only groups under Johnny’s direct supervision, even if they’re not in the same faction, but that could have changed or not be entirely true. But yeah, I honestly believe that if Shige and Koyama didn’t have their personal projects on the side, they would have considered what Junno did, because honestly NEWS can do so much more than what they’re doing. Mary stated that there’s no way someone who isn’t from the family will run the company which, really, is ridiculous. After how she treated Michi in front of the press, I have no respect for her and her way of managing this company. I’m almost convinced that these conversations the K-T members had with Junno, trying to convince him, had less to do about the anniversary and more to do with the fact that, for Junno, leaving is like starting from scratch. Imagine spending your entire life in one job, doing everything for it, and now being totally stranded without any more options. Honestly, Junno was pretty brave to choose this.

          • guest

            Mary stated that there’s no way someone who isn’t from the family will run the company which, really, is ridiculous.

            I totally agree. And I’m sure that Johnny would rather give J&A to a competent worker than a less competent family member too.

            I really hope Mary will retire soon. She’ll be 89 next month. It’s about time she gtfo.
            Imo it’s her hate for Johnny (and everything that has to do with him) that prevents J&A from functioning like one agency. Who knows, if she’s gone, maybe Michi and Julie (if she’s not brainwashed) could work well together and bring J&A back on track.

            Yeah, I hope Junno has a good plan ready.

            • Luly

              Totally agree, I hope Julie isn’t too brainwashed to realize what’s going on with the agency and accept help from people who actually know what they’re doing. Just look at the last Countdown and how fans reacted, you have to be too stubborn/out of it to see people don’t like what it’s becoming of this.

            • Mayura

              She should just kick the bucket already.

        • Mayura

          When I first read the interview, I wondered if Mary’s strong feeling of insecurity stems from the fact that her own daughter is terribly incompetent. She is probably exhibiting some extreme forms of maternal instincts to protect her daughter’s future even if she clearly lacks the leadership and vision to take up the role. Nevertheless, nothing kills a corporation faster than turning it into a monarchy. If Mary is a truly smart lady, she should not be so provocative towards Michi but instead draw her in as a strong ally to assist her daughter in ascending the role. Using brutal insults to display her family’s elitism is just extremely distasteful and despicable.

          • Luly

            I agree with you 100%, I think there’s a lot of insecurity from her part, which is clearly evident also in the excuses she gave to justify why the factions don’t mix anywhere.

            • Mayura

              Yeah, her constant “reminders” to Michi during that interview that the “throne” belongs to her daughter screams major insecurities. She appeared to try very hard to demotivate Michi from fighting for the position. But well, if Julie is truly an idiot, giving her the company will only lead it to its ruins. Better to leave her as a shareholder and let someone competent to run the company instead.

      • Yumi

        I agree, Johnny’s is like a sinking ship. I just wish it were easier for them to continue in entertainment beyond Johnny’s. Both Jin and Koki – I guess, I admit I haven’t followed him as closely – seem happy with their post-Johnny’s lives, but their options are unfairly limited. Jin seems to have a TV appearance ban – including dramas and movies – while you rarely hear anything at all about Koki and his band. I sometimes thought Yamapi could maybe join Jin in being independent, especially after his scandal last year, but while Yamapi writes his own music, singing isn’t really his strongest suit and I’m not sure how much success he’d have independently. And acting would be off the table – and contrary to popular opinion, I think he can do well, in the right circumstances.

        I think Junno’s strongest suit is his dancing, so I hope he’ll eventually work as a dancer, or maybe choreographer – I admit to a little dream of him joining Jin’s dancers crew; he used to dance for Jin even in KAT-TUN, so I think he’d enjoy it… plus I can’t imagine Junno having a grudge against Jin as it’s often assumed the others have. It’d be a way to earn money, do something he enjoys and avoid the pressures that come with being an idol. *fingers crossed*

        • Luly

          As for Yamapi, I am honestly waiting for him to leave at this point. He’s been fine, because he had two strong dramas this year and he has a variety show, which is fun enough but it’s really not his strong suit to host one. Still, he hasn’t released anything related to music since YOU over a year ago and a DVD back in May that had to do with YOU. Even if this has to do with the whole punishment for him collaborating with Jin’s business and all that, I think there’s some faction drama going on to make this worse, because it’s downright negative for the agency to have him like this at this point. He has already one foot out the door because of the label change, but I think his loyalty to some people in his faction is what’s keeping him in. If he left, I think he’d be ok on his own, because contrary to the rest, he’s had a single career for a long time now and his concerts do well, even internationally. He’s not the best singer, I agree, but his shows are good and he has a consolidated solo identity and a big enough fanbase to help him continue on his own, with good management.

          • Yumi

            I hope you’re right, re: Yamapi on his own. Fanbases tend to be a bit volatile when it comes to Johnny’s, though. But I really hope whatever he chooses, he’ll be happy with it.

          • mani

            As a fan out of many, I reassure that Yamapi’s fanbase is a really strong one. He might be loyal to Johnny so he wouldn’t plan to leave, yet his fan’s loyalty to him is even stronger. We will follow him anywhere.

            • Luly

              I agree, whatever he chooses, I’m sure he’ll choose wisely.

    • Oh my gosh, it’s so strange to think that it will be just Kame, Ueda and Nakamaru now… it makes me a bit sad, but I do wish the best to Junno and his future.

    • makjjang

      this is sad news for me who like them and Taguchi my bias, thank you Taguchi san hope you happy with your own life…

    • Why am i Just now reading this?!?! I am so shocked!

    • Kiki

      Junno! Why T_T

    • naa

      does anyone know what the hell they mean by kat-tun holding a spring concert but at the same time kame saying on his radio program that there probably won’t be any tenth year celebrations like wtf? does that mean the concert is cancelled? or is kame foreshadowing that the tenth anni will be the end for them?

    • 2PrincessAngel

      Eventhough this is really sad for me, I respect and support Junno’s decision, as long as he’s happy.
      I was really sad when Jin and Koki left too, but you have to know that it’s their choice. I don’t hate Junnosuke, Koki or Jin for leaving, I just hope that they’re happy and they’re being honest to themselves. KAT TUN inspired me so much, all 6 of them and I have no regrets of being a KAT TUN fan :)
      They made me realise how important your bonds in life are, and they kept me on my feet with their music. I feel calmer when I think about them or listen to their songs. They give me strength to look up and move forward.

      I love all of you guys and I’ll be a KAT TUN fan till the day I die, KAT TUN was the first ever band I got into, my first fangirling moments, and squeals were on this band. I felt amazing.

      Thanks for the memories ❤️

      I’ll always love you guys and support your decisions. :) ❤️❤️❤️❤️😊😊😊😊😊😊😊❤️❤️❤️❤️😭😭😭😭😭😭😀😀😀😀😀😀😂😂😂😂😊😊😊😊😊

      • 2PrincessAngel

        P.S. I hope you guys will always be friends, to me you guys had an unbreakable bond with each other.
        You guys are the best.
        You make me smile and laugh with your goofinessXD
        You make me cry with your touching moments.
        You make me ride a roller coaster of emotions with your amazing music.
        You make me want to meet you because you guys are simply amazing:)
        But I live all the way in London so it’s kinda impossible. Lol

        Thanks again xoxoxo

    • Esha

      Kame is the only one who will stick to KAT-TUN no matter what.. I feel Kame is best singer amoung the group.

    • Esha

      everytime a member leaves,kame is questioned about it.
      I feel sorry for Kame.. he needs to be keep answering people whenever is out for brand promotions or other activities.
      kame will shine as a solo artist since he has great voice,dancing skills and charisma.. but i know he will never quit the band by himself.

    • ferya

      damnnn kazuya sound like he got hurt a lot, other members too, was shocked when i first hear about that too, i like him second best in the remaining group ='(