Suiyoubi no Campanella, Flower, BoA, Nana Mizuki, and More Added to FNS Kayousai Lineup

Like last year, this year’s edition of Fuji TV’s annual year end music special, FNS Kayousai, will be split up over two nights. The first night will take place on December 7, while the second night will take place on December 14. The first, second, and third sets of performers were already announced, and the fourth and fifth sets have now been revealed.

The fourth lineup announcement revealed that Saijo Hideki will be performing on the first night. This will be his first time appearing on FNS Kayousai since 1990. In 2003 and 2011, he had a cerebral infarction which left the right side of his body paralyzed. After rehabilitation, he is now performing again.

The fifth lineup revealed more performers for both nights. The first night will include performances by Wentz Eiji, Ulfuls, ℃-ute, Suenobu Mayuko, Natsuki Mari, Hayashiba Satoshi, and Fujisawa Norimasa. On the second night, AyaBambi, Inoue Sonoko, Kikkawa Koji, Chris Hart, KREVA, The Gospellers, SHINee, Suiyoubi no Campanella, Dream Ami, Flower, BoA, Porno Graffitti, Ms.OOJA, Nana Mizuki, MIYAVI, and Moriyasu Madoka (HKT48) will perform.

It was also announced that on the first night, Arashi will collaborate with violinist Miyamoto Emiri and pianist Matsushita Nao on the song “Furusato.”

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    • james

      Why is SHINee even in? they aren’t that big of a star to be include on the show

      • It is an odd inclusion.

        • huh

          Fuji is hallyu supporter maybe and they couldn’t get BigBang

        • Guest

          I feel like K-pop is trying to crawl back into the Japanese mainstream. EXO is everywhere right now, in the 109 building and on ViVi cover. Avex/SM are probably trying to push those acts extra hard due to the fact their biggest moneymakers — TVXQ — are no more (for now) and Girls’ Generation popularity in Japan fizzled.

          That Twice girlgroup also has a lot of buzz in Japan rn — even among non-Hallyu fans — so I expect them to be all over soon enough.

          • FrozenLand

            Perhaps it has something to do with the China banning K-media recently. They’ve got to go to other countries to earn money instead of flooding China.

          • pooperscooper

            Probably because Twice has three japanese members–Mina, Momo, and Sana. May God bless them because god are those three beautiful <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

            • huh

              Help me identify those 3 please

              • pooperscooper

                I don’t even have to click on the video. I can identify them from the thumbnail:

                Far right in the back with the blonde hair: Hirai Momo (who I would give my right kidney to)

                In the front, second from the right with the Chun Li-like bunned hair: Minatozaki Sana (who I would give my left kidney to)

                In the back again but second from the left with the brown hair and black crop top: Myoi Mina (who I would give my liver to)

    • Ryusei

      what is ayabambi gonna do? I’m so so sick of seeing them

      • Dance while someone else sings. You know, like LDH groups.

        • Ryusei

          they’re listed as a seperate entity though. Kouhaku also wasn’t Shiina Ringo & Ayabambi they were just there

          • They were backing dancers there. I mean, how many times has one of the E-girls groups been on one of these shows and just danced even though they were listed?

            • Ryusei

              like never cause it was usually the performers dancing and the singer(s) singing together with juju for example when it was a collab. I think I remember them only dancing ONCE

              • annie

                i swear every time happiness has been to an event like this they just danced even though it was listed as a collab

              • huh

                E-girls have been back up dancing in FNS/defunct Fuji music shows and for years rme

      • huh

        What’s with the Ayabambi hate? like wtf. They have more talent in them than fakers FEMM and 80% of E-girls dancers.

    • FrozenLand
    • Tobio


    • rie

      Aww, BoA!! I’ve missed her so it’s nice to see her on this list. (Even if she just performs Meri Kuri like someone else on here said…which is probably right tbh ahaha)