Naomi Watanabe makes headlines for posting her weight: “Did I eat too much pizza?”

Comedian Naomi Watanabe took to her Instagram earlier today to let us know how much she weighs, for some reason, though it’s sort of her thing within the Japanese entertainment industry.

Watanabe is currently in Milan for Milan Fashion Week, and is admittedly enjoying all the rich and carbohydrate-based deliciousness that Italian cuisine has to offer.

Through a picture, she broadcasted her weigh-in at 100kg (101kg if you want to be pedantic, around 220 pounds); a self-proclaimed “milestone” for her. “Um… Did I eat too much pizza? I believe I weighed 45kg [100 pounds] before I came to Milan…” Watanabe confessed in jest.

Although often the butt of a joke, as the most-followed Japanese celebrity on Instagram (with a casual 5.1 million followers), Watanabe provides visibility in a culture where petite and cute are synonymous. As a fashion designer herself for Tokyo-based brand Punyus, she produces affordable plus-size clothes for Japanese women.

Although the brand isn’t a plus size one by most American or European standards (with its largest size 6L translating to a US 16) the availability of these sizes in Tokyo and Japan as a whole is definitely revolutionary, catching the attention of American celebrities like Lena Dunham.

If you’re trying to see her live show while she’s on her upcoming World Tour next month, you’re in luck if you live in or near Los Angeles. However, the New York and Taiwan shows have already sold out in 4 days. I’m upset I wasn’t able to buy my New York ticket but I didn’t realize the demand was so high!

(via Modelpress)

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    • BAD KID

      enjoy the grease while u can sis. in 5-10 years when all this catches up to her she’ll be promoting diet related stuff, an exercise book, the whole works.

      b o o k m a r k m e

      • mo

        if she doesn’t die of cardiac arrest first

    • ʕ→ᴥ←ʔ

      100 kg? I mean, that’s considered pretty huge even outside of Japan is it not? >_>
      She looks like a creative, interesting person tho, I think I’ll follow her on instagram. xD

      • ChaiChai

        Depends on height and structure. For a person of Naomis height (157cm) it looks pretty huge. Now imagine 100kg on a person whos around 1,90cm. Immense difference ^^

    • tiffany nicole

      I respect the hell out of her, what can I say she’s a badass

    • maguro part deux

      The life of a Japanese debutare. You have to constantly remind everyone that you’re still fat!

    • ocean

      She has a huge following on instagram. wow. I wonder if she would still be as popular if she just decided one day to lose all the weight

    • light

      She is in Milan? Would have liked to see her around

    • ChaiChai

      Those blowsy feet though.

      But still lover her xD

    • Isnt this dangerous for health?