Gackt Shares Shirtless 44th Birthday Selfie

Following his 44th birthday on July 4, musician GACKT exposed his sculpted chest as thanks for the positive birthday messages from fans via Instagram.

I turned to be 44 today. I got a lot of wonderful messages. Thanks everyone!” GACKT shared bilingually, hashtagging that he was going to the “Hell’s Tequila Festival“.

Fans hooted, fans hollered, and fans got the vapors from this photo, praising GACKT for showing off this beautiful, seemingly ageless upper body in an age-conscious bathroom selfie.

GACKT received a barrage of positivity in the comments:

  • Congratulations Gackt! Beautiful and good-looking no matter what.
  • I can’t believe you’re 44 with that body.
  • Are you sure you aren’t 34?

Following the festivities, he posted a selfie he took while intoxicated from the aforementioned tequila festival.

It was drunken me from the tequila birthday party….” captioned GACKT, hashtagging the post with “tequila festival” “How many did I open?” “I’m glad I didn’t die” and “two ambulances“. Make what you will from that.

(via CinemaToday)

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    • l3012

      I wonder if he got more pearls as present.

    • surfboardt

      … I don’t know if he always looked like that, or if it’s aging and the hair, but he looks like if Yasutaka Nakata got some decent plastic surgery.

    • clockbird

      Ugh. Ok I’m not ageist and it’s honestly great for somebody to be that toned at that age. BUT dude you’re not 25 anymore, stop the bathroom selfies. And that ~sexy~ attitude is ageing just as well as your plastic surgery…

      • The Dark Dudette

        It’s about time we transferred the title of ‘Japan’s Madonna’ from Ayu’s head onto Gackt. Dude is so desperate to show everyone his peen

      • lovehello

        Why are only 25 year olds allowed to do bathroom selfies? Is that a Japan law? I never knew that anyone over 25 can’t do bathroom selfies. Wow. You learn something new every day.

      • Rising Sun

        You say you are not an ageist but your comment totally shows otherwise.

    • King of the Kats

      Omg Gackt. Sometimes I found his selfies quite embarrassing lol. But he is living the life, so I support.
      Btw where’s Mana Sama? I’d like to read an article about his whereabouts.

    • Matcha


      • GIN SAN

        Hhhhhh WTF

    • SnowDrop

      He’s actually aging pretty well (especially compared to a lot of other celebrities). Also, sounds like he had an eventful birthday! :D

    • ʕ→ᴥ←ʔ

      no… thanks….

    • Dalooshe

      44 for you Glen Coco! You go Glen CoCo!

    • Amy

      He’s put up a valiant fight, but time wins eventually.

    • violet

      I’m not really a fan of his music anymore, but he looks healthy and happy, and that’s always nice to see.

    • BTOB’s drunk sister

      forever lmaoing Gackt’s never-ending thirst.

    • Owari Konoyono

      GACKT & Takanori Nishikawa was able to laugh me at their dolls presented in Okinawa at June 2016.

    • I always wondered how come he is sooooo rich. He is not really one of the Top 30/50 best selling artist of all time in Japan nor he is bombarded with ads but you hear story of his magnificent home, his awesome cars, how he owns a mountain and etc.

      I really want to know why he is so rich lol

      • Diana Camui Sakurai

        he is in bussines of jewelery, in real state also i think also in malasya has also team with other people he had said himself on his blog he makes money from other bussines not only music also he is thinking entering the clothes bussiness

        • M

          Wanna say “also” one more time?

      • nothingsover

        He used to sell a lot and probably just invested. He’s also on a lot of variety shows and what not, and like Diana said below, probably from jewelry, clothes, etc.

      • PigeonPop

        He’s obviously better off than the average person, but even in his peak days his name was nowhere near the list of top earners in music based on tax returns. That list was dominated with the usual female soloist trio (Namie, Ayu, Hikki), Ringo Shiina, and the members of Southern All Stars, B’z, Mr. Children, GLAY, L’arc etc. His tours have always been C~F list in capacity/venue, and contrary to what some folks are saying, not much of a variety show or CM staple either. The supposed claim of his jewelry/clothing line being successful is also rubbish–if he really did strike gold financial newspapers like the Nikkei would have snuffed it out by now as was the case with Chiaki ($50+ million/year in sales for over a decade), Rinka, and Tsubasa Masuwaka.

        He’s an inferior Kano sisters at this point and simply giving the appearance of wading in cash. Being an alleged tax evader and living (renting?) in a fancy house in South East Asia helps too. It’s definitely not the same situation as Ayu who actually owns prime real estate in Den-en Chofu, sold millions, was the face of Kose, held dome tours etc.

        • Bubi.

          Omg the Kano sisters comparison

        • That is why I dont understand how he can be so rich. I know how much he sell per single and it is just average to say to least. And he didnt do lots of ads as well. His concert venues are small. But how the money keeps pouring in?

          You heard stories from other artists who were invited to his house like how his house is like a maze (they got lost trying to find bathroom) and he even got fountain in his bedroom (he cant sleep since the water from the fountain is too noisy). They way they describe his house is like it is belong to someone super duper rich (like Ayu level of rich). And that doesn’t include the custom made luxuries car that he owned and how on earth he owns a mountain in Japan lol? I just dont understand.

        • ProllyWild

          if he bought his home early in his career (speculation) post malice mixer days and within the period of 2000-2006 when he was still selling between 100,000~200,000 cds, then the rest of his income may have come from really high level performance guarantees. He did some movies, voice acting, and collaborations with final fantasy to name a few. At his peak those contracts could have been worth hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars depending on the negotiation power of his team at the time. his sales have been lackluster since about 2007 or so, but he has some odd commercial contracts like right now I often see one for a hair restoration firm…he still makes money, but very little through music.

      • ProllyWild

        Gackt would not have such a grand life if he still lived in Japan full time.

        He lives in Malaysia by all reports and apparently has some businesses on the side. Some well saved and invested money allows him to keep up that lifestyle since releases and tours are no longer a major source of income for him.

        • You are right but his lavish house at Japan was/is owned at the times where he’s not really popular either. His sales were never outstanding in the past either.

          Or like Takashi Sorimachi & Nanako Matsushima, they are not highlighting dramas nowadays so I just wondering how they support themselves haha

          • ProllyWild

            Gackt used to handle arena tours and had quit a few commercial projects, cms, endorsement and what-not as well as rumored side businesses. His sales were fine enough and he was really Nippon crown’s top dog for awhile so I’m sure he had negotiated a fair percentage for his royalties as well. I don’t think music makes him much money in any capacity now, so his main source of income must be his brand period at this point.

            If he bought his home early in his career around his peak, it would make sense why he lived there with a fairly upscale life for awhile, but taxes on property and upkeep would slowly drown anyone if they couldn’t make the same money over the years. Particularly a major problem is if his income decreased significantly from year to year. Japanese taxes are more expensive for higher earners, but they’re taxed for years previously and you can end up owing more in a year where you made less, because unfortunately you made more during the year that’s being filed.

            Moving doesn’t necessarily fix all of his potential tax issues but income he makes abroad won’t be taxed and he can avoid property taxes and write off much of the money he spends in transportation and lodging while he is in japan.

            • Ahh thank you for this! :D

              • Crovata

                It’s not about the amount of sales like the amount of revenue you get as an artist from the sales, and from a short observation is clear he did get plenty because he has very good royality rights as was/is the main performer, writer, composer, arranger and producer of his music (albums, singles), as well live video DVD’s and other products and so on, even that his music in 2008-2009 as well since 2012 was mostly released by his independent music label, just add the numbers; he sold over 5 million certified records in Japan, and let’s say that his royality rights (excluding the playtime on radio and others) are several percent higher than typical recording artist, his net income only by music was relatively excellent, I would dare to say in millions. If you add to that live performances, many project collaborations in which his music was used, a long list of commercials with respectable companies (in which also was used his music), his investments outside of his music career, his acting career, and even when his music and acting career come to an end he managed to make a brand of his stage name from which will have a benefit as before, it points to a fact he must be an above average intelligent, disciplined and successful man i.e. businessman, plus his good physical appearance. I will not comment the suspected tax fraud for few years by the former management he belonged to, I do not know the details of the case, however, it is more than obvious that the reason people write negative comments about him is at least partial jealousy.

    • Ntouch

      I wonder how much drugs this guy has done really lol life of a rock star

      • nothingsover

        Honestly with how he’s aged, maybe not that much? Because most people who do hella drugs look like they’re 64 at the age of 44.

        • Ntouch

          Asians do tend to age gracefully compared to other race. Plus he’s probably all plastic too haha

          • yamakita

            You’ve never heard of yodas?

            • Ntouch

              Only in the Star Wars universe

    • lwavesurfer

      I think his idea of sexy is not my idea of sexy.

    • Sabi

      Are we still pretending he’s attractive and not a complete plastic surgery failure?