SMAP withdrawing from ‘Ongaku no Hi’ and ‘FNS Uta Matsuri’. No new song this year

Almost six months after first disbandment rumours, SMAP is facing another critical point in their career. The band has withdrawn in the last minute from both “big” music shows of the season: “Ongaku no Hi” on TBS and “FNS Uta no Natsu Matsuri” on Fuji TV.

6 months ago, any of these shows without SMAP would be even impossible to imagine. However, the members had a thorough discussion with Johnny Kitagawa. The conclusion: no new song to be released this year, members are in no condition to give a satisfying live performance.

SMAP has been actively participating in both shows for 5 years in the row. Masahiro Nakai is hosting all “Ongaku no Hi” concerts, while Tsuyoshi Kusanagi was responsible for “Uta no Natsu Matsuri” during years 2012-2014. Both stations requested SMAP to join this year as well.

A source belonging to the production staff of the music shows mentioned, that the discussions SMAP had with Johnny were held several times over the last month or so. Since the disbandment news, SMAP has been appearing as a group only in ‘SMAPxSMAP’ on Fuji TV and during NHK’s special concert, commemorating the 3.11 Earthquake.

Although Johnny’s reps strongly confirm there is no fear of disbandment (next contract negotations are planned for September), it’s hard not to notice the tense mood in the group making the fans worried and bitter.

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    • sumomona

      why am i bothering commenting lol if anyone cares, take note that fuji moved the air time of their show to air during smasma and that tbs confirmed that /the agency/ turned down the offer.

      • Ms. W

        Sorry, I am out of loop regarding this, but what does it mean?
        Do you think the members will renew their contracts?

        • sumomona

          It means that networks have been offering SMAP appearances on shows and their management has been turning them down. I don’t know lol hire me @ J&A

      • Erika

        I don’t see the conflict with SmaSma and FNS. SmaSma is also on Fuji so there’s no SmaSma episode airing because of FNS.

        • mary

          FNS normally air on Wednesday, not on Monday.

        • sumomona

          That’s the point, FNS uta matsuri has aired on a Wednesday every year & the one time SMAP isn’t on it, it gets moved to a Monday and eats up SmaSma’s slot.

      • naka ii~

        What was the original day it was suppose to air? I thought it was weird of them airing on Monday…some say its to hype Getsu9, which makes sense.

        • sumomona

          It’s usually been Wednesday, yeah.

    • me

      i bet SMAP will leave in September. i won’t believe J&A statement much,

      • sumomona

        I don’t think SMAP will actually leave. but I hope time proves me wrong hahaha

    • byebicycle

      it honestly does feel like they might disband after all. i guess we’ll see what happens in september.

    • guest

      Arama needs a “J&A Bullshit” tag for smap related articles

    • Julie

      TBS actually answered phone inquiries from fans on Monday with “we made and offer but the agency would not allow them to perform”. Japanese social medias then exploded with angry comments toward J&A that Mary had to rush out with this bullshit article.

    • g

      Tell us more, Mary…

      TOKIO still mostly sings Love You Only or Ambitious Japan – songs that are so old that there are Johnny’s born (and some even debuted) after they were released…

      • Anna

        Ambitious Japan is so funny though :)) I crack each time I hear Leader “singing” his part…

    • Tamu

      Here goes my hope for smap arashi interaction

      • losers game

        Yeah, we are literally never going to get that ever. Shame, really.

    • surfboardt
    • Oh yeah, Mr. Kitagawa is pulling a Godfather act again…